Texas Tanning & Manufacturing Horse Saddle Rare Vintage Riding Collectible Nice

Texas Tanning & Manufacturing Horse Saddle Rare Vintage Riding Collectible Nice

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Texas Tanning & Manufacturing Horse Saddle Rare Vintage Riding Collectible Nice :





Up for your consideration is a BEAUTIFUL, vintage hand-built roping and ranch saddle.

This saddle is completely original sans the leather wrapped stirrups (included with the saddle) and the rear billet straps. Both of these parts go very well with the saddle and are in themselves matched as they came of the same donor saddle. Not only is this early 20th century saddle in gorgeous condition, it is in very ride-able condition!

So all you buyers know exactly what you are offerding on, I will give as thorough of a description as possible…so please bear with the narrative. I would rather get an information overload than not enough anytime!

First of all you will note that the seat size is a very comfortable 14”. The gullet is also a good 7” as you can see by the picture with the ruler. This is pretty unusual as most pre 1940 saddles were considerably narrower than that. It also has a medium gullet which is the equivalent of Semi Quarter Horse Bars….while most saddles of this era had QH bars. Because of this it will fit most medium build horses out there! It will not fit your foundation QHs as they are usually broad backed with little if any withers and take saddles with FQHBs or even wider.

There is a really nice ‘pocket’ in this saddle, and the ground seat was obviously expertly built up. It is incredibly comfortable for a slick seat saddle! The fenders are gorgeous. The tooling on this saddle is one of a kind…and hand carved. I have never seen a saddle with tooling like this, and it stands out as being unique on the fenders. They are in excellent and solid condition. They show the slightest hint of wear on the inside bottoms where there is some surface crazing which is purely cosmetic. They are very pliable with no dry or stiff spots in them. The stirrup leathers underneath are in fabulous condition…and are adjusted with the old style lacing. Judging by the condition of this saddle I would say that these too are all original. I think you can tell by the photos that this saddle has probably spent most of its life inside a house or other temperature controlled area. It has also been maintained with regular soaping and oiling to have survived for this long and in this condition. Seriously…it looks like it is only a few year old!

The tree underneath is super solid and is rawhide or bull-hide wrapped. The horn is also tight and solid…which I have found to be unusual in an older saddle…usually the cap is always wiggly. This saddle would be ideal for ranch work, hunting or working the arena as well as for show, parades…or just add it to your vintage saddle collection. You will be hard pressed to find a saddle this old in this great condition! And it’s still comfortable and solid enough for anything you can throw at it.

The rigging is double with big stainless steel D-rings. Like I mentioned prior, the rear billets are not original to the saddle, although they look really nice and match in color. The center portion of the rear rigging looks like it might be original…but that is a guess. The strings on the saddle are weathered and are a bit ‘cracky’. The sheepskin is in good condition but has a couple of thin spots which can be seen in the photos. The leather off billet is in excellent condition, and the tie strap is serviceable, but should be replaced sometime in the future. Other than that there is a very fine ‘mist’ of what appears to be white spray paint overspray on the saddle, primarily on the off side. This is purely cosmetic and I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to take off, although it is not noticeable…which is why Ihaven'tmessed with it at all. There is a section of one fender which has a few stitches missing between the two halves (the fenders are doubled leather).

I have gone over the saddle while I soaped, oiled, and treated it with Saddle Butter (leather conditioner). My description should answer all your questions. If not, please feel free to email me any other questions you might have. I have described it to the best of my ability….but am only human, so once again please ask questions prior to offerding.



I have included photos of the entire saddle...all the way around. If there are photographs that you would like to see (of a particular area) please email me.

I hope I have answered any questions you might have. If I have failed to list something that you would like to know, please feel free to email me. I reserve the right to list saddle locally, so if you want it, offer on it!

Shipping price is for lower 48 states and always INCLUDES REPLACEMENT INSURANCE! I have had things lost in the mail...so I will always make sure you are covered in case anything happens (Cont. U.S.).

I will ship elsewhere, but please email me with your shipping zip/postal code so I can get you a quote before you offer. Canadian buyers: The last two saddles I shipped to Canada cost between 109.00 and 121.00 to ship. I imagine this one would be no different. International shipping prices do not include insurance. USPS insures up to a set dollar amount for International rates…and over that will cost additional.

***If you peruse my other sales I give you the standard speech regarding never again shipping things to Spain. Don't believe me? Look at my response. It was perfect. Then against my better judgment (I knew the guy had problems communicating in English), I went ahead and shipped to him. He was very angry when he had to pay import duties to his country. He insisted that it was my responsibility to pay it. I even offered to take the perfect item back. In response he marred my 100% record! I was angry at first, now I find myself amused. Anyway I am going to hold fast on this. No shipping to Spain...or anywhere else that a language barrier prevents communication. I am not responsible for import duties, so if you are in another country and want this beautiful saddle please find out if you are going to be charged those fees first. If you email me your postal code I will be happy to look up International shipping for you. If you live in the lower 48 states the shipping is a flat rate...and I will cover the cost of packing materials, box, and insurance.I pride myself in thoroughly describing everything accurately. I do not try to hide or mislead. I pride myself in shipping things the next business day. I treat people the way I like to be treated, so while you see that one negative response, look how many positives there are in contrast.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have no intention of following through on your high offer, please do not waste my time or the time of fellow buyers. This is not a game, so pleasedon'ttreat it as though it is. It is very expensive to sell items on this site (listing, final value, final value shipping) so I take it seriously when people offer 'accidentally', or do not do any sort of research or homework prior to offerding. It costs right around 20% of the final price in fees….so…Please read the entire description and ask questions prior to offerding. I can tell you everything I know, and have researched on the saddle; I cannot tell if it will fit you or your horse-I can't see you! Please do your research before buying any saddle. Thank you! (If you live locally by all means bring your horse out, and try it out in person).

Texas Tanning & Manufacturing Horse Saddle Rare Vintage Riding Collectible Nice :

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