Square Perfect Sp3500 Complete Portrait Studio Kit W/flashes-softboxes & More

Square Perfect Sp3500 Complete Portrait Studio Kit W/flashes-softboxes & More

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Square Perfect Sp3500 Complete Portrait Studio Kit W/flashes-softboxes & More:

Square Perfect SP3500 Complete Portrait Studio Kit w/Flashes-Softboxes & More ONLY $249.77 BUY IT NOW! $1149 VALUE! INCLUDES FREE GELS, BARNDOOR, CASE & MORE!

We have had many photographers ask us for a pro lighting kit with high output lights, a variable power setting housing, at an affordable price. After reviewing several models, our experts partnered with one of the world’s largest strobe manufacturers (they make strobes for all the name brands in the US) and asked them to make the SP160. Of course, we asked them to reduce the price, maintain their level of quality, and include a radio trigger. We added a full complement of accessories to make the perfect portrait package.

This set-up is a brand-new design. It has a variable flash output of 160 w/s with power controls which allow you to operate the light from 1/8 power all the way to full power. It is simple to adjust. You just turn the dial. With the soft box umbrellas attached on your main light you will be able to eliminate the harsh shadows and wrap the light around your subject to give you perfect pictures. The strobes have a variable flash output which allows you to operate the light from 1/8 power all the way to full power. This new 3 light kit gives you plenty of power, is lightweight, portable, and simple to set up. Just like our other kits we wanted to offer a complete package with all of the necessary accessories. Thus, we have included a barn door, honey comb filter, gels, and complete soft boxes. This kit gives you all the power you will need to get perfect photos. These are 110 volt lights that plug into any household outlet. Dare to compare. You will not find anything in this price range at this quality anywhere. This is a $1149 value.


A- Two (2) Professional Studio Strobes: SP160 (at 160 Watt-Second each),each with their own 60-watt modeling light.The SP160 produces a superb warm light that will bathe your subjects in soft light. These are very high quality professional strobes that will give you years of service. They are perfect for commercial studios, location photographers as well as advanced amateurs. You can use this strobe for a main light, fill light, back light, or hair light. With the variable power setting you will have complete control over your light output. It is perfect for film or digital cameras. Similar strobes sell in professional camera stores for over $149 each.

  • Power Input : AC110-130 volt, 60 Hz
  • Flash Power : 160ws (joule) in full
  • Guide No. : 120ft/36m ISO100
  • Color Temperature : 5600K
  • Flash-tube Lifetime : over 8,000 typical flashing
  • Power Setting : 1/8 to full continuously
  • Recharge Time : 6 seconds in full
  • Flashing Duration : 1/600 sec. @t=0.1; 1/1000 sec. @t=0.5
  • Slave Effectiveness : 35ft /10m
  • Modeling Power : Halogen 60w
  • Bulb Base : E-14 screw
  • Synch Voltage : 5volt
  • Fuse :5A
  • Dimension: f4"7-1/2" (f100mm 195mm)
  • Weight:1.8Lb (800g)

B - One (1) Synch Flash B (45-Watt/Second)Includes A/C screw socket with umbrella holder. This unit is typically used for back lighting or fill light. When used with the included gold umbrella, it will provide a soft glow to the subject. Adding the third light source increases your photographic options immensely. As with the strobes, the synch flash will fire automatically when any of the other strobes fire.

C/D- Three (3) Professional Duty Aluminum Light Stands. (2)Light Stands extend from 37 to 84 and the other extends from 18 to39. Square perfect utilizes reinforced brace supports, and heavy-duty, riveted joints, to help ensure maximum stability and security. The three reinforced legs spread wide to prevent the stand from getting tipsy. The three stands are light-weight and extremely portable they fold down for easy transport. These are top quality heavy duty stands that more than adequately support the strobe units in this kit.

E- Two (2) 20" X 28" Soft boxesmade with top quality metal rod framework. These are beautiful looking as well as extremely functional, with a matte black outer surface and a highly reflective diffusion interior and detachable soft white diffusers for the faces. The soft box is extremely versatile in controlling light, shadow, and hot spots on reflective surfaces -which is why they are so popular among studio photographers.

F- One (1) Umbrella (33 gold reflecting umbrella). This connects to the smaller strobe for background lighting. Umbrellas provide a uniform diffused light, but can create unnatural highlights on highly reflective objects. Umbrellas are often used in portrait photography where the circular highlight they create in the subject's eyes provides a more natural look than the rectangular highlight created by a softbox.

G- One (1) Carry case (designed to carry all SP3500 included equipment) With multiple side and front pockets, you will have plenty of space for storage of film, memory cards, filters and cables. The exterior is made out of a resilient all-weather material to resist bad weather and dust.

H- One (1) Grey Backdrop (10'x20' large fabric backdrop). One 10' x 20' large fabric backdrop (makes an amazing patterned backdrop even in B/W shooting mode). What makes the "Square Perfect" muslin so special? Square Perfect only supplies the highest quality portrait backgrounds. We believe the underlying fabric is the most important part of top quality background muslin. We have searched the world over and partnered with a factory which utilizes the best cotton fabric available; it is heavy and durable. Every Muslin we sell is completely seamless and designed with the photographer in mind. The seamless and anti-wrinkle characteristics of our muslin material make this the ultimate muslin available.


  • 100% cotton to absorb the light and help eliminate reflection. Our Grade A cotton and fine weaving ensures a seamless matte background that is free of texture and grain.
  • 4 inch rod pocket at one end allow for easy setup - no more confusion about which side is top. Beware of cheap alternatives that need to be attached with clamps or counterweights - this product is directly threaded to the cross bar.
  • Dyed with the best quality dye. Our high-quality dyes reduce the color deviation across the fabric surface - the color will not fade or wear with correct use and storage.
  • Machine washable
  • Crimped along the edges to prevent tears

I- Two (2) Backdrops (6 x9') (one pure black and one pure white) Includes light proof carry bag. WHY MUSLIN? Muslin is by far the most versatile material for portrait backgrounds. It is light enough not to be a hassle, yet durable enough to last and get the job done right! We have found muslin to be by far the most versatile material for photography backdrops. It is great for all types of photography: family, children, high school seniors, bridals, models, or even commercial work. They can be hung on a background stand or on a ceiling mount system. In addition, they can be hung using "A" clamps. WHY COTTON? As you know, there are a million choices and just about as many sellers touting their backdrops as the best. One thing to note is the list of possible fabrics offered and the advantages and disadvantages of each. 100% Cotton is more durable than the 50/50 blend of Cotton and Polyester. It is softer to the touch and, in my opinion, photographs better than the 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. Cotton is time tested and has always been the fabric of choice for professional photographers. It is slightly more expensive, but it offers more durability and performance than the cheap impostors. We have heard our competitors claims that their poly blends are superior to 100% cotton this is simply not true. Ask any professional photographer and he will tell you the same.

J- 22" (56cm) Collapsible (double side) Reflector (Silver and Gold) increases the highlights fill and yields a high-contrast image. It is a perfect item for product shots, wedding portraits, and B&W photography. Reflectors are really too general purpose to be called "studio equipment" but they are essential studio items and, if cleverly used, can eliminate the need for additional strobe heads.

N- One (1) Snoot Attachment for use on the SP160--These help control spill light. A great addition to any kit. A must have!

O- One (1) Four Channel Radio Trigger, Receiver, and Sync Cord. Included are One (1) Wireless Transmitter and One (1) Radio Receiver. The transmitter is a remote slave Trigger which is mounted on the hot shoe of your camera. The receiver connects to one of your strobes and will fire all flashes once the signal is received. Since each strobe has a built-in slave sensor, each will fire when one is fired. The transmitter works with almost all cameras 35mm SLR and digital SLR cameras. This is a premium 4 channel set-up to prevent any radio interference which may occur due to cordless phones or other RF devices. We also include One (1) 15-ft hot shoe/PC sync cords that works with any camera that has hot shoe. This allows you to directly connect your camera to one of the strobe units. Each press of the shutter will automatically fire all the strobes.

Product Details Retail Price 1,149.95 Color Height 34 In. Length 19 In. Width 14 In. Warranty 1 Year UPC 613103003399

Square Perfect Sp3500 Complete Portrait Studio Kit W/flashes-softboxes & More:

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