Strange Adventures #47 Highest Graded Copy Fantastic Golden Age Book

Strange Adventures #47  Highest Graded Copy Fantastic Golden Age Book

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Strange Adventures #47 Highest Graded Copy Fantastic Golden Age Book:

Another fantastic Sixth Street Book! Strange Adventures #47 DC Golden Age! Incredibly rare in good condition and this is not just beautiful, it is tied as the Highest CGC Graded copy at 7.5! I put up 2 pics of the cover as I really hate the way the reflections off the CGC cases detract from the beautiful colors on the book. It would do any collection proud and is definitely a book that you would show your friends. When was the last time a high grade copy of this showed up in the market? When do you think the next one will be? This one will disappear too as soon as this sale ends - This is your chance to have one of the best graded copies in existence! A very pretty book and a possible cornerstone to many collections. If you have followed my sales for the past month you will have seen some amazing prices paid for some truly fantastic books - thank you! You are helping put this collection on the map. I will be listing quite a few golden age titles ranging from the common to the very scarce in the next few months many with grades at or besting this one. Plus, there are also a lot of really beautiful books in the fine/fine plus category with over 5,000 golden age books in this collection there is going to be something that you just cant live without. Check out our sales for some really amazing pulps too! Its going to be fun. I am uploading pics of the cgc books I get back at and for the pulps, The Baker Diaries and the Reform School Girl are in the Featured August sale at Another book from the amazing 6th Street Collection.Paypal is the quickest way to pay but we will also take payment at the main store (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)I will provide as many photos as I think needed to adequately describe the book up for sale. If you have any questions about the book please ask. In many cases, I can send an additional photo if you need to see an additional detail. Please ask at least two days prior to the sale ending if possible.
There are no returns on books that are slabbed.I appreciate that you are concerned with how we ship your books. Please don't worry. In 25 years of doing this we have figured it out. If you offer 6 paragraphs of detailed descriptions of how to ship your products, I am very temped to write your name on the book and slap a stamp on it. We are very good at what we do.Shipping is $7.95 using priority mail. In nearly every case, we ship the day of the sale or the next business day if you have paid. If you take 5 days to pay after you win a hot and heavy offerding war, I dont feel too obligated to ship your product within 20 seconds of when you actually pay. Treat us well and we will treat you well. The Comic Book Shop opened in 1988 in Spokane Wa and have dealt in silver and golden aged books from the very beginning. In 1991 I purchased 800 books of what later became known as The Green River Collection prior to it being established with a pedigree. I was an adviser to the Overstreet Monthly Price Guide for several years and wrote market updates during that time.Currently The Comic Book Shop is comprised of a 3000sf traditional comic book store and a 7200sf comic and pop culture store located in a large regional mall.

Strange Adventures #47 Highest Graded Copy Fantastic Golden Age Book:

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