"the Balkan Sobranie No.759 Mixture Tin Full For Sale


'THE BALKAN SOBRANIE No.759 MIXTURE' (50gr/1.76oz).The tin is full. It dates roughly to the beginning of the 80's.
The tin is in good condition except for a very small dent on theside.

I have tried to capture all sides of the tin on the included photo's below.
If you have any questions, please ask!


  1. The value of this item is the collectable packaging and not the Tobacco itself.
  2. This package has never been opened, the Tobacco inside is not for consumption.
  3. The collectable packaging is not available in any store and the value of the packaging exceeds the price of the Tobacco inside the package.
  4. As a seller I am responsible to make sure that the buyer is at least 18 yrs. of age and both the buyer and the seller follow all laws and shipping regulations for this transaction.


The tin will be thoroughly packaged in a box.
The package will be shipped from Cairo Egypt using registered mail

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"the Balkan Sobranie No.759 Mixture Tin Full:

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