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Two-fisted Tales #28, Ec Comics 1952, For Sale

Two-fisted Tales #28, Ec Comics 1952,

July - Aug 1952

CONDITION: Cover has excellent color and good gloss. Front cover top and bottom edges are very sharp, outer edge has a handful of tears, some with small folds, the largest tear being 1" long. Outer corners are pretty sharp, spine corners are slightly rounded. Back cover has a 1" tear at bottom spine, a small outer corner fold and a tiny tear at the outer edge. Spine is tightly folded but has some roll, (4) tiny tears that go through the book, and small tears at the staples. At the top inner corner of the book (see the letter "T" in Two) there is an impact mark where something small andcircular pressed hard against the back cover. This passes through covers and all pages and has caused small tears on some. It's been pressed back in and is now hard to see, but can be felt as a bump. The centerfold and pages are tightly attached, cover is just starting to pull because of tears at staples. Pages have sharp corners, but some pages have tiny tears at outer edges. Last page has a 1/4" tear that's folded back. Pages are a bright cream (OWL 8).

NOTE: Because grading is so subjective, and because grading number and letter scales are so arbitrary, I no longer assign grades to my comics. Instead, I list all the defects that I see, to allow YOU to assign the book the grade you think it deserves. This lets you set your own value on the book, giving you full control over your offerding and buying. If you buy a comic from me and, upon receipt, feel that its condition has been misrepresented, I offer a full money back return policy.

Free Shipping by USPS Mail to USA only.
Payment must be made within 3 days by PayPal only. Contact me if you plan to buy more items over the course of more than 3 days.
Return for full refund within 14 days of receipt if the Post Office damages it in shipping.

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Two-fisted Tales #28, Ec Comics 1952,

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Two-fisted Tales #28, Ec Comics 1952, :

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