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October 31st, 2014



Space Shuttle Era Crawler Transporter For Revell 1:72 Model Kit For Sale

Space Shuttle Era Crawler Transporter For Revell 1:72 Model Kit

Please Note: This is not made by Revell, but is for the Revell Shuttle Stack withBoostersmodel kit and MLP, Brookstone,or any 1:72 scale Space Shuttle. ~ ~ ~ Itis an UNBUILT, heavy papermodel kit of NASA's Crawler Transporter for the Space Shuttle era in 1:72 scale. (Apollo era Crawleralso available). It isdesigned to go with Revell's 1:72Shuttle with Boosters models AND The Space Shuttle MLP available from this seller separately (shown for reference, but not included). TheShuttle and MLP are not included. This heavy PAPER (60 lbs. test cover stock) 1:72model kit includes:
  • 1 set of36 quantity 11"x17" color laser60 lbs.heavy paperparts sheets .
  • 1 CD containing the78 pageAssembly Procedure Manual inPDF file.

The heavy paperis tested and deemed best for precision and other factors. After glueing, laminating, folding and assembly, it bears up strongly. Suggestions for other scales can be emailed.

Other launch complexes arealso available: Apollo Program Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower, Saturn 1B Skylab/Apollo Soyuz Test Project add-on and Apollo era Crawler Transporterin 144, 96, 100 and 70 scales. The Shuttle 39A Launch Complex and Shuttle era Crawler Transporter soon to be available. More detailsat thetheEdu-Craft Diversionswebsite.

Will require scissors, water based various color marking pens, cutting board, white glue, cardboard (or foamcore) for sub-support on some parts, etc (Not included). But all color cover and graphics are included.

Bare bones "kit" to reduce costs to you... No packaging... Comes rolledin a USPS Priority package. Includes36 parts sheets and78 pageinstructions manual CD. Lay the sheets flat at room temp under a load (books) for 48 hours or so. Item price is based upon printing costs. Affordability is alwaysstriven for atEdu-Craft Diversions.

PLEASE NOTE: These are printed to order so please add 1 additional week of delivery timeexpectation. The printing service sometimes experiences delays and posting of items is made about once a week, so delivery time will be reflected accordingly, OK?Shipping costs reflect required time and resources,not postage fees only. Paypal is required but other arrangementswill bemade if requested.

COMBINED SHIPPING: Please use theSHOPPING CART feature for multiple orders. Or, if purchased separately at the same time, multiple items will be handled by refunding shipping cost for the smaller item, after 2 are purchased.


Actual tracking and delivery confirmation is not offered for International Shipping, due to its cost which can double shipping amounts. It is deemed cost prohibitive. But, if actual tracking is preferred, it can be ordered at a substantially increased rate prior to purchasing. PLEASE ADVISE BEFORE PURCHASING IF ACTUAL TRACKING IS DESIRED TO BE ORDERED for International Shipping. Our main point here is FUN... But, sometimes long delays are experienced due to customs and international posting in general, but a package has never been lost... They have always arrived safe and sound, even if seemingly late. SO IF THERE IS A DELAY, YOUR PATIENCE IS SINCERELY REQUESTED... However... If the package has not arrived after 4 weeks, please advise so the issue can be worked from this end. Customs rules will be adhered to.

Every effort is always made to insure your experience to be FUN and complete customer satisfaction secured...

Your questions and concerns are always welcome. Please be sure to read the above description carefully. This item is sold with money back guarantee on purchase price only.

response: If response is desired, it'll gladly be given when it is requested after positive response has been left, due to policies.

Be sure to check out other D-conDave listings... Lots of fun and interesting items! Or... Check out Edu-Craft Diversions online.

Thanks and have a pleasant day...

Space Shuttle Era Crawler Transporter For Revell 1:72 Model Kit

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Space Shuttle Era Crawler Transporter For Revell 1:72 Model Kit:

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