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March 29th, 2015
Palm Sunday

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Seward's Day

March 31st, 2015
César Chávez Day

April 2nd, 2015
World Autism Awareness Day

April 2nd, 2015
Maundy Thursday

April 2nd, 2015
Pascua Florida Day

April 3rd, 2015
Good Friday

April 4th, 2015
Holy Saturday

April 4th, 2015
First day of Passover

April 4th, 2015
United Nations' Mine Awareness Day

April 5th, 2015
Easter Sunday

April 6th, 2015
Easter Monday

April 7th, 2015
United Nations' World Health Day

April 7th, 2015
Day to Remember Rwanda Genocide Victims

April 10th, 2015
Orthodox Good Friday

April 11th, 2015
Last day of Passover

April 11th, 2015
Orthodox Holy Saturday

April 12th, 2015
Orthodox Easter

April 12th, 2015
International Day of Human Space Flight

April 13th, 2015
Orthodox Easter Monday

April 15th, 2015
Father Damien Day

April 15th, 2015
Tax Day

April 16th, 2015
Emancipation Day

April 16th, 2015
Yom HaShoah

April 20th, 2015
Patriot's Day

April 21st, 2015
San Jacinto Day

April 22nd, 2015
Earth Day

April 22nd, 2015
Oklahoma Day

April 22nd, 2015
Administrative Professionals Day

April 23rd, 2015
Yom HaAtzmaut

April 23rd, 2015
World Book and Copyright Day

April 24th, 2015
Arbor Day

April 25th, 2015
World Malaria Day

April 26th, 2015
World Intellectual Property Day

April 27th, 2015
Confederate Memorial Day

April 28th, 2015
World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 29th, 2015
Day to Remember Chemical Warfare Victims



Theodore Roosevelt - Naval Appointment Signed 08/08/1903 With Co-signers For Sale

Theodore Roosevelt - Naval Appointment Signed 08/08/1903 With Co-signers

Alfred Grunwell's appointment as Surgeon in the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
Partly Printed DS: "Theodore Roosevelt" as 26th President and "Charles H. Darling" as Acting Secretary of the Navy, 1p, 15½x19½. Washington, 1902 January 20. On vellum. In part: "Know Ye, that reposing special Trust and Confidence in the Patriotism, Valour, Fidelity and Abilities of Alfred G. Grunwell, I have nominated and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, do appoint him a Surgeon in the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant Commander from the 20th day of June 1903 in the service of the United States. He is therefore carefully and diligently, to discharge the Duties of a Surgeon by doing and performing all Manner of Things thereto belonging...." Naval vignettes at top and bottom. 2¼-inch diameter blue seal at bottom. ROOSEVELT (1858-1919, born in New York City) is one of America's most well-known and flamboyant presidents. Roosevelt's heroism in the Spanish-American War, where he earned the Medal of Honor for leading his volunteer "Rough Riders" in a charge up San Juan Hill (1898), helped him win the governorship of New York the next year. Elected Vice President in 1900, Roosevelt assumed the presidency upon President William McKinley's assassination (1901), becoming America's youngest president. He was re-elected in 1904. Roosevelt was the first American to win a Nobel Prize for Peace, receiving the 1906 award for mediating the end of the Russo-Japanese War. Known for his "Speak softly and carry a big stick" foreign policy, Roosevelt settled the Canadian-Alaskan boundary dispute in 1903 and initiated construction of the Panama Canal in 1904. He converted more than 125 million acres of land into national forests and was a staunch advocate of antitrust legislation. After failing to secure the Republican nomination, he run as the Progressive ("Bull Moose") candidate in the famous presidential contest of 1912. He lost to Democrat Woodrow Wilson but securing more votes than incumbent William Howard Taft, becoming the most successful third-party candidate in recent United States history as of this biography. Folds do not touch signatures. Lightly creased. Overall, fine condition.

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Theodore Roosevelt - Naval Appointment Signed 08/08/1903 With Co-signers

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Theodore Roosevelt - Naval Appointment Signed 08/08/1903 With Co-signers:

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