Syria Jordan Document Signed By 4 Presidents W/ Rare Hedjaz Hejaz Revenue Stamps

Syria Jordan Document Signed By 4 Presidents W/ Rare Hedjaz Hejaz Revenue Stamps

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Syria Jordan Document Signed By 4 Presidents W/ Rare Hedjaz Hejaz Revenue Stamps:

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About The 4 presidents Signatures in this document and their Titles they are as follow:

1. Ali Rida Al Rikabi (Transjordan Prime minister in 1925 Former military governor (First President) of the Eastern Region).2. Subhi Beck Barakat Khalidi (President of Syria Between (1922- Dec 1925) His Presidential Stamp and Signature on Document.3.Chief British Representative in Jordan.4. High Commissioner of France Republic in Lebanon and Syria .

(3 & 4) are Considered Occupation authority as Syria and Jordan was not Independent and these 2 were the higher Authority higher than the Governor and President. in Syria Few days after the document signed a French Personal appointed as President of Syria instead of Subhi Beck Barakat Khalidi after the revolution. Check more details Below.



This is a presidential document, power of attorney made by Prime Minister of Trans Jordan in 1925 and His wife to their Cousin in Damascus Syria. as because of the charges he had in Syria for the conspiracy on changing the government and being a prime minister in Jordan) he could not present by himself in Syria).

Because of his position as a President, This Document Needed to be Approved and certified by the Higher Authorities in the governments of Syria and Transjordan.

The dates (Sept 25th) on this document is Just few days before the Rise of the Great Revolution in Syria.

(translation for the Arabic script will be at the end of this description).


Personal Signature and /or Stamp on this document.

1. Ali Rida Al Rikabi (Transjordan Prime minister in 1925).

2. Wadiaa Daughter of Mohammed Bak Al Barudi. (Rikabi's Wife).

3. Subhi Beck Barakat Khalidi (President of Syria Between (1922- Dec 1925).

4. Court of Appeal of Trans Jordan.

5. Notary and Head Notary of Jordan Court.

6.Chief British Representative .

7. High Commissioner of France Republic in Lebanon and Syria .

8.British Consulate in Syria Damascus.

Translation of the Arabic Description.

First paragraph

in its Date We are Who Placed our Signatures Below Rida son of Mr Mahmoud Alrikabi and Wadiaa Daughter of Mohammed Beck Al Barudi the wife of Rida Arikabi that Mentioned earlier, We authorize Mr. Zaki Son of Muhammed Alrukabi on our behalf to present us in all the Claims that come from or to us on or from any person for any matter at any court with all kinds and ranks and at any executive or Military or mixed courts. of start, Reject, Appeal, cassation correct to repeat and to the highest degree. and to present what it needs from documents papers warnings with his signature and to answer on it, and to inform and be informed, to rise a claim on the Judges , to chose and hire lowers and people of experience , accountant and preventative and to Dismissal Declaration of bankruptcy or change it back, to do agreements and to stop it. to rise a claim of fraud and dereliction. to witness to get a witness and to challenge thetestimony of witnesses. to request an auth or to take it back. to seize or to cancel, to execute the decisions and to complete all paperwork of Magistratesdischarge, approvalwithout theright, to divide, to evacuate to receive and to give, to authorize another person for us or more. to sell whatever he like to anyone who like for the price he desire and complete all selling documentation at the offices of the real estates. and to admit of receiving price to give the property name to whomever buy at the office of possession and to be presented at all the governmental departments. and to lease and take rent and to pay and take care of all our property. With all an authorization can do mentioned or unmentioned even if it is conditioned. An absolute power of attorney all given to his opinion say and do.

(two signatures of witnesses.)

Second Paragraph

on the date of Thursday Sept 3rd 1925 on a request. I went me the government notary of Amman to the House of the president of Government of Arabian Eats in Amman, Rida Pasha Alsaied mahmoud Alrukabi at wadi khreas in Amman. and in the presence of the mentioned and his wife Ms Wadiaa daughter of Mohammed beck Albarudi and requested from me to notarize this document. upon this act of legal identification to Ms. Wadiaa as Rida Pasha the mentioned above is known personal to m I did assemble Council of Justice and I did Read to them in this public council and they understood and approve and confess with the content and agreed on it completely and placed their signatures with their hand script here in my presence and the presence of the known witnesses their names mentioned above upon this I recorded and certified.

Ali Riza (Ridha)Pasha Al_Rikabi.

Ali Riza Pasha Al_Rikabi(1868- May 25 / May1942) was the firstPrime Ministerin bothSyriaand Jordan.

Contemporary governanceOttoman, and was a prominent corner in it.When he left the Turks, and the Faisal Arab Rule arise, form the first ministry in the history of Syria.And the form of two ministers inJordan, Jordan and the development of its financial and administrative.Support the revolutionSyrianwhile considering, a prime minister in Jordan.Variability in a large number of positions, and entrusted with a large number of other responsibilities and tasks.Was administratively determined, and integrity is one of the legends these days.Rida Al-Rikabi was part of thehistory of Syriato talk.However, it has not been given the right enough of fame and study and analysis.

For Additional information about this president Please check the link below:


Ali Rida Pasha belongs to the family of his primary education at the school Averroism military.And moved them to the middle school.Because he was ahead of all his peers, and in recognition of the signs of talent and genius to it, was sent to military school in Constantinople, where he studied in military affairs.And graduated, carrying the rank of "Chief of Staff."After graduating from the Military Academy was appointed commander of the Turkish army in Jerusalem, and agent for Mtsrvha.When he announced the Ottoman Constitution, he was appointed Chairman of the Special Division in Astana.And transferred to Medina, where he was appointed governor and commander of the army, and after that was promoted to the rank of Prince of major general.Deported to Iraq, where he took command of the army in Baghdad and Basra.

When it announced the First World War in 1914, the Ottoman government consulted, among those consulted of the commanders of their armies, on the entry of the Ottoman Empire to the war along with its ally, the German state, or not.It was the opinion of satisfaction Rikabi Pasha, the Ottoman Empire to remain neutral, because he was familiar with the fact that the Ottoman army and the development of weapons and ammunition, and the weakness of its possibilities.And he pointed out the need to maintain neutrality in the war raging, it was considered defeatists and cowards, wacky and it was promulgated, and to allocate it to retirement.He was discharged and retired behind a number of officials and officers motivated and enthusiastic to go to war, as well as friends and allies the German state.When he returned to Damascus Rikabi, after demobilization, Jamal Pasha wanted to benefit from his knowledge and experience, with his eagerness to put it under control, so is his appointment as mayor of Damascus, and the presidency of arbitrations.The preferred Rikabi acceptance of these two offices, in order to pay for the same suspicion.The man was in fact one of the founders, "the Arab Society Girl" and "Association of the Covenant."These two societies were the first to plant the seeds of Arab nationalism in the Ottoman period.


of the First Ministry of Syria

Following the announcement of the Great Arab Revolt, and the entry of the Arab army of Damascus, Al_Rikabi was appointed as a military governor of the Eastern Region.When the Constitution conference announced Syria independence in the 8th of March 1920 and handed the reins of governance Prince Faisal Bin Al Hussein, and called to be the king of Syria, The King entrusted Al Rikabi the formation of the First Arab Ministry, and Given the title of military ruler.After the unequal battle of Maysaloun, and the entry of French troops to Damascus, and the end of the King Faisal Era, Al Rikabi Left to Egypt.And then Moved to the Hedjaz. the Sharif Hussein of Jordan Entrusted Him to help his son Prince Abdullah to establish and manage East State of Jordan.

Rikabi in Jordan

In Amman and on the 12th of March 1922, Arikabi Entrusted the First Jordanian government.And work on developing laws and regulations appropriate to the new Jordanian state, particularly within the financial systems and the administrative system.In the 3rd of October 1922, Prince Abdullah invited him to accompany him on a trip to London, to do a treaty between Jordan and Britain and discuss Arab affairs there.

Rikabi Stayed with Prince Abdullah for some time.then the Prince left London and retained his prime minister to Complete the agreements with the Ministry of the British colonies on the final form of the Government of Jordan, and he succeed to get the approval from the British the parliamentary independence for the region, that is not involved by the Balfour Declaration establishment of the Israel state on Palestinian land.Rikabi then returned to Jordan.Then a dispute arose between Prince Abdullah and Al Rikabi over the terms of this Agreement, led to the resignation of prime minister.

In early 1924, Rida was invited back to the formation of the ministry in Jordan.Responded to this call, and formed the second ministry.He remained in this position to June of 1926, where he resigned, and moved to stays between Haifa and Jerusalem for two and Half years.

When Al Rikabi Formed form of his ministry He Declared his Ministry Program, the honesty and sincerity in speech and action in his work, and the distribution of justice among all people, taking care of economy, and rely on skills in employments, and the suppression of the seeds of corruption, and all damages to reputation.He called for collaboration and solidarity in all matters of repair, and maintenance of the status of the region against the security.While Al Rikabi was prime minister in Jordan, he supported the revolution in Syria with all its potential secretly, fueling the spirit of resistance among the rebels.For this, he could not after his resignation from the presidency of the ministry to return to the homeland Syria, but he preferred to stay in Palestine, until the revolution ended, and a general amnesty issued to all who participated in revolution. During his stay in the Occupied Palestinian, his personal economy status was very weak and he got poorer.After his return to Damascus, and the death of King Faisal I Hashemi, the man retired, the honest, the straight the political work and stayed in his home, and cut off from people.

Rida Al_Rikabi left next to his Lord, on Monday the 25th of May 1942, after suffering from the disease a long time.

Subhi Beck Barakat Khalidi

Subhi Barakat,

whose full name is Subhi Beck Barakat Khalidi (one thousand eight hundred eighty-nine-one thousand nine hundred thirty-nine) is the first president of the Federation of Syrian and first president of the State of the Syrian and the fourth governor of Syria after the demise ofthe Ottomans, was born inAntioch, but he had lived inAleppo, as in a number of parliaments Syrian as well as General Conference, which took place in1919and announced that theSyrian Arab Kingdom.[1]Subhi Barakat served as president of the Syrian, who announced his birthHenri GouraudinJune 28th1922a federal unionbetweenthe State of Damascus,Aleppo and the Stateand the State of Alawites Mount.

Under the decision to establish the Union, the constituent body composed of fifteen members and one fifth for each State make up the Federal Council, he served a Barakat representatives of the State of Aleppo, in the same day Union Declaration Altam members of the Constituent inAleppoand elected him president of the Union.Collect president of the functions of the formation and head of government to his duties, as well as the presence of representative councils and federal governments in the three provinces of its constituent, and perhaps the most outstanding achievements of blessings during his presidency of the Union, the development of the gendarmerie Syrian and the issuance of paper currency and the Syrian, inAugust1922under an agreement with the State ofGreater Lebanonand the State ofJebel Druze.

After the call toHenri GouraudtoFranceand the appointment of Maxime Vigan authorized a French student, Syrians unity, has responded to Vigan to their students and announced a "Syrian state" composed of states ofDamascusand Aleppo, in December 24 /1924, came in a decree the development of the state to be blessings as its chairman for a period of three years until the end of1927, but the outbreak of theGreat Syrian its extension of theendospermsouth and the accompanying bombardment of Damascus and the appointment of de Geoffnal High Commissioner, then boycott the Constituent may pay the Commissioner the French to dismiss Barakat and his government and the placement of the country to the rule of French direct under the command ofFrancois Pierre Olab, after about a year and odd inFebruary1926noted that Barakat had submitted his resignation and the resignation of the government inDecember 21, and the dismissal of this government is not running Barakat any official position until his election as President of the Parliament of Syria in1932,[2]He was elected in theJune 11vote of 51 votes to 17 votesto Hashim al-Atassi, under a settlement drafted by Jamil Mardamprovided for the formation of a government divided equally between Alantdabeyen (moderate) and the National Bloc, and the election of the President of the Republic of neutral and the President of parliament calculated to moderate, and contributed to the arrival of Barakat support block "Vice-North", composed of 28 members of his candidacy,[3]Despite this no longer blessings of the executive power at all and did not pose any government of a third.

During the beginning of his public, was Subhi Barakat of the rebels toFranceand the companionof Ibrahim Hanano, especially in the period betweenMay1919and July1920, then mediate Mahmoud the Circassian one of the elders ofAleppoto stop fightingFrance, then visited Barakat by the CircassianBeirutand met during his visitHenri Gouraudand since then Taking inclined position to the mandate even by the supporters of them;[4]which is about his friendship with Hanano of enmity and competition intense, and indicates some historians to the intervention ofFrancein the case of his victory on behalf of the year1932, and had been subjected to an assassination attempt in1931by Akram Hourani and his colleagues inBeirut.[5]It is noteworthy that following the formation of a governmentis my right bonethe second inJune 3rd1933take Barakat tends towards the National Bloc, and stood with them in opposing the government in the House of Representatives, and inNovember 241934when the Commissioner has issued the French Charles de Martel a decree suspending the work of Parliament After refusing to ratify the treaty withFrance, formed the National Bloc "action committee" was Barakat, one of its members,[6]and during the massive protests witnessed byDamascusand other cities in1936led to the birth of a delegation from the National Bloc of his mission to travel toParisto reach a new agreement and equitably withFrance, i'tikaaf Barakat inAntiochuntil the clear parameters of the Convention, did not return toDamascus, and when it was separated from Alexandretta SyriaBarakat was a resident of Antioch, when he died was a Major General, annexed toTurkey, which is strongly opposed by Barakat.


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Syria Jordan Document Signed By 4 Presidents W/ Rare Hedjaz Hejaz Revenue Stamps:

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