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Two Original Harley German Steins Numbered Limited Editions Birth Of A Legend For Sale

Two Original Harley German Steins Numbered Limited Editions Birth Of A Legend

    This sale includes both steins as shown. Limited Edition Harley GermanSteins" Birth of a Legend"- # 99712-94Z and # 99282-94Z- Both including the original boxes and numbered certificatesof authenticity-showing #490 and # 0774. Great collectibles- both are still in very nice condition,andI do not see any damage.
    Some of these collectible items have been in storage,some on display,some never removed from the box until now. I will state any damage that I see,but please keep in mind that there may be some expected dust/dirt/discoloration from age/storage/handling. I do not know specific details about which ones are supposed to have special certificates,packaging,labels,etc. The sale includes only what is shown and described- sorry if something is missing,but if it is not shown,then it is not included.
    I have a lot of old collectibles,memorablia,parts,etc. that I sell on regularly. I really appreciate your business,but please do not ask me for specific items- I do not sell off and I do not have any type of inventory list.
  • Sorry folks,I'm not going to take measurements ortry to any promises of "condition"with parts that are this old.To avoid argument,just plan on doing whatever thatis normally advised with old used parts. I don'ttryto give every possible detailor describe every inch of these old parts. Some have been stored carefully for a long time,butmany arestill old and dirty with expected discoloration,nicks and scuffs- possibly need for repair/restoration.I will state any obvious damage that I see,but I can't garantee might offer my opinionabout these parts,but I can't give refunds forstuff this title does not promise exact fitment-sometimes just guessing. No tricks-just don't know how else tolist something if I don't know for sure what it is. The numbers sometimes at the end of the title are my inventory numbers.

    No Buy it Now
    No Trades,No haggling or off- "deal making" and I prefer not to end sales early.
  • I do not represent any dealership or aftermarket parts company and cannot offer warranty or refunds -no returns.

      • Combined shipping- I don't get a "deal" from USPS. Iam charged for the actual weight/size of these packages just like everybody else,butI will pay some to show appreciation for multiple purchases. Maybe not a huge savings,but should help a little. If you purchase multiple items,please wait for me to send you an invoice with discounted total. I will discount shipping for multiple purchases on sales ending within 48 hours. Not being pushy about payment- just gets really confusing trying to keep up with buyers wanting to run a tab for a week at a time.

      • Shipping- PLEASE READ- I usually do pretty good getting things shipped within 5 days of receiving payment. Folks,this does not mean that it will arrive in 5 days. Please don't start your stopwatches,and please don't start sending "where's my package" emails before doing the math. Priority Mail is pretty dependable for 3-4 day delivery,but if you choose Parcel Post,it could take 7-10 days for delivery,after the 5 days I allow myself for getting it to the post office. This process can sometimes take up to 2 weeks. There are no extra or hidden handling fees.To keep up with shipping schedule,parts are already packaged for shipping. I will not be able to answer special requests for specific

      • Please read EVERYTHING before offerding-THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. Sorry for the long blah,blah,blah disclaimer but since I've been selling on ,I've discovered that there are many sensitive,sometimes childish,and even dishonest people out there. I'm writing all this stuff to let you know up front,so there is no room for hurt feelings or disappointment.
        Some sellers might try to get rich on their one and only prized possession that they've kept under their pillow for 20 years. I've got tons of old parts,and get more regularly. I'm not desperate to try and squeeze every penny possible out of one crappy little part,therefore,I have no need to give a deceptive description or wordy sales pitch to try and make everything sound like a diamond.

        I apologize for the lack of detailed description. Not trying to be rude or purposely vague like some other sellers,but to be honest,I just don't have time to write a history book,or answer a zillion questions. I don't know what half this junk fits anyway. Pleeeease don't bomb me with questions like "Will it fit my 1963 ELULFLHVLFXWRXLHCHKWLD
        Some of this stuff is very rare and in really nice shape for it's age,but some might consider it junk. I can't possibly please everyone with my opinion of "condition". There is no such thing as a perfect used part,especially if it is as old as some of these. I will state any noticeable flaw that I see,but I'm not holding it under a spotlight at 16 different angles. There is also a chance that there is a flaw that I have missed. Sometimes I'm in a hurry,and sometimes I don't always know where to look for the most common defects. Maybe even something you find after cleaning more thoroughly,but STILL No Refunds. Again,not trying to screw anyone,but my x-ray vision is getting a little rusty these days.
        Some parts are broken,but maybe still worth fixing/restoring. I don't spend hours polishing or inspecting with a magnifying glass. I'm basically just blowing the dust off,wiping the goop off,and listing as is. Not going to argue about the difference in the meaning of "ding". I don't use tricky wording to fool anyone,but I can't possibly know everyones perception of these words.
      • I prefer not to promise specific fitments. If you buy a part and find out that it does not fit,or is not in the condition the you "assumed",I'm genuinely sorry,but also giving you plenty of warning and explanation. I am not an expert,machinist,trained mechaninc,or Harley historian. I don't have the knowledge or the time to list exact year/model fitments,take measurements,look up part numbers,etc. Please keep in mind that Harleys cast/stamped numbers are not always the same as the actual part number,even though they appear very similar.

        I realize that some of these parts can be very rare and expensive. Again,my apologies for having little knowledge or time to give more detail,but I don't always know how to tell a reproduction part from an original. I know this is very important,but hopefully you will recognize it from the pictures. I cannot offer refunds,so please look closely before offerding.

        I do not have a shop open for public viewing. Please do not ask if I have specific parts. I have tons of this old stuff,and will be listing it as I can get to it. I've owned Harleys for 30 years,and don't even remember what all I have until I open the next box. I've stored some of these parts for many years-some came from my own bikes,swap meets,shop buy-outs,and some from other friends collections,but I can't remember where I got each and every part or what bike it came off of. Some have already been stripped,blasted,welded,or maybe in the process of being fixed,then set aside unfinished. Sorry,but I have no way of knowing the specific history of each part.

        I know,I know-Everyone's motorcycle is a "show bike"-Please don't offer on used parts if you need something flawless. My idea of "good" might be "bad" to you. I will not waste time with a zillion emails arguing and listening to threats of bad response,or playing word games. First of all,I don't care about bad response. Write whatever you want. The liars and idiots always stand out like a sore thumb anyway. I think the response system could be a good thing,but is abused regularly by crybabies wanting to throw a temper tantrum.

        I'm just one person selling parts. I do not have a "shipping department" with a hundred little elves. I'm not a professional photographer. I don't have a team of computer experts and I still type with 2 fingers. I make mistakes and get behind schedule sometimes,but as you can see from my response,most buyers are pleased,and I'm willing to work out differences if necessary. I don't sit at the computer 24 hours a day just waiting to answer your needs,and I don't run the the post office the minute your payment shows up,so please take this into consideration if I'm a little late replying emails or shipping.

        Sorry,I don't give out my phone number. Most of the time people just want to call to try and talk me into ending the sale early,or "work out a deal"- usually ends up with hearing your life story andthe cool chopper you had "back in the day",or everything you're "going to do" to your bike. I'm notreally as big of a butthead as it might sound,but I sell on to get the best price without having to go through all that just that after over 10 years selling on ,I simply don't have the time or patience for long conversations and emails anymore. is open to the whole world 24 hrs an day,7 days a week,and I get loads of emails daily. Actually,I would probably enjoy chatting with most of you,but it's just not possible.

    Two Original Harley German Steins Numbered Limited Editions Birth Of A Legend

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    Two Original Harley German Steins Numbered Limited Editions Birth Of A Legend:

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