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October 5th, 2014

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Swirl Design Gold & White Vase For Sale

Swirl Design Gold & White  Vase

I've had this vase for a couple of years. I actually have 2 of them, but the coloring is a little different. This one has more white in it on the top under the scalloped edge, & the other one has more gold on the top portion. No chips, cracks or breaks. It's thick, heavy glass, & there's nothing on it that tells when, where, or by who it was made, it measures 7" tall, the top is 5", & the bottom is 2&3/4"*Insurance Included**Please use the zoom feature to inspect all pictures for close up details**If you have any questions please ask before purchasing* USPS, UPS, & FedEx parcel shipping & 1st class rates have been going up every year. They went up in March '09, January '10, January '11, January '12, January '13 (USPS also changed the name of Parcel Post to "Parcel Select" at that time), & yet again January 2014. I have no control over the postage rates.*I have a lot of books listed-sometimes 500 or more-so please keep in mind that I offer a combined shipping discount for the books. So the more you buy at one time, the more you will save in shipping! (Immediate payment requirement has been removed from most of the book listings). I am pleased to offer combined shipment on books for $.75 for each additional book - paperback OR hardcover - PURCHASED WITHIN 24 HOURS (excluding bundles, textbooks, or over-sized books). Please send me a message through & let me know your intentions so you don't get a ton of annoying invoices.*Immediate Payment Is Required On Buy-It-Now Purchases-Except for the books**Because I have a store, the Unpaid Item Manager is automatic on ALL of my items. That means that an sale item or the books that remain unpaid for 2 days (This changed as of May 1st 2013 - it was 4 days & is now 2 days) go directly to the Resolution Center for collection & may cause future problems on if completed payment isn't recorded promptly**Check out my return policy**I'm sorry that it has become necessary to do this, but due to the recent surge of no-pay & slow-pay buyers, I can no longer offer the courtesy of a 24 hour grace period for payment. All listings since November 1st, 2011 will require immediate payment on my buy-it-now prices. If this is going to be a problem, or you wish to combine shipping, please contact me in advance & I'll try to work with you. Please be sure to read the listing completely for return policy & further shipping & payment information* started charging sellers a fee on the shipping buyers pay for their purchases beginning July 2011. It's a percentage of the shipping you as buyers pay us sellers to have your packages shipped. They started it because of the unscrupulous sellers that sell their items at ridiculously low prices & then make it up with outrageously high shipping fees. For example, they either start the offerding at $.01, or have a buy-it-now price of $.99 for an item that would sell at a retail store for $50.00, & then charge $35.00 for shipping. I'm sure you can remember seeing some of those. Anyhow, has decided to make the good sellers pay for the sins of the bad sellers. I feel this is unfair since the money collected for shipping goes to the shipping company (USPS in most cases) & is NOT money we get to keep! PayPal also gets a percentage off the top of everything that goes in to a sellers account! Which also includes the shipping, so that means we get short changed both ways on the shipping & have to cover any difference ourselves. To compensate, some sellers may inflate the shipping weight, increase their fees for flat rate shipping, add a handling fee to calculated shipping (if they don't already have one), or increase the handling fee if they do have one. Since I use calculated shipping on most of my listings (aside from my books), the shipping varies based on your zip code for distance, weight, how it's shipped, etc. At this time I haven't raised my $1.00 handling fee, & I REFUSE to inflate the weight on packages to compensate! If it gets to be too much of a burden I will add a notification that I have had to raise my handling fee. I am only trying to point out that we have no choice about these changes, makes these decisions unilaterally. So if you have noticed increases, PLEASE complain to & don't punish us sellers on the response. Many of us sellers have protested these changes, but the buyers are the ones that count with . Every item I ship will have a tracking number (also called a delivery confirmation or DC number) included at the time of shipping so you can check on it's progress through the postal system. Returns will be accepted only if the item is significantly different than the description, & refunds will be given for the purchase price only - NO shipping. Buyer pays return shipping costs. If you have a problem with a new item that has never been used or opened, & is listed as *NIB*, you will have to refer to the manufacturers warranty for a remedy. Changing your mind-also commonly called "Buyer's Remorse" IS NOT MY ERROR, & is not a reason to void what terms a binding contract to buy. Reading the listing description all the way through, & inspecting the pictures closely is YOUR responsibility. So please read ALL of the description information, & look at the pictures carefully using the zoom & enlarge features available BEFORE offerding or buying. I'm available & will be happy to answer any questions or possibly add another picture for a different angle or feature before you commit to buy so there won't be any hard feelings on either side. I'd much rather take care of any issues before a purchase is completed than to have an unhappy buyer later. I use USPS calculated shipping for most of my listings (aside from the books), so shipping fees are figured out by /PayPal based on your zip code & the weight of the item as well as how it's shipped. Please keep in mind that these costs also have to include the weight of the box & any packing supplies. So when you look at an item & try to figure out why the shipping weight doesn't match what you feel the weight of the item should be, please remember that the weight isn't just for the item; bubble wrap, peanuts, foam, & cardboard all add to the weight. I try to ship the cheapest way that will still get it to you as quickly & safely as possible. When costs are close, I upgrade to a faster method at no added cost to you! So PLEASE, don't hold me responsible for the shipping charges. If you think they're unfair - PLEASE COMPLAIN TO USPS! I don't like this any more than you do. I don't make money on the shipping. I have underestimated the actual shipping weight on items & had to eat the difference. However, when I have overestimated the weight, I have refunded the difference if it's over $1.00. has made several changes! If we offer a Buy-It-Now price on an sale listing we're REQUIRED to make it at least 30% of the starting price (this is also new-it was 10% until May 1st 2013). FYI - also charges sellers an extra fee to add a Buy-It-Now price to an sale based on the amount of the buy-it-now price. If you are looking at an sale listing with no Buy-It-Now price, please contact me before placing a offer if you are interested in getting it right away. Once there's a offer on an item, won't allow ANY changes. has also discontinued the insurance option! They don't even allow us to offer to add it in our listings, so on the more fragile and/or expensive items, I add it automatically to protect both of us. I don't add it to the less expensive items, $10.00 or less, unless I think it's necessary based on the nature or age of the item. If you feel there's a reason you want insurance, please contact me before purchasing & if there's a way to work it out, we'll add it. I currently have a handling fee of $1.00 to help cover my expenses; tape, bubble wrap, gas, etc., which figures in automatically to the shipping (there's no handling fee on the books). We live 10 miles one way from the nearest large town, post office, store, gas station, etc. If I feel it's necessary to add insurance on an item, the charge will be added to my handling fee. I will add a notice in my listing stating "Insurance Included". I pack carefully & make every effort to get your new treasure to you safely, but we all know the postal service isn't as careful with our packages as we would like, even when they're marked "FRAGILE" (I sometimes wonder if it's kind of like waving a red flag in front of a bull?) Unfortunately there's always a chance your purchase may get damaged in transit. If that does happen, I will assist you as much as I can from my end to file a claim with USPS, but because you will have the actual item & all the packing, it's up to you to file the claim for the insurance. You can do that easily online @ the USPS website. I'm not an expert in any field. I'm sure you've heard the saying "I know a little bit about everything & a lot about nothing"? THAT'S ME! I try to research my items to give potential buyers the best information I can, & I try to describe my items to the best of my abilities; cracks, flaws, special details & measurements. But I'm human(?), so I can & do make mistakes. Boy! Do I hate having to admit that! So please, look closely at the pictures for details I may have overlooked, & use the zoom & enlarge features where available. If you have any questions, please click on the 'ask seller a question' supplied by (now located at the very bottom of the description section) before buying. I check my listings several times a day & have & my email on my cell phone, so I should get back to you the same day, or the next day at the latest. I add things almost daily, so please check back with me frequently. If you're serious about an item, please contact me & I'll add the Make an Offer option. I'm usually willing to compromise, but Please don't insult either of us by offering me half or less of my asking price; I research my items before I list them, so I know my prices are at or usually lower than similar items already listed, or recently sold. Please keep that in mind if you're considering making an offer. I inherited a lot of things from my mother, sister, & brother. We are also part of a large family - my husband is the oldest of 10, we have 4 kids,14 grands, & 11 greats, as well as too many nieces, nephews, great nieces & great nephews to count, & it seems like there's always another one of them on the way. I have over 40 years of my own things I'm trying to sort through as well. If I don't have what you're looking for now, I may have it soon. My husband & I love to catch the yard, garage, & rummage sales during nice weather, & go to estate sales, re-sale & thrift stores whenever possible. SORRY, I ONLY SHIP TO THE UNITED STATES! I SHIP FAST! (Check out my response) Usually the next business day after cleared payment, but very often, as quickly as the same day! I work hard to keep my buyers happy; my rating is very important to me. So, if there are any problems, PLEASE contact me right away to give me the opportunity to work it out before issuing negative response, & I'll do the same for you. I have a smoke free home, but because the majority of my items are used, I can't guarantee they came from the same controlled environment! However, my husband has severe COPD & can't stand the smell of smoke, so when I pick up something I'm very careful to avoid anything that smells like it may have come from a smokers environment. Please check out my other listings, & be sure to add me to your saved sellers list. Thanks for looking, & Happy ing!

Swirl Design Gold & White  Vase

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Swirl Design Gold & White Vase:

Beautiful Vintage Gold Embossed Glass Vase 6 1/4
Beautiful Vintage Gold Embossed Glass Vase 6 1/4" Tall

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Tall Red Vase Round Bottom 12"

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Large Hand Made Yellow Porcelain Dragon Vase - Hand Painted

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Catch A Rainbow With This Shimmering Gold-rimmed Vase

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