Trireme 42" Xl Museum Greek Wooden Model Viking Ship

Trireme 42

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Trireme 42" Xl Museum Greek Wooden Model Viking Ship:

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( Ancient Greek TriremeWarship)

* Retail price is over $1500

The Gorgeous42 inch Large ScalePlank on Framevery weightless ship BR NEW

You are offerdinga most beautiful scratch builttruly museum quality "Ancient greek Trireme"ship. Please carefully view all the photos and seefrom all anglesthe details of this beautiful model -- you willtruly beamazed by our quality and craftmanship!It is an extremely accurate museum quality piece! Good luck offerding and you will appreciate and enjoy the nice job we've done for you.

Detail of this ship:

RealAdvanced Levelmuseumquality,42 inch Large scalePlank on Framevery weightless shipthe observance of the scale is so scrupulous that the quantity of the strips!

Dimensions: 42" (L) x 16" (W) x 18" (H)

Scale: 1:30

+Authentic replica with accurate scaled measurements

+ Plank on Frame very weightless ship

+ Finequality woods including teak, black wood, rosewood and light ebony

+ Light canvas and lightly waxed rigging. Magnificently handcrafted deck details and superb hand carvings on stern

+ High quality hard wood base with strong man holders

( How the ship was built )

100% Scratch Built (NOT A KIT)

The''Ancient Greek Trireme " model is a scratch built 1:35 scale model of the historic Greek warship. It pays particular attention to the historical accuracy. This excellent museum quality piece is made of thousand pieces of highest-grade rosewood and material and is handcrafted by the master builders. The model has a high collectible value, and is extremely decorative also. With a market price of more than $1500, we guarantee you receive the best value. You will be amazed by the extraordinary quality and beauty of this wonderful piece of art work! For more models and information, please view our other items.

About the Greek Trireme:

Bireme was a warship, that many times people used it as cargo ship as well. It was a very weightless ship. The ingenuity of this ship was that it gathered more oarsmen, in contradiction with the other ships of that period, having as a result to increase its propulsive strength, without proportionally having to increase its length. This was accomplished by putting the oarsmen in three overlying or successive series, instead of one, like happened with triakontorous and pentikontorous.The ship’s draught (from the water-line to the keel) was minimum so it could move with comfort to the shallow while at the same time it could hauled up the beach every night. Its shape, which was long and thin (35-40 m on 6 m approximately), enabled it to sail at 6 knots an hour (1 knot= 1852 m) and be agile. The crew was consisted of 200 men: the Captain, 10 dignitaries, 2 archers-bowmen, 14 soldiers, and 170 oarsmen. It is calculated that the bireme’s weight along with the crew, was 50 tones, as the ballast’s weight, which helped to the balance of the ship. The basic moves inside the ship were the rowing, the rise, and the taking down the sail, the weigh or the drop of the anchor with a special team-composed with a few people-just in case. Essential, of course, like the others, but more impressive was the regulation of the rowing. That happened from the petty officer commander of the heretic, which gave the order for the setting off and the pause. One ore two flute-players helped him out, that were named triravloi keeping the rhythm with the flute or the chant. In some cases, in view of the enemy, the flute-players were using one pair of stone krotala so that the orders weren' t confused neither with the petty officer’s orders nor with the voice chanting or the sound of the flutes.The trireme ship was made of fir-tree, so that the ship could be light. The keel, though, the beam that reaches - from stem to stern, the “vertebral column of the ship”, it was made of oak so it could last longer. The mast that supported the square-shaped cloth, it was lowered at the bridge when the ship fell foul of with other enemy ships. The ropes that held the mast were made of cannabis or papyrus and were spread with tar, so they will not easily rot, while pieces of skin ensured the water-tightness in various parts of the ship. In each side of the stern there were to oars-helms, which were used to give the correct direction to the ship. The stern ended to the akrostolio, decorative element with 4 or 5 curved axis, like a fan. The ancients wanted the ship to look like a sea monster. The akrostolio was the tail that came out of the sea. At the bow it was painted an eye, with symbolic meaning. It protected the course and kept away the bad spirits, which could put into danger the voyage, little further a bronze ram stuck out of the anterior part as a strengthening of the bow. It was used to cause breaches to enemy ships in naval battles, breaches that usually turned out to be fatal.

Packing: Professionally packaged 100% secure. The ship model is packed in double carton box outside for maximum protection.


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Packing: Professionally packaged 100% secure. The ship model is packed in double carton box outside for maximum protection.

Thank you!

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No assembly required

100% Scratch Built

Enjoy the beautiful ship

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Trireme 42" Xl Museum Greek Wooden Model Viking Ship:

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