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A record of exciting events on the western borders pushed westward to the sea; massacres, desperate battles, extraordinary bravery, marvelous fortitude, astounding heroism, grand hunts, savage encounters, adventures by flood and field, rollicking anecdotes, tales of sorrow, droll stories, curious escapades, and a melange of incidents that make up the melodrama of civilization in its march over mountains and prairies to the Pacific. LEARN ABOUT: THE LIFE OF DANIEL BOONE CHAPTER ONE: America in the Early Days :: Contact of the White and Red Races :: How the Pioneer Developed into a Hero :: Birth of Daniel Boone :: The Ancestors of Boone :: Daniel's First Adventure :: Becomes a Hunter at an Early Age :: Seeks a Hiding place on the Schuylkill :: Boone Plays a Joke on His Bibulous Teacher :: Removal of the Boone Family to North Carolina :: The Cherokee War. CHAPTER TWO: Explorations in the West :: A History of the First Expeditions :: Dispute as to when Boone first Visited Kentucky :: The Record Found on a Tree :: Boone's Autobiography :: The Happy Hunting Grounds of Kentucky :: Finley the Earliest Visitor to Kentucky :: Boone and Companions Seek the Far West :: The Dark and bloody Ground :: Why so Called :: Capture of Boone by Indians :: A Wonderful Escape :: Boone's Companions Mysteriously Missing :: The Burned Cabin CHAPTER THREE: Alone in the Wilderness :: Death of Stuart at the Hands of Indians :: Boone Left Alone :: The Fate of His Companions :: Return of Boone's Brother with Glad Tidings CHAPTER FOUR: Boone's Family Removes to Kentucky :: Attack of the Indians :: Earliest Efforts at Settlement :: War against the Shawanese :: Battle of Pleasant Point :: Another Exploration of Kentucky :: Building of Boonesborough Fort CHAPTER FIVE: Description of Boonesborough :: Settlement at Harrodsburg :: Founding of Bryan's Station :: Founding of Lexington :: Capture of Three White Girls by Indians :: Pursuit of the Captors :: Attack on the Indians :: Rescue of the Girls CHAPTER SIX: Troubles Begin to Multiply :: Annoyed by the Indians :: Alarm of the Settlers :: Attack on Boonesborough :: Errors in Boone's Autobiography CHAPTER SEVEN: Boone again Made Prisoner by the Indians :: Is Adopted by the Shawanese :: Wonderful Escape of Boone :: A Brush with the Indians :: Siege of Boonesborough CHAPTER EIGHT: Boone is Ambushed and Robbed :: Reflections on His Honesty :: Killing- of Boone's Brother :: Rescue of Boone by Kenton :: Siege of Bryan's Station :: The Brave Water Carriers :: Bringing on the Engagement :: Ambush of a Relief Party :: Girty Compelled to Retreat CHAPTER NINE: Pursuit of the Indians :: A Critical Situation :: Boone's Counsel Disregarded :: The Attack :: The Slaughter :: Boone's Report of the Battle CHAPTER TEN: A Retaliatory Expedition :: Atrocities Perpetrated by the Indians :: Major Ballard's Great Fight :: Massacre of the Ballard Family :: A Battle Commemorated by the Kentucky Legislature :: A Negro Defends a Family :: Heroism of a Wo- man :: Flat-boat Emigration :: Massacre of a Family and Capture of Two Girls :: Pursuit of the Savages :: Rescue of the Girls :: Slaughter of the Indians :: First Marriage in Cincinnati :: The Ill-fated Crawford Expedition :: A Disastrous Re- treat :: Burning of Col. Crawford :: Death of Simon Girty CHAPTER ELEVEN: Cessation of Hostility and a Period of Prosperity :: Boone Engages in Agricultural Pursuits :: Boone Discomfits Four Indians :: Another Threatened Invasion :: Trouble with the Indians Renewed :: Attack on a Settler's Cabin :: A Horrible Story of a Massacre :: Killing of the Captive Girl :: Capture of Simon Kenton and His Punishment :: A Mazeppa Ride :: A Treaty of Peace that Brought No Relief CHAPTER TWELVE: Last Days of Boone :: He is Impoverished and Removes to Virginia :: Offers of Assistance from the Spanish :: His Removal to Missouri :: Acquiring Lands in the West :: Boone's Autograph Letter :: The Troubles that Beset Him :: His Petitions to Congress :: Restrictions on Religious Worship :: Attack on the Post of St. Louis :: Church Services in the Early Days :: How Boone Paid His Debts :: Death of His Wife :: How He Passed His Latter Days :: Boone Marks the Site for His Grave :: Painting of Boone's Portrait :: Death of Boone :: Public Services over His Remains :: The Remains Honored by Kentucky :: Impressive Services Twenty-five Years after His Death :: The Body Removed to Kentucky LIFE OF DAVY CROCKETT CHAPTER ONE: A Unique Character in American History :: Murder of Crockett's Grandparents by Indians :: Young Crockett's Exploit at School :: Runs Away from Home :: Davy Earns His Freedom :: Disappointment in Love-making :: Courting under Difficulties :: Result of a Wolf Drive :: Married at Last CHAPTER TWO: The Creek War :: Attack on Fort Mimms :: The Massacre :: Crockett Enlists as a Volunteer :: Crockett in Peril :: A Dangerous Reconnoiter :: Crockett Becomes Hunter for the Army :: Crockett's First Battle :: A Terrible Slaughter :: The Battle of Talladega :: Dreadful Slaughter of the Indians :: Gen. Jackson has Reasons for Swearing CHAPTER THREE: Resumption of Hostilities :: A Ground Hog Case :: A Big Climb for a Little Squirrel :: Decapitating Two Indians :: Outrages by Indians :: Murder of an Irish Family :: Jackson Makes a Treaty with the Indians CHAPTER FOUR: A Philosopher in Affliction :: Death of Crockett's Wife :: His Singular Courtship and Second Marriage :: Crockett as a Magistrate :: Some Queer Methods of Administering the Law :: Making Returns in abcxs "Verbal Writings " :: Crockett a Candidate for the Legislature :: His Woeful Ignorance :: An Original Canvass :: Story of the Empty Barrel :: Discomfitted by a Hard Question :: His Election :: Crockett's Wonderful Wit :: His Convulsing Story of the Three Dutch Millers :: His Droll Story of the Iron Hot and the Iron Cold :: Crockett Bankrupted by a Freshet :: His Sacrifices to Pay Debts :: Removal to the Wilderness :: Roustabout on a Steamboat :: Preparing for a Hunt :: An Extraordinary Journey after a Keg of Powder :: Indomitable Determination of the Man CHAPTER FIVE: Crockett's Great Beat Hunts :: Attacked by a Wounded Bear :: "I Got Back in all Sorts of a Hurry" :: Again a Candidate :: The Bear Hunter to the Front :: The Man from the Cave :: Again Elected :: Becomes a Candidate for Congress :: His Opposition to Jackson :: An Extraordinary Bear Hunt :: Several Thrilling Incidents :: A Curious Habit of Bears :: Look out for the Bears :: A Rough and Tumble Fight :: Crockett Beards a Bear in its Den :: A Funny Exercise to Keep Warm :: An Earthquake :: Wonderful Result of the Hunt :: One Hundred and Five Bears Killed CHAPTER SIX: Crockett's Disastrous Flat-boat Experience :: Effect of His Defeat for Congress :: Afloat on the Mississippi :: A Hair-Breadth Escape :: Crockett Elected to Congress :: Joke of the Guinea-Hens :: Crockett's Dinner with President Adams :: A Cruel Story at Crockett's Expense :: Bring Back the Goose :: Crockett Re-elected to Congress :: His Opposition to Jackson CHAPTER SEVEN: Grand Ovations Tendered Crockett :: A Tour of the Eastern Cities :: Crockett's First Visit to a Big City :: Some Droll Observations :: His Idea of Railroad Travel :: Crockett at the Theatre :: Too Many Short Skirts and not Enough Plain Music :: Temptation of Mint Employes :: Crockett in New York :: His Trip to Boston and Lowell :: Presented with a Rifle by Philadelphians :: Crockett's Story of How He Got Out of a Quandary :: Banquets and Speeches at Pittsburg, Cincinnati and Louisville CHAPTER EIGHT: Crockett Again on the Stump :: His Great Coon-skin Trick :: Bushwacking for Votes :: Crockett Overwhelmed by his Defeat :: A Pathetic Poem CHAPTER NINE: Crockett Enters the War for Texas Independence :: A Punch and Judy Exhibition in Little Rock :: An Arkansas Traveller :: A Moralizing Tract Peddler :: A Laughable Situation :: Crockett Banqueted :: An Arkansas Orchestra :: Crockett Again Meets the Fiddling Parson :: Fiddling to the Fishes :: A Stag Dance in the Wilderness :: Some Religious Reflections :: Crockett Exposes the Gambler :: Drinks All Around :: The Juggler Follows Crockett to Texas :: The Bee Hunter :: A Fight in the Streets :: Cooling His Vociferous Ardor CHAPTER TEN: En route for the Alamo :: Through Haunts of the Wolf and Bear :: A Sweet Singer's Lays to his Lady Love :: Meeting with a Pirate :: " I Think You Had Better Take some Supper with Us" :: A Hurricane of Buffaloes :: In Pursuit of the Game :: Lost on the Prairie :: A Fight with a Mexican Lion :: An Adventure with Comanche Indians :: The Juggler Taken by Surprise :: A Fight with Mexicans CHAPTER ELEVEN: At the Alamo :: A Convivial Party :: Brave Defenders of the Alamo :: Description of the Alamo :: Massacre of a Squad of Texans :: Besieged by the Mexicans :: Resolved to Die Like Brave Men :: Attack on the Alamo :: Crockett's Great Shot :: Capture of the Alamo :: Massacre of the Garrison :: Heroic Death of Crockett :: Mutilation of the Dead Bodies :: Story of a Mexican Fifer :: Horrible Torture of Col. Bowie :: A Funeral Pyre CHAPTER TWELVE: How the News Was Brought to the States :: Copy of the First Dispatch :: Greeley's Eulogy on Crockett :: Character of Crockett :: Compared with Other Great Men LIFE OF KIT CARSON: CHAPTER ONE: Heroes that Prepared the Way for Western Settlement :: A Tribute to the Unremembered :: Early Life of Carson :: Anomalous Character of Carson :: Missouri in the Early Days :: Kit Bound to Service as a Saddler :: Carson Amputates the Arm of a Wounded Comrade :: Acquires the Mexican Language :: Becomes Interpreter to a Rich Merchant :: Joins a Band of Trappers :: His First Fight with Indians :: Nearing Death's Door :: Robbed by Indians :: Carson Pursues the Thieves :: A Charge into the Indian Camp :: Carson Forced to Flee from Santa Fe :: On Another Trapping Expedition :: A Fight with Indians :: Pursued by Crow Indians :: Wounded CHAPTER TWO: A Rash Undertaking :: Killing an Indian at Long Range :: Thrilling Adventures with a Grizzly Bear :: Carson Wounded While Saving a Friend :: Carson's Duel with a Frenchman :: At the Point of Starvation :: Extraordinary Bravery of Carson in Saving a Comrade :: Carson's Terrible Fight with a Mountain Lion :: Carson's Marriage to an Indian Girl CHAPTER THREE: Carson Engaged to Guide Fremont's Expedition :: An Exciting Buffalo Hunt :: Pursued by a Buffalo :: Guide to Fremont's Second Expedition :: Privations on the March :: A Thrilling Incident on the Return Trip :: Attack on the Indians :: A Horrible Sight CHAPTER FOUR: The War in California :: Carson Again Joins Fremont :: A Fierce Battle with Indians :: Carson as Dispatch Bearer :: Massacre by the Indians and Carson's Narrow Escape :: Carson's Revenge :: Carson's Duel with an Indian :: Hostilities Begun with the Mexicans :: The Bear Flag Raised CHAPTER FIVE: Carson's Service as a Scout and Guide :: Meeting with Gen. Kearney :: Returning to California :: A Terrible Situation :: Carson Saves the Command :: Capture of Los Angeles :: Surrender of the Mexican Forces :: Fremont's Wild Cohort :: Their Appearance Described by an Englishman CHAPTER SIX: Carson's Fourth Overland Journey :: The Mexican Cabelledo :: Precautions Used in Passing through a Hostile Country :: The Journey of Death :: An Alarm in Camp :: Disgusting Habits of Digger Indians :: A Frightful Spectacle :: Wonderful Heroism of Carson and Godey :: Doherty’s description :: Bleaching Bones of a Murdered Party :: Wreck of the Raft :: Carson Proceeds to Washington :: Is Lionized by St. Louisians :: Grand Reception in Washington CHAPTER SEVEN: Carson again Called into Action :: Founding a Town :: Indian Outrages :: Murder of a Merchant's Family :: Carson Heading a Pursuing Party :: Attacking the Indians :: A Marvellous Escape :: Another Fight with Indians :: Carson again Resumes Trapping :: Drives a Herd of Sheep to California :: Old Friendships Renewed CHAPTER EIGHT: Carson's Career as an Indian Fighter :: Entrusted with an Important Command :: Indian Depredations :: Battle with the' Mescaleros :: A Wholesale Slaughter of Mexican Traders by Indians :: Expedition against the Navajoes :: The Impregnable Canyon de Chelly :: Carson the First to Accomplish its Passage :: A Wonderful Campaign :: Carson Especially Complimented :: Submission of the Navajoes :: Carson Recommends the Reservation System :: Neetmok’s war cry :: War with the Kiowas :: Carson Brings the Great Tribes into Council :: The Last Days of Carson :: His Character as a Pioneer AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BUFFALO BILL. CHAPTER ONE: Incidents of My Childhood :: Iowa in the Early Days :: Removed to Kansas :: Boyhood Experiences in Kansas :: A Barbecue to the Indians :: The Tide of immigration :: Warfare on the Border :: The Stabbing of My Father :: Father's Escape from a Mob :: Renewed Efforts to Kill Father :: Efforts to Make Kansas a Slave State :: My Engagement with the Great Overland Freighters :: A Mob Outwitted by My Mother :: Another Attempt on Father's Life CHAPTER TWO: My First Love Affair :: A bloody Affray at School :: Pursued by the Wounded Boy's Father :: In Service on the Plains :: My First Fight with Indians :: How I Killed My First Indian :: A Feeling of Relief :: On the Road to Salt Lake :: Description of a Bull Outfit :: The Trail :: A Buffalo Stampede :: Captured by Danites :: Burning of the Train by Mormons :: On the Point of Starvation :: Attacked by Indians :: A Timely Rescue :: Engage in Trapping :: A Horrible Discovery :: Off for Pike's Peak :: Engagement as Pony Express Rider CHAPTER THREE: Accidents and Escapes :: Trapping on the Republican :: I Break My Leg :: My Partner Goes in Search of Help :: A Desperate Situation :: Objectionable Company :: Indians Take Possession of My Dug-out :: Return of Harrington :: A Joyous Meeting :: Our Return Home :: Death of Brave Harrington CHAPTER FOUR: Adventures on the Overland Road :: A Pony Express Rider Again :: Pursued by Indians :: Attack on a Stage Coach :: A Charge through the Indian Camp :: A General Drunk but Only One Murder :: A Hunt for Bear :: A Robber's Haunt Discovered :: In a Tight Place :: Killing One of the Robbers :: My Escape :: A Newly-Made Brave CHAPTER FIVE: An Inglorious Service --Bushwhacking in Missouri :: A Meeting with Wild Bill :: Busted at a Horse-race :: A Duel in the Street CHAPTER SIX: How I Became a Soldier :: With the Jayhawkers :: A Singular Meeting with Wild Bill :: Acting as a Spy :: A Pleasant Little Episode :: A Wonderful Escape CHAPTER SEVEN: Courtship and Marriage :: My Bridal Trip :: Taken for a Desperado :: A Party of our Own :: A Close Call :: Keeping an Hotel :: Acting as a Guide to Custer :: A Fight with the Indians :: A Cholera Outbreak CHAPTER EIGHT: A Millionaire in Prospective :: A Howl from Rome :: A Gentleman that Just Dropped In :: Contractor on the K. P. R. R. :: A Little Sport with the Hostiles :: Brigham to the Front :: A Pretty Buffalo Drive :: A Big Surprise for the Officers :: In Pursuit of Indians :: An Excited Colored Gentleman :: How I Received the Title "Buffalo Bill," :: A Race for My Scalp :: A Great Shot :: Sauce for the Gander :: Run to Cover by Indians :: Sending up a Signal for Help CHAPTER NINE: Champion Buffalo Killer :: A Match with Comstock :: A Dash into the Herd: :: an Exhibition for the Ladies :: Riding a Naked Horse into the Herd :: Tragic Death of Comstock :: Brigham and I Part Company :: A Trick of Brigham's CHAPTER TEN: Acting as Special Scout :: Captured by Indians :: A Clever Ruse Secures My Escape :: Stretching My Mule :: Ambushing the Pursuers :: Chief Satanta Threatens the Post :: Going on the War-Path :: Dispatch Bearer :: Off in the Dark :: Stumbling onto a Hornet's Nest :: An Interview with Sheridan :: A Long Ride :: A Dangerous Undertaking :: A Provoking Mule :: Getting Satisfaction CHAPTER ELEVEN: My Appointment as Chief of Scouts :: Running into a Band of Indians :: Bringing Live Buffaloes into Camp :: A Scared Irishman :: A Lively Shaking Up :: In Search of Indians :: A Crack Shot :: On the Trail :: Out in a Dry Country :: Surprised by Indians CHAPTER TWELVE: A Hard Winter's Campaign :: A Rough March :: Making a Break Down a Canyon :: A Turkey Hunt with Clubs :: Rescue of a Starving Command :: Intercepting a Beer Train :: A Free Fight among the Scouts CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Accused of Selling Government Horses :: Arrested and Thrown into the Guard House :: Captured by the Colored Troops :: Dispute over a Telegram :: In Pursuit of Horse Thieves :: The Thieves Run Down :: Escape and Wonderful Flight of a I'hief :: An Extraordinary Run for Liberty :: A Successful Break in the Dark :: Breaking up the Gang CHAPTER FOURTEEN: A Military Expedition :: Mixed on the Expenditures :: A Big Indian Trail :: Attack on the Courier :: A Lieutenant in Sharp Quarters :: Driving the Enemy before Us :: Re-enforced by Pawnee Scouts :: A Comical Sight :: Battle between Sioux and Pawnees :: Buckskin Joe :: The Indians Think Better of Me CHAPTER FIFTEEN: A Desperate Fight :: A Charge through the Indian Village :: Coralled by Indians :: Killing of the Chief Tall Bull :: Meeting with Ned Buntline :: Horse Racing in the Hostile Country :: The Trick of Powder-Face :: An Interesting Indian Tradition CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Some Pleasing Novelties :: In Pursuit of Indian Horse Thieves :: Two Indians Bagged at a Single Shot :: A Tough Officer :: Pawnee Indians on Guard Duty :: A Red Hot Situation :: Appointed Justice of the Peace :: A Peculiar Writ of Replevin :: Performing a Marriage Ceremony :: A Run for Our Lives CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Entertaining a Distinguished Party :: Putting on a Little Style for the Occasion :: An Attack on the Buffaloes :: An Accident to Leonard Jerome :: Charged with a Heinotis Offense :: Still Pursuing the Enemy :: Camp-fire Chats :: A Little Joke on McCarthy :: Remains of the abcxs Murdered Buck Party :: Hunting with Grand Duke Alexis :: A Visit to Spotted Tail :: They Wanted to Lift My Hair :: Giving Duke Alexis the Cue :: Killing his First Buffalo :: Giving the Duke a Shaking Up :: Some Presents from the Duke CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Scouting in a Swallow-tail Outfit :: A Great Trip East :: Banqueted at Chicago :: A Gnest of the Union Club, New York :: A Masquerade Ball :: A Fellow that Looked Like Me :: My Embarrassment at the Theatre :: My First Appearance on the Stage :: Return to the West CHAPTER NINETEEN: Again on the Indian Trail :: A Charge on the Indians :: A Sharp Fight :: Wounded :: Hunting with an Earl :: A Party that Milligan Refused to Attend :: Roping a Buffalo :: Elected to the Legislature CHAPTER TWENTY: An Actor :: Studying the Parts :: Now, Here's a How D'do :: Buntline's Versatility :: The Tide Taken at the Flood :: A Little Funny Business :: Criticisms of the Press :: Lively Experience of Wild Bill :: A Hunt with Mr. Medley :: Guide to the Third Cavalry :: On the Road Again :: Death of My Little Boy CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: Scouting with the Fifth Calvary :: Indian Depredations :: Report of the Custer Massacre :: Causes Leading Thereto :: Custer's Reports :: Miners in the Black Hills :: Indians Supplied with Ammunition by the Government :: War Declared against the Sioux :: Movement of Troops :: Crook Attacked by Sitting Bull :: Custer Selected to Strike the Blow :: Custer Strikes the Indians :: Hoping Against Hope :: The Massacre :: After the Murderers of Custer :: A Challenge :: My Duel with Yellow Hand :: A Moment of Great Danger :: The First Scalp for Custer :: Again in Pursuit of the Sioux :: A Little Dust Causes an Excitement :: Again on the Trail CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Dangerous Work :: Scouting on a Steamboat :: A Ride through the Bad Lands :: A Terrible Journey :: Lying Low :: Return to the Mimic Stage :: On a Round-up :: Putting Real Indians on the Stage THE WILD WEST IN ENGLAND: An Ambitious Enterprise :: Opening of the Wild West Show :: Nate Salsbury Joins Me as a Partner :: A Sketch of Salsbury's Active Life :: A Bigger Show Put on the Road :: The Show Dumped into the Mississippi :: Our Losses in New Orleans :: A Season in New York :: A Hazardous Undertaking :: Seeking New Worlds to Conquer :: We Sail for England :: The Indians' Fears Are Excited :: A Sea-sick Troupe :: Off Gravesend :: An Enthusiastic Welcome to England :: Some Anxious Reflections :: First Impressions of London :: Preparing the Exhibition Grounds :: Scenes on the Strand :: Steaming up the Thames :: Establishing our Camp :: Queer Scenes :: The Starry Flag Raised in England :: American Methods Excite Surprise :: Henry Irving's generous Praise :: A Wild West Performance Described :: Helpful Influence from Distinguished Persons :: Enthusiastic and Numerous Social Courtesies :: Entertained by the Greatest of London :: How the Press Treated Me :: The Poetic Muse Honors Me :: The Coming Centaur :: Visit of Mr. Gladstone :: A Private Performance in His Honor :: His Complimentary Speech :: A Hard Worked Lion of the Season :: The Grand Dinner Given Me :: Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales :: A Private Entertainment for His Royal Highness :: The Many Royal Persons Present :: Their Unqualified Praise Bestowed :: Immense Excitement Created in London :: Our First Public Performance :: The Wild West Show :: Interest Without bloody Accessories :: Visit of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria :: Etiquette of Invitation :: Her Majesty Salutes the American Flag :: Presented to the Queen :: Expressions of Her Queenly Favor :: Statesmen at the Wild West :: A Ribroast Breakfast to Gen. Simon Cameron :: The Prince of Wales and His Royal Flush :: A Wondrous Scene and Kingly Event :: Royalty Taking a Ride on the Dead wood Coach :: Kings, Queens, Princes, Dukes, Lords and Ladies take in the Show :: Presented with a Diamond Pin by the Prince of Wales :: The Princess of Wales Rides in the Deadwood Coach :: Her Visit to the Show in cognito :: A Word of Praise from the London Times :: Kind Words, Kind Feelings and Kind Friends on Every Side :: Departure for the Provinces :: A Visit to Italy :: Re-opening in Manchester :: The Mammoth Building Erected for our Exhibition :: A Grand Description of our Show in Manchester :: The Crowd at our Opening Performance :: Social Honors Heaped Upon Me :: Presented with a Rifle :: A Jolly Occasion :: The Ribroast of Pa He-Haska :: English Love of Sport Illustrated :: Presented with a Gold Watch by Citizens :: Streets in Salford Named in My Honor :: A Magnificent Ovation :: A Benefit Given Me by the Race-course People :: 50,000 People Present :: A Race for $2500 :: An Enthusiastic Farewell :: Sailing for New York :: A Pathetic Incident at Sea :: Reception upon Our Arrival at New York :: The Joy of Stepping upon the Soil of Dear America Again :: Happy Meeting with Friends FORMAT FOR THIS ITEM: All files are in .pdf format. The Wild West Library includes a total of {31} Thirty-one books: :: History of our Wild West
1901 - 545 pages. :: Story of the Wild West and Camp-fire Chats: And Camp-fire Chats
by Buffalo Bill - Frontier and pioneer life - 1888 - 750 pages :: "Buffalo Bill" from Prairie to Palace: An Authentic History of the Wild West
by John M. Burke - Frontier and pioneer life - 1893 - 275 pages :: Streaks of Squatter Life, and Far-West Scenes: A Series of Humorous Sketches
by John S. Robb - West (U.S.) - 1847 - 187 pages :: Buffalo Land: An Authentic Account of the Discoveries, Adventures
by William Edward Webb, Henry Worrall - Hunting - 1873 - 479 pages :: The young ranchmen; or, Perils of pioneering in the wild west
by Charles Richard Kenyon, Walter S. Stacey, W. & R. Chambers Ltd - Frontier and pioneer life - 1891 - 282 pages :: The Wild Man of the West: A Tale of the Rocky Mountains
by Robert Michael Ballantyne - 1866 - 419 pages :: Western Wilds and the Men who Redeem Them: An Authentic Narrative
by John Hanson Beadle - Mormons - 1881 - 624 pages :: Wild Life in the Far West: Personal Adventures of a Border Mountain Man
by James Hobbs - Mexican War, 1846-1848 - 1875 - 488 pages :: The Passing of the Frontier: A Chronicle of the Old West
by Emerson Hough - Frontier and pioneer life - 1918 - 181 pages :: The Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace: The Texas Ranger and Hunter
by John Crittenden Duval - Texan Mier Expedition - 1871 - 291 pages :: Pioneer Women of the West
by Elizabeth Fries Ellet - Women - 1856 - 434 pages :: Autobiography of Rev. James B. Finley: Or, Pioneer Life in the West
by James Bradley Finley, William Peter Strickland - Frontier and pioneer life - 1858 - 455 pages :: The Early Empire Builders of the Great West
by Moses Kimball Armstrong - History - 1901 - 456 pages :: With the Border Ruffians: Memories of the Far West, 1852-1868
by Robert Hamilton Williams, E. W. Williams - History - 1908 - 478 pages :: Recollections of Persons and Places in the West
by Henry Marie Brackenridge - Frontier and pioneer life - 1868 - 331 pages :: Ox-team Days on the Oregon Trail
by Ezra Meeker, Howard Roscoe Driggs - Northwest, Pacific - 1922 - 225 pages :: Beyond the Old Frontier: Adventures of Indian-fighters, Hunters, and Fur-traders
by George Bird Grinnell - Frontier and pioneer life - 1913 - 374 pages :: The Pioneers of the West: Or, Life in the Woods
by William Peter Strickland - Frontier and pioneer life - 1868 - 403 pages :: Last of the Great Scouts (Buffalo Bill)
by Helen Cody Wetmore, William Frederick Cody, Zane Grey - 1918 - 333 pages :: Frontier Life: Or Scenes and Adventures in the South West
by Charles Sealsfield, Frederick Hardman - Southwest, Old - 1855 - 376 pages :: Pioneer Days in the Southwest from 1850 to 1879: Thrilling Descriptions of
by Charles Goodnight, Emanuel Dubbs, John A. Hart - Pioneers - 1909 - 320 pages :: The Life and Travels of Josiah Mooso: A Life on the Frontier Among Indians
by Josiah Mooso - Frontier and pioneer life - 1888 - 400 pages :: Life of Tom Horn: Government Scout and Interpreter
by Tom Horn, John C. Coble - Apache Indians - 1904 - 317 pages :: Heroes and Hunters of the West: Comprising Sketches and Adventures of Boone
by Duke University Library. Jantz Collection. German Americana, John Frost, Peck & Bliss, Philadelphia, pub, H. C. Peck, Theo Bliss - Indian captivities - 1858 - 290 pages :: The Life of Kit Carson: The Great Western Hunter and Guide
by Charles Burdett - Frontier and pioneer life - 1902 - 376 pages :: The Last American Frontier
by Frederic Logan Paxson - Frontier and pioneer life - 1910 - 402 pages :: The Outlaws: A Story of the Building of the West
by Le Roy Armstrong, D. Appleton and Company - Outlaws - 1902 - 320 pages :: Train and Bank Robbers of the West: A Romantic But Faithful Story
by Augustus C. Appler - Outlaws - 1882 - 645 pages :: The red-blooded heroes of the frontier
1910 - 358 pages :: The wild man of the West : a tale of the Rocky Mountains
1881 - 448 pages. Plus a wonderful collection of over Two Thousand Nine Hundred {2900} cowboy photos

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Story Of The Wild West {vintage History Books And Cowboy Phorographs} On Dvd

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Story Of The Wild West {vintage History Books And Cowboy Phorographs} On Dvd:

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