Super Grade Model Soule Type Tang Sight For Rifles

Super Grade Model Soule Type Tang Sight For Rifles

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Super Grade Model Soule Type Tang Sight For Rifles:

Super Grade Soule Type tang sight

From Lee Shaver Gunsmithing

There are two pictures of this sight included here. One photo just shows the mid range and long range together so you can see the difference in sizes.

The second photo features a version of the Super Grade sight that is built to mount on the trapdoor Springfield rifles,a nd long range muzzle loaders such as the Pedersoli Gibbs long range muzzle loading rifles. This is the sight I used to win the Muzzle loading long range world championships in Cape Town, South Africa in Sept of 2007. We also build a version of the economy model for muzzle loaders, and trapdoors, but we do not have the Gibbs base for the economy model sight. You can also purchase this super grade sight with any of our bases you want if you are not installing it on the Gibbs rifle.

Soule type tang sights were invented by Mr Soule in the mid 1880's as an improved type of tang sight to be used in long range competitions that were popular at that time.

name "Soule" actually refers to the type of windage adjustments on the sight, ( see the pictures) that allowed for accurate movement of the rear sight for windage by use of the knobs on either side of the sight near the bottom. Prior to the invention of the Soule type sight it was customary to use a windage adjustable front sight that was a great deal less handy to use. If you wanted to make a windage adjustment once you got ready to fire the shot you had to reach the full length of the rifle to turn a knob on the front sight.

With the invention of the Soule sight and it's accurate windage adjustments right at hand, it became much easier and quicker to make accurate windage adjustments of the sights.

With the resurgence of the popularity of the old Buffalo Rifles and long range competitions for them in recent years the Soule sight has once again thrust itself to the forefront in popularity because of the ease and accuracy of it's use in competition.

But not all Soule sights are the same! Currently there are a number of Soule type sights being manufactured in several different price ranges from quite reasonable to terribly expensive. Not everyone wants to spend $500 to $600 for a tang sight, so how do you know how to get the best value for your money?

I was always in that same boat. I wanted a good or great sight, but couldn't afford the prices, so I started making my own sights back in the early 1990's. I used some parts I made myself and bought some parts from a gun manufacturer in Italy, and proceeded to build a few thousand economy priced soule sights in the next 10 years. In that 10 years many matches were won with those economy sights.

A few years ago I decided to build a higher grade sight too, with a number of other features that I just didn't think you could put on an economy sight. So I developed my Super grade Soule sight that has all the bells and whistles including a Hadley type adjustable eyepiece, more precise adjustments and etc, and then we lapped the windage to get a near perfect fit so the sight doesn't wobble in use. Unfortunately the price also had to go up a bit from the price of the economy sight.

After a couple of years producing the Super grade sightI decided I was going to redesign my Economy model sight to incorporate as many of the featuresof the Super grade sight as possible and make all the parts myself so the quality would be better, and I especially wanted to lapp the windage for near perfect fit as we did on the Super grade sight.

My goal was simple in redesigning the Economy model sight. I wanted to build the best Soule type tang sight you could lay your hands on for under $200.00, just as my goal for the Supergrade sight was to build the finest sight possible for a price that would not break the bank so to speak.

If the statements from my happy customers are any clue, I would say that I accomplished just that.

One nice, but unexpected benefit from the redesign of the Economy sight was that I was able to streamline the manufacturing of the Super grade sight at the same time, and I was able to lower the price on the Super grade accordingly.

Both sights are available for single shot rifles such as the Ballard, Sharps, Winchester 1885, Remington Rolling blocks and Hepburns, and reproductions of those rifles and others as well. We also have these sights for lever action rifles, and Muzzleloaders too.

These sights have been used in numerous national and international championships, and in2006 alone were used to break eight national records, and win several long range championships. That alone speaks volumes about the repeatability of these sights.

So how do you choose?

Some will choose on price alone while others are more interested in what features the sights have so I'll briefly explain the bonus features you get with the Super grade sight, and you can decide for yourself if it is worth the extra price.

The Super grade sight comes standard with our hadley type adjustable eyepiece ( although it can be ordered without it and save a few bucks). The Hadley can be ordered on the Economy model sight too for a little extra money.

The Super grade sight also has a slightly heavier and taller staff, and a base that features an adjustable spring so you can adjust the sight so itstands up perfectly to suit you.( fore and aft) This feature also allows you to buy one sight and several bases and move the sight from one rifle to another quite readily. The Economy model is set up for the rifle you order it for, and does not readily move to a rifle of a different design such as moving it from a Sharps toa Winchester.

The Supergrade base and adjustable spring will also work on a Browning, Baldwin, or MVA soule sights.

Both quality of sights feature hand lapped windage, 1/4 minute of angle windage adjustments, a high quality vernier scale on the staff, and our own 1/2 minute of angle marks on the elevation knob.

They are both available in Mid-range or Long-range heights, and come with mounting screws. The long range sight is 1 1/2 inches taller than the mid range.

Information I need when you order;

This listing is for a "Super Grade model" Soule type tang sight of either height with a base and screws to fit any rifle we have bases for. If you would like to order an Economy Model sight you can find it on our Economy model listing, and they should be ordered there.

I need to know;

Which size do you want. Mid range, or Long range? Mid range is tall enough to shoot 600 to 700 yards with most single shot rifles, a little less with Rolling blocks. The long range will get you to 1,000 to 1,200 yards quite easilywith most rifles that are capable of shooting that far.

Rifle type, and manufacturer. Be specific. Please don't tell me it is a Remington rolling block if it is actually a Pedersoli Rolling block, or a Winchester highwall if it is actually a Uberti or some other reproduction. The current production Winchester 1885's even take different screws than the old production rifles did. The more information you give me the better I can help you. Keep in mind that most of the original rolling block rifles were not drilled for sights, so if they have been drilled at some time you need to double check the hole spacing and the screw sizes, and let me know what they are. Likewise there are times when manufacturers have used two or more hole spacings on their rifles during years of production so it is always best to double check the hole spacing and screw size if you can. If it is a current production rifle that should not be a problem since all the manufacturers have standard holes at this time.

If you have any questions feel free to call 417-682-3330, M-F, 8:00 to 5:00, closed for lunch, Central time. Or email me through our account.

We do ship internationally.

Shipping to US destinations is $12.00

shipping is $25.00

Super Grade Model Soule Type Tang Sight For Rifles:

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