The Sixth Gun Oni #1 2010 Cullen Bunn Nm Sold Out Nbc Tv Show Rare

The Sixth Gun Oni #1 2010 Cullen Bunn Nm Sold Out Nbc Tv Show Rare

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The Sixth Gun Oni #1 2010 Cullen Bunn Nm Sold Out Nbc Tv Show Rare:

The rare 1st printing of the #1 issue from 3 years ago.

Its way harder to find copies of this book as it went ignored as a back issue for quite a while. Much harder to find than the current Hot Image titles.

The original print was only 4800 copies for all of North America three years ago. That is the same print run as Peter Panzerfaust #1 and rarer than Walking Dead #1.

A new prime time NBC TV series is in the works which will cause demand for this book to skyrocket.

This is a beautiful unread copy. It is a VF/NM copy - the only noticeable defects are a few light stress lines along spine.

This book is the first appearance of 10 major characters to appear in the TV series.

The Sixth Gunis an ongoing, monthly comic book series created byCullen Bunn&Brian Hurttand published byOni Press. The book was initially released in print in May, 2010 with the release of The Sixth Gun #1 FCBD Comic Book (upper photo) as part of the 2010 Free Comic Book Day Giveaway to the public (Free). On the heels of its initial success, two months later on July 13, 2010 the comic book was formally followed with the release of The Sixth Gun #1 retail version (lower photo) ($3.99) which featured the addition of unique cover artwork by Oni Press artist Brian Hurtt and the same story written by Cullen Bunn as initially released within The Sixth Gun #1 free comic book giveaway.

[edit]The Sixth Gun takes place in the old west, shortly after the end of the Civil War. The story centers around a set of six pistols, each imbued with dark powers. The wielder of each pistol gains an ability unique to that weapon, and is tied to the pistol until his or her death. The guns are numbered, with the titular Sixth Gun belonging to one of the story's protagonists: Drake Sinclair, a gunfighter with a very pragmatic outlook on the guns. The other main protagonist is Becky Montcrief. The villains of the series include recurring antagonist General Hume, the Knights of Solomon, the Sword of Abraham, and others vying for control of the guns.Shortly after the civil war Drake Sinclair is searching for the Hanging Tree who want Drake to destroy the map that led to the vault that needs to be opened with all six guns, six pistols that imbue different dark powers and the holder is tied to that pistol till death. One gun strikes with the force as a cannon shell, one spreads flames upon its victims, one that kills the victim by spreading a flesh-rotting disease, and one that can call up the spirits of the men and women it has shot down. Meanwhile Becky Montcief is taking care of her dying dad when Drake Sinclair and BillJohn O'Henry break into the house to steal one of the six guns the grandpa possessed. After shooting Becky's grandma BillJohn and Drake take the gun and Becky. Meanwhile four bandits, each wielding one of the six pistols, attack and kill everyone in a monastery to get the "dead man" or Mr. Hume (the previous owner of the guns). At a nearby bar Drake and BillJohn are drinking and gambling away as Widow Hume interrogating Becky about the guns. But after Widow Hume broke the deal of not hurting Becky, Drake Sinclair shot her in the head. Becky now bond with her dads gun is forced to come with Sinclair and BillJohn. But not too soon later the two find out that Widow Hume isn't dead. She runs to the bar and gets her men. While BillJohn holds them off the four bandits and Mr. Hume burst into the bar. After the shoot out between the two groups, BillJohn, Sinclair and Becky are forced to retreat out into the woods. On the road the trio settles down for some shut-eye, bound to get out of this whole mess Becky steals their horse in hopes to set home and live an ordinary life. But is stopped by Will Arcne (the bandit wielding the flame gun). But is it killed by a giant lightning eagle. Meanwhile back at the bad guy's camp bloodthirsty Bill, the Humes, the other two bandits, and their army of spirits find Becky accidentally wander into there camp. BillJohn and Sinclair stumble upon Will Arcne's body, take his flame gun, and follow Becky's trail. Back at the camp Becky is held hostage but is saved by the lightning bird. As Mr. and Mrs. Hume realize there army is being destroyed by the giant beast, bloodthirsty Bill tries to kill Becky, but she is saved by BillJohn and Sinclair. Drake Sinclair sets bloodthirsty Bill on fire as the three escape. With the bad guys still fighting the giant Thunder Bird try to kill it. But bloodthirsty Bill (sill alive just badly burnt) uses his gun with the force of a cannon to slay the beast. The next day Drake Sinclair, BillJohn, and Becky set up a trap for one of the bandits, it works and the bandit is killed. Sinclair uses his gun to shoot the spirits and make them his own army.

NBChas recently ordered a pilot based on the comic. actressLaura Ramseyis cast as Becky Montcrief.[6]Also cast in the series areW. Earl Brownplaying General Hume,Graham McTavishin the role of Silas Hedgepeth andAldis Hodgeas Agent Mercer[7]andMichiel Huismanas Drake Sinclair.[8]Michiel Huismanhas been cast as Drake Sinclair, the second main character who is described as "a rogue gunslinger and handsome bastard."Pedro Pascalwill play Special Agent Ortega, "the younger of the two Pinkerton detectives who must follow Agent Mercer’s lead",James LeGroswill play BillJohn O’Henry, a gunslinger and friend of Drake Sinclair's, described as "a mysterious man who holds a wealth of knowledge about the supernatural, as well as four of the six guns" andChin Hanwill play Chow, a “brilliant Machiavellian schemer”.[9]Elena Satinewill play the “widow” Missy Hume. The character is described as "a powerful Madame who runs the town of Brimstone kept unnaturally youthful by being in possession of the Fifth Gun. A cold stunningly beautiful woman of great cunning, she is unafraid to use whatever means to collect all Six Guns for her own dark purposes."[10]

[edit]First Appearances In The Sixth Gun Comic Book

Characters, Enemies And Other Important Story Elements Categorized By Specific Issue #.

(This list includes both MAIN characters, supporting characters, as well as those that may have only appeared for a single comic book issue). Individual character deaths are NOT noted. Important characters are noted as such.

NOTE:The list enumerates the FIRST APPEARANCES of each character irrespective of whether the character is introduced by NAME or not. Example: If a notable character is first fully (visually) displayed in Issue #8, yet the character's name is revealed in a subsequent issue - for example Issue #9, the First Appearance of that character is considered to be the earliest Issue drawn in (Issue #8 in this case).


(The Following 1st Appearances Are Both Seen In Each Of The SIXTH GUN #1 Free Comic Book version and additionally in the SIXTH GUN #1 $3.99 Retail version:

Becky Montcrief (The CO-Lead Main Character) (VERY IMPORTANT CHARACTER)

Drake Sinclair (The CO-Lead Main Character) (VERY IMPORTANT CHARACTER)

General Oliander Bedford Hume (VERY IMPORTANT CHARACTER)

Missy Hume (General Oliander Bedford Hume's Widow) (VERY IMPORTANT CHARACTER)

Mr. Mercer (Pinkerton Detective Agency) (IMPORTANT CHARACTER)

Mr. Faulkner (Pinkerton Detective Agency) (IMPORTANT CHARACTER)


bloodthirsty Bill (IMPORTANT CHARACTER)

Silas "Bitter Ridge" Hedgepeth (IMPORTANT CHARACTER)


Reverend Von Allen (Becky Montcrief's Stepfather. AKA: "Pa")

Father Arturo (Death)

NOTE:(The Spirits of the Tree first appeared in the #1 issue. However, they are thus far nameless souls in the story).

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The Sixth Gun Oni #1 2010 Cullen Bunn Nm Sold Out Nbc Tv Show Rare:

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