Technofret 19" Fret Leveling Beam, Luthier Tool

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Technofret 19" Fret Leveling Beam, Luthier Tool :

TECHNOFRET 19" fret leveling beam.

Eliminate fret buzz once and for all

The TECHNOFRET fret leveling beam is a high-precision tool which enables luthiers and guitar techs to level frets with absolute accuracy.

EVERY TECHNOFRET beam is individually tested and inspected before it goes out to a customer. It is tested on a British made inspection grade surface plate ( the flattest surface it is possible to obtain anywhere in the world ), and if it doesn't meet our rigorous standards, it doesn't go out. Simple as that.

The beam is 19" x 2" x 1", constructed from aircraft gradebox section aluminium, and both of the 1" wide faces are milled, ground, and lapped to an accuracy of less than.0001" over its entire length(that is one ten-thousandth of an inch). This accuracy farexceeds that achieved by normal commercial straight edges, which normally are "accurate" to a limit of .0015" per foot ( one and a half thousandths of an inch). That level of "accuracy" would be classified as "reject material" by TECHNOFRET.

The straightness and flatness of both sides of the TECHNOFRET sanding beam is comparable to that of, say, a Starrett straight edge, or any of the high end straightedges which cost well in excess of a hundred pounds.


Ideally, and for best results, the tool is used in conjunction with the TECHNOFRET guitar neck jig but can be used perfectly satisfactorily on its own (as long as the neck has been straightened using the trussrod) .

Two strips of (very) high quality self-adhesive abrasive are supplied , 240 and 320 grit, which can be affixed by the user, one on either side of the beam.Different grits can be supplied if required, all the way from 80 up to 2000, but in practice it will be found that these two grits suffice for fret dressing purposes, enabling the frets to be leveled quickly and easily, while leaving them ready for the final dressing and polishing with steel wool or micromesh.[Heavier grits can be supplied for the purposes of fretboard levelling, ie sanding the wood of the fretboard, with the frets removed]

The results achieved by using a high precision sanding beam are much superior to those achievedby rubbing a short file up and down the frets, which hitherto has been the preferred method of many techs. It is also much superior to using a scrap bit of wood and loose sandpaper, which is another method sometimes used. The flatness of the beam far exceeds anything that can be achieved by planing a piece of wood.

In skilled hands, it is also far preferable to using radiused sanding blocks, which invariably end up flattening the frets too much at the edges, particularly on fretboards with a compound radius.

The generous length of 19" means that the entire fretboard is covered, requiring only slight movement back and forth to level the frets, and there is no danger of grinding low spots. Previously, we manufactured the beam in an 18" length, but in response to our customers' suggestions we have increased the length to 19" to enable slightly longer scales to be totally covered in one pass.

All in all, a highly recommended tool,an absolute must for the professional guitar tech, as well as being a really useful accessory for the enthusiast.

Here are a few comments received from some of the many satisfied customers who have bought the TECHNOFRET sanding beam:

  • Thank you for the sanding beam, I am not a "guitar tech" but it has helped me get the action on my Telecaster down to where I want it. I am very happy with [ Keith R... Canterbury]

  • I would just like to say how pleased I am with the Technofret. I tried everything to get rid of the buzz on my Takamine acoustic, and finally I was able to do it with your tool. Thank [ Les M ... Bolton ]

  • Thanks a million for this tool. I set up hundreds of guitars each year and I can tell you that this is a big timesaver. I will be ordering your fret polishing kit as soon as you relist Alex G ...Highland region]

  • Thank you for the sanding beam, I got a friend of mine who works in a college lab to test it on a surface plate, and you are right, it is a totally straight and flat surface on both sides. I am looking forward to trying it out on both my Fenders

  • I have been using the sanding beam and the notched straightedge for over a month now on all my set-ups, and I can say that I am very happy with both tools. It would be good if you could supply longer beams and straightedges for doing basses.

Technofret 19" Fret Leveling Beam, Luthier Tool :

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