Tron Style Aqua Motorcycle Wheel Rim Light Kit (not Reflective Tape) By Rhok

Tron Style Aqua  Motorcycle Wheel  Rim Light Kit  (not Reflective Tape) By Rhok

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Tron Style Aqua Motorcycle Wheel Rim Light Kit (not Reflective Tape) By Rhok:


This is for a AQUA KIT FOR A 17 INCH DIAMETER WHEELTHESE KITS ARE NOT LED VALVE CAPS THAT LOOK CHEAP AND USUALLY DONT WORK Now available from RHOK Industries these awesome MOLTEN RHOK motorcycle wheel illumination kits These kits are much better than normal rim tape or reflective rim tape - they glow constantly at night whether or not there is light shining on them. These kits GLOW not reflect. The kits come complete with everything needed to install and wire up and also comprehensive instructions and wiring diagram THE KIT DOES BOTH WHEELS BOTH SIDES
these kits will not affect the balance of your wheels or cause any drain on your electrical system there will not be any wires on your wheels The kits will take about 1 to 2 hours to install and can be done by anyone with a basic mechanical and electrical knowledge There is no soldering required and you will only need basic tools like screwdrivers, spanners, pliers and a sharp safety knife or scissors Be safe and be seen at night-time Add some unique bling to your bike Available in 17 inch and 16 inch standard rim sizes - contact us if you have requirements for a different size diameter wheel or if you have 2 different wheel sizes on your bike

International customers please note the following - although we post the item within 24 hours of receiving your order and we use traceable registered airmail delays can occur in delivery due to flight times leaving Australia as well as due to customs and postal services in your country - we have experienced 14 day delivery times because of this. We apologise for the delay but this is beyond our control.Colours available are as follows in order of brightness most bright to least bright Day time colour / Night time colour Light Green / Green
Off white / Aqua
Yellow / Yellow
Orange / Orange
Blue / BlueIS IT LEGAL ?
We do not offer legal advice or make any claims however below is the ADR regulations concerning lights on vehicles - please read it and make your own decision.

The following is not legal advice but rather supplied as information only

The regulations ( ADR ‘s) in Australia state as follows

Taken from
National Transport Commission (Road Transport Legislation — Vehicle Standards) Regulations 20061 AUSTRALIA


Division 19 Other lights, reflectors, rear marking plates or signals
118 Other lights and reflectors
(1) In this rule:
exempt vehicle means:
(a) a police vehicle; or
(b) an emergency vehicle; or
(c) a transport enforcement vehicle; or
(d) an Australian Protective Service vehicle; or
(e) an Australian Customs Service vehicle; or
(f) an Airservices Australia vehicle.
special use vehicle means:
(a) a vehicle built or fitted for use in hazardous situations on a road; or
(b) a vehicle, or combination, that because of its dimensions is permitted to be driven on a road only in accordance with a notice or permit issued under a law of this jurisdiction; or
(c) a vehicle built or fitted to accompany a vehicle, or combination, mentioned in paragraph (b); or
(d) a bus fitted, before July 1999, with a sign telling road users that the bus carries children.
Examples of special use vehicles to which paragraph (a) applies
1. Tow trucks.
2. Vehicle breakdown service vehicles.
(2) A vehicle may be fitted with any light or reflector not mentioned in the Vehicle Standards.
(3) However, unless subrule (4) applies, a vehicle must not display:
(a) a light that flashes; or
(b) a light or reflector that:
(i) shows a red light to the front; or
(ii) shows a white light to the rear; or
(iii) is shaped or located in a way that reduces the effectiveness of a light or reflector that is required to be fitted to the vehicle under the Vehicle Standards.
(4) Despite any requirement of a third edition ADR, an exempt vehicle may be fitted with any light or reflector, and a special use vehicle may be fitted with 1 or more flashing yellow lights.

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Tron Style Aqua Motorcycle Wheel Rim Light Kit (not Reflective Tape) By Rhok:

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