Star Wars Darth Vader Bradley Mint W Case 1982 White Face Watch V Rare Pre Rotj

Star Wars Darth Vader Bradley Mint W Case 1982 White Face Watch  V Rare Pre Rotj

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Star Wars Darth Vader Bradley Mint W Case 1982 White Face Watch V Rare Pre Rotj:

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away....
Since the year 2000, we have been buying and selling only the finest Star Wars collectibles thru out the world.We have everything from vintage to some of the newest, hottest items that have sincesold out so long ago.Take a trip down memory lane and see some of the most wonderful memorabilia from the greatest saga and love story ever told......STAR WARS !!!
And NOW!!!*****Welcome to our may be able to offer additional savings,ask how?!!<------Email me!
DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OFMY (Store),uh I mean is my 2nd watch listed like this, but this one is MINT or as close as you can get for being vintage.It is only being listed as used due to its age.***** Here we have a beautiful, original white vader vintage lcd watch made by Bradley with Darth Vader.Some of you may be asking "what's an original?" Well there were two watches with the same type face released, (I alsohave this same style Vader watch in another listing but he has a grey face with Star Wars in PINK and have included pictures of it to show you the differences but it is not included in this listing, only the white faced Vader is the one you will be getting). The other watches shown are very hardto find but not as hard as this one, it is extremely hard to fine!
This one has the original band, originalBradley box it came in, and the warranty paperwork *which is notin great condition but its there*
This white faced Vaderisby far the hardest and one of the most cherished watches out of all Star Wars era watches.It features a square casing and most of the screen is a very nice white, except the word Star Wars which is in red on this one. A full image of Vader is seperated in two parts as he is holding the time window with a hand on either side of the digital face.His name appears above him & above the window. The copyright information on the dialindicates it wasmade by Bradley with an odd date. The watchhas the year 1982 which preceded Return of the Jedi. Even though this watchhas the Lucas film and Bradley trademarks on it, I find it odd that the date was after Empire Strikes Back was made in 1980 and beforeReturn of the Jedi was released in 1983, remember the date says1982.It's not just a watch but a piece ofhistory and art,and any Star Wars collector would love to display this piece in their collection.This particular Vader is so hard to find, you would be hard pressed to find another one of these any time soon.*****This watch has not been tested, don't have any fresh batteries so it is being sold as an old stock collectors piece. it is being sold as a collectors piece only.Battery not included.It has however been kept in a room temperature dry place for many years! If it doesn't work, you can take the guts out of any similar size watch*ewok, yoda, r2d2/c3po from that era, and swap out the guts, they should fit*.This watch has one button on the right side, to call up the day and date, andseconds which is what it was on when the picture was taken.*****Original band was made for a child, too bad they didn't make more of these for the adults with the cool pictures like this one!. On the back of the casing it is marked bradley quartztime division hong kong, original backing.
Don't take your time deciding on this one, I may just keep it in myown collection!I also have a Mickey Mouse watch almost identical to this Vader watch in another listing as well, please take a have many die castHotwheels, Matchbox, cars by Jada, Johnny Lightning (including rare James Bond cars), & more in our other sales and in our stores on othersites too.Email us for those links!

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We have many die cast cars, trucks, hotrods, hobby show pieces, hotwheels, johnny lightning, jada, muscle machines, so if you're looking for more let us know!

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Star Wars Darth Vader Bradley Mint W Case 1982 White Face Watch V Rare Pre Rotj:

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