Superb Rare Antique Circa 1847 Regular 3" Baccarat Millefiori Paperweight

Superb Rare Antique Circa 1847 Regular 3

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Superb Rare Antique Circa 1847 Regular 3" Baccarat Millefiori Paperweight:

Baccarat Classical Period (1847-1860).

Here for your consideration is a stunning masterpiece. An extremely rare, Baccarat, circa 1847, close patterned, 3” millefiori, mushroom, paperweight. This magnificent paperweight is encircled by fabulous gridel, and silhouette canes, beautifully enhanced with an assortment of star, whorl, trefoil, quatrefoil, honeycomb, fortress/castle and flower canes, complete with base star interlaced with circular blue coils.

Condition: This is in fabulous original condition, with no bruises, chips, fleabites or scratches to its dome. (A real testament to its previous owner). It's certainly one of the best we’ve seen. It has a polished concave star base with some minute surface scratching, commensurate with its 169 years of age, but nothing unusual. Please note, this close-packed, mushroom millefiori baccarat paperweight is picking up some white light reflection !!


The La Compagnie des Cristalleries Baccarat is situated at Baccarat in Lorraine and was founded in the year 1764. It became France's major glass-making company by the year 1822.

The evolution of glass paperweightsoccurred during the mid-19th centuryin France, transforming these everyday objects into desirable works of art. Inspired by Italian glass workers in Murano, French glass factories began to explore new techniques in the 1840s. Their experimental work produced striking decorative motifs, all encased in glass spheres that magnified the intricate detail of the pieces.

Gabriel d'Artigues, the owner and director of Baccarat, was a notable and gifted glass artisan. Under his guidance, the factory produced everything from lighting fixtures to inkwells and paperweights. Paperweights were, of course,their most famous products. Some of the finest antique paperweights can be traced back to the Baccarat factory. Baccarat became famous for making lead crystal paperweights based on the Italian millefiori pattern ('millefiori' can be loosely translated as 'a thousand flowers').

By 1846, Baccarat had perfected the design of millefiori paperweights, often incorporating animal silhouette canes and making perimeter borders of canes around a central flower, fruit, or animal design in the crystal paperweight. Canes were present in both floral and star shapes, but Baccarat also came up with the 'silhouette cane'. This referred to a silhouette of a person or an animal that appeared in the centre of the cane. Many paperweights had a combination of floral, star-shaped and silhouette canes. Silhouette canes came handy in outlining the central design of the paperweight, whether it was a flower or piece of fruit. Arrows were also another common cane design in the paperweights and came in many different colours. These are the main trademark patterns frequently found in Baccarat millefiori paperweights.

Like most Italian paperweights, close-knit concentric circles were made from the canes to form a plethora of designs in the Baccarat paperweights.Baccarat paperweights exist in the magnum size (4" approx in diameter), the regular size (3" approx in diameter), and the miniature size (2" approx in diameter). The regular sized paperweights are very rare and highly prized !!

Dimensions as follows

Height: 2 inches or 5.1 cm

Diameter: 3 inchesor 7.6 cm

Weight: 1lb 7 oz or 658 grams

As you'reprobably already aware Baccarat paperweightsare the rarest and most sought-after of all the paperweights.You put this magnificent paperweightup to the light andyou can see through the canes, it's really quite spectacular.This is only going to continue to become ever more desirable and appreciate in value !!

This extremely rare Baccarat paperweight would make a superb gift.

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Superb Rare Antique Circa 1847 Regular 3" Baccarat Millefiori Paperweight:

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