Stunning Rare Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Daisy Makeig Jones Scalloped Ely Bowl

Stunning Rare Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Daisy Makeig Jones Scalloped Ely Bowl

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Stunning Rare Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Daisy Makeig Jones Scalloped Ely Bowl:

This is an exquisite andextremely rare, early 20th century,Wedgwood,scalloped and ribbed, Daisy Makeig Jones, Fairyland mottled Lustre,Ely bowl, circa 1914, with3 gold giltinsects, aquatic gilt border,against a mottled orange, blue, bronze and crimson lustrebackground, to the exterior.

The mottledorange/crimson lustrewas achieved by using component metals ... Bismuth and iron. Blue was achieved with gold, bismuth and titanium andthe gold/bronze colour was achieved with gold, bismuth, rhodium and tin.

It has3 magnificent stylised colouredbutterfliesagainst amottledgreen and mother of pearllustrebackground to the interior, withgoldscrollborder. Themother of pearllustrebackground, was created by using the component metals ... bismuth and titanium and the green was achieved by using gold, bismuth, titanium and uranium.

To the base is a printed portland vase mark ingold script with 'WedgwoodEngland' andthe serial number Z4830 for pattern number 8.

It's in fantastic original condition with no chips, scratches,flee bites,restoration and very little gilt wear.... areally lovely piece of Wedgwood lustre ware ......hard to believe it's98 years of age, and been through a couple of world wars. I'm afraid my photo's aren't doing thismagnificent piece ofWedgwood lustre ware truejustice, because thelight refection is hindering the exquisite visual appeal, of thisspectacular bowl. I assure you whoever purchases this, will not be disappointed.

As you can see from my pictures, Bowlseems to colour shift depending on room lighting conditions, which is quite striking, it looks different at certain times of the day ....... it's one of thosepieces ofWedgwoodthat you never seem to get fed up of looking at ...... a real fantastic design conceptfrom one theworlds bestceramic makers.

This pattern is illustrated in the book by Una Des Fontaines ...... Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre .... The work of Daisy Makeig Jones. ThismottledMother of PearlLustre design remained consistently popular and was produced on a varietyofshapes,until four of the original 10 lustre ranges were cancelled in 1929, (basically because of the Wall Street crash).

Susannah Margaretta "Daisy" Makeig-Jones (1881–1945) was a pottery designer for Wedgwood. She is best known for her range of "Fairyland Lustre" pottery.

She was born in Wath-upon-Dearne near Rotherham in Yorkshire. She was the eldest of seven children. Her father, K. Geoffrey Makeig-Jones, was of Welsh origin and was a medical doctor; her mother was the daughter of Thomas Reeder, a solicitor, in Yorkshire. Both families were of the 'gentry' origin and of a professional class background. She was taught by a governess at home, then attended a boarding school near Rugby. After her family moved to Torquay she entered the Torquay School of Art. She joined Wedgwood in 1909, after gaining an introduction to the managing director Cecil Wedgwood through a relative (Reverend Archibald Sorby). Cecil Wedgwood actually didn't really want her,he thought it would cause problems, basically because she wasn't typically working class.

One of Cecil's daughters, Doris Audrey Wedgwood, married her brother Thomas Geoffrey Rowland Makeig-Jones in 1928. She was asked to retire in April 1931, but typically she ignored the request and continued to work on in her studio. After an inevitable acrimonious confrontation with Josiah wedgewood she suddenly left in the middle ofa week, having arranged to have all the sample pieces of her work smashed by an assistant. She returned to the family home in Seaton in Devon. Here she devoted her time to gardening and looking after her mother, a task she shared with her two sisters. She died on the 21st July 1945 at the age of sixty three, after a protracted illness. Wedgwood Fairlyland Lustrehasundoubtedly become, the most famous and collectable of all the wedgwood pottery pieces.

Dimensions as follows .....

Height:2.75 inches or7 cm

Diameter5 inches or13 cm

Weight:185 grams6.5 ozs

ElyBowlshave become so very desirable/collectable, andare appreciating in value.

This highly make a superb gift, and solid future investment, a nice solid honest piece ofWedgwood Lustre.

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Stunning Rare Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Daisy Makeig Jones Scalloped Ely Bowl:

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