Tp Tools 960-t Skat Sand Blaster Sandblast Cabinet

Tp Tools 960-t Skat Sand Blaster Sandblast Cabinet

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Tp Tools 960-t Skat Sand Blaster Sandblast Cabinet:

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TP Tools 960-T Skat Sand Blaster Sandblast Cabinet

w/vac, trigger gun, 50lbs abrasive, USA. FREE Ship East


Compare ... Skat Blast is the BEST BUY, MADE IN USA for over 25 Years!

How Skat Blast Cabinets work: Skat Blast Cabinets are always ready. Leave the cabinet hooked up to your air supply, so it is ready for operation at a moment's notice (no air or abrasive is used until you need it). Easy to use! Simply add abrasive to Skat Blast Cabinet by pouring it through side or top-load door, depending on model. Each time power gun is activated, rust, paint, and corrosion are removed FAST, leaving a beautiful satin finish. Abrasive drops to funnel bottom where it automatically recycles into pickup tube and up to power gun. Vacuum system (included with most models) or Dust Collector provides excellent visibility within the cabinet. Cabinet includes full instructions and hookup charts. FREE Technical Help - Call 1-800-321-9260.

Skat Blast Cabinets remove rust, paint, and scale FAST! That's because our made-in-USA operating system consists ofa "high velocity", dual pickup tube with controlled openings to provide more power and eliminate "surging" during operation. You get a smooth, even flow of abrasive to the gun at all times.Our USA-madepower gun has larger, direct air passages, resulting in better suction and blast. In addition, the inner nozzle holder has a cased-hardened insert for long life. Clean fuel pumps, manifolds, air cleaners, wheels, carburetors, interior and under-the-hood parts, hinges, nuts, bolts, screws, springs, A-frames, control arms, oil pans, valve covers, intakes, pistons, valves, fenders - the list is endless! Can be used for heavy rust and scale or for delicate jobs, such as etching glass, redwood signs, or special applications.

Superior Performance! From its no-surge pickup tube system to its high-velocity power gun, funnel angle, door seal, even how the lens and gloves are held in place (molded holders don't leak), Skat Blast provides a well-built, trouble-free, simply stated, better cabinet! Over 25 years experiencemanufacturing cabinets in the USA!

Skat Blast Cabinets: built to last, FULLY ASSEMBLED, and ready for hookup to your compressor. Beware of the word "kit" or "import". What you usuallyget is a knock-down unit: steel panels, rivets, nuts, bolts, hinges, caulking, and you literally build the unit yourself! (Imports often use a converted blow gun as a blasting gunand other components which aren't nearly as efficient.) A Skat Blast Cabinet is a better investment. Preferred by restoration shops, home restorers, and weekend warriors, a Skat Blast Cabinet is sure to be your favorite too. Hobbyists all over the US tell us they don't know how they managed without one!

(People use the terms sandblast cabinets, sandblasters, and sandblasting cabinets when referring to these machines. However, we do not recommend the use of silica or any type of sand in our abrasive blaster cabinets.)

TP Tools and Skat Blast
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960-T PRO TRIG-BLAST - 46"W, 28"D, 28"H Work Area

Same proven Blast Cabinet as our famous 960 Pro Blaster, but with trigger gun operation.

Easy to use: just insert part through side-loading door and pull trigger. Power gun with full hand trigger lets you "feather" the blast for special applications or use "full blast" for heavy rust removal. Removes rust, paint, and scale to bare metal FAST!
Cleans air cleaners, headlights, taillights, fuel pumps, carburetors, manifolds, interior and under-the-hood parts, wheels, springs, hinges, motors, pistons, valves, cylinder heads, and more! Can also be used to etch glass or blast designs in wood. Large 46'' wide work area accommodates almost any auto or truck component, mirror, glass, sign, etc., with room to spare!

960-T Pro Trig-Blast Skat Blast Cabinet Includes:

  • Powerful Vac-40 Vacuum to remove dust as you blast
  • S-25 Trigger-Operated Power Gun
  • Three medium steel nozzles and one air jet
  • 7 ft air hose from gun to your air supply
  • Tempered Glass Lens, 12'' x 24'' x 3/16'' with inner lens protector
  • 28" double-strength cabinet gloves
  • 50 lbs fast-cutting Skat Magic Abrasive
  • Continual automatic abrasive recycling system
  • Right-hand side loading door, full-size 11 gauge steel
  • Strong 11-20 gauge USA steel construction
  • Expanded metal screen holds objects up to 200 lbs
  • Adjustable 120 watt flood lamp assembly
  • Quick-change trap door for fast abrasive changes.

Why chance lost or damaged parts? You can have full control of your parts and pay for your cabinet on the very first restoration!

SPECIFICATIONS: Overall size - 48'' wide, 30" deep, 64-1/2'' high. Work area - 46'' wide, 28'' deep, 28'' high. 11 gauge steel door with angle iron framework, 20 ga steel body. Abrasive continually recycles from bottom hopper onto workpiece, so you don't have to stop to reload. Requires 10-15 cfm @ 80 psi air supply (7 cfm with small nozzle/jet setup, extra cost). 125 psi max. 5 ft vac hose and Vac-40 Vacuum System with powerful brush-type 115 volt motor pulls 80-90 cfm. FULLY ASSEMBLED. Crate size: 56" wide, 34" deep, 70" high. Ship wt 400 lbs. Made in USA.

90-Day Trial, 5-Year Limited Warranty - Try this cabinet in your shop for 90 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund or credit, less freight charges. Cabinet and power gun carry a full 5-year warranty. Wear items such as nozzles, air jets, lens, gun suction head, hose, etc., are not guaranteed. Vacuum motor is guaranteed for 90 days from date of purchase. (Note - not all cabinets include a vacuum - see listing description above.)

For commercial or shop use, or if you plan on using your cabinet more than an hour a day, we recommend our 176-DC Dust Collector instead of Vac-40 Vacuum. Call 1-800-321-9260 for additional information or upgrade cost.

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This Cabinet can be picked up at our Canfield, OH showroom to save the shipping cost. (Plus OH Sales Tax.)

Tp Tools 960-t Skat Sand Blaster Sandblast Cabinet:

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