Tagliamonte Pendant*bronze W/bk Rhodium&22k Plate 46mm Cameo~cupid~now 25% Off

Tagliamonte Pendant*bronze W/bk Rhodium&22k Plate 46mm Cameo~cupid~now 25% Off

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Tagliamonte Pendant*bronze W/bk Rhodium&22k Plate 46mm Cameo~cupid~now 25% Off:

I will be away from November 24th through December 15th.

If you wish to make any purchases, please do so no later than Friday November 22nd.

Payment must be made no later than Friday November 22nd as well, so that I may get your package mailed by Saturday November 23rd.

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WELCOME to my TAGLIAMONTE sale, a visit into Antiquities

Tagliamonte admirers and collectors, I am pleased to have the opportunity to offer you thiswonderful Jewelry for your consideration.


I have been aTagliamonte Collector for more thanfourteen years, andhave beenhighly honored by Tagliamonte to sell their rare and unique Jewels since the Summer of 2008.

These pieces are NEW, and are shipped directly to us from Tagliamonte Italy.

What you will receive,if youwin this sale, will be a genuineTagliamonte highly collectible piece of Jewelry. Tagliamonte uses the precious metals of Sterling Silver 925, 14K and 18K Solid Gold, andhave recently added anewline of Bronze jewels as well. Some of their pieces incorporate "mixed metals". The mixed metals are Sterling Silver "teamed" with either solid gold or bronze. We now offer many of our jewels in Sterling Silver or Bronze with either 18K or 22K Rose or Yellow GoldPlating, and with Black Rhodium Plating as well.

I will always statethe metal content on my sales, so you will be assured of exactly what you are offerding on.

Tagliamonte jewelry is made usingANCIENT molds and Venetian Glass, (or/Lava/or/Porcelain/or/Embossed Gold,Silver or Bronze), and GENUINE Gemstones. These pieces are NOT "stamped out" as many of the other manufacturers products are, but are completely handmade.

They areTruly

Beautiful works of *** The Story behind TAGLIAMONTE Cameos***

Nino and Lorena Tagliamonte, with two Venetian Artists,spent more than five years researching archaeological and ancient Roman Glass processing techniques. After numerous attempts, they rediscovered and successfully experimented with original Roman blending, processing and casting methods.

They successfully renewed the Italian Jewelry Heritage that had been lost for many centuries, and brought back a manufacturing style as old as Mesopotamia. During this process, they recovered and collected a vast number of ANCIENT molds, (over 3,000.... some as old as before the time of Christ), of classical Greek/Roman Mythological micro sculptures, from antique shops all over the world. These became the main source of inspiration in creating and designing exclusive jewelry pieces. The company can produce Venice Cameo Gems identical to the antique originals by following the Roman manual processing patterns and formulas. The cameos are available in a variety of colors, though each is hand wrought with incandescent glass and the exact color is established only when cooled.

Today, TAGLIAMONTEcan be considered the only manufacturer in the world for this kind of stone, Genuine Venetian Cameos..

Each piece in the collection, is a handmade work of Art and Pure Beauty. The designs feature expertly carved Venetian Cameos, and Embossed 14K and 18K Gold Medallions that evoke images from a distant past, a kind of seduction that belongs to another age.

The Tagliamonte CLASSIC Collection:

Collectables from our distant past with magical transparencies to suit your style. This collection is perhaps the most recognized of all of our collections. It features Venetian Cameos made from original Classical Matrixes, Ancient Micro-Sculptures. Hellenic mythological Gods, Medusas, Warriors, Bacchantes, Satyrs, Virgins and Cherubs, produced in their original splendor continue to live through these jewels.

The TagliamonteMARINA Collection:

Cool transparent emotions from a precious uncontaminated world. This collectionwas born fromNino and Lorena Tagliamonte'sloveof the Ocean andit's Wondrous Creatures. The pieces are composed of Venetian glass symbolic elements of naturalistic inspiration,which Nino has revived and reinterpreted in delicate pastel colors.

style="text-align:center" align="center">The Tagliamonte AMORINI Collection:

Cupid, Eros, Anteros, generators of vital movement: passion, Love and Sentiment.
The collection was dedicated to CUPID, EROS and Anteros, symbols that represent the principle that keeps the world pulsing with vital movement and is the motor of the universe. Cupid generates passion, Eros embodies the universal desires that gave origin to the world. Anteros is the symbol of spiritual love. The amorini are inspired by decorative elements on 18th century jewels. The amorini are surrounded by a hand molded Venetian glass frame in pastel translucent colors and backset with mother of pearl which creates a rich, opulent but delicate sensation. They are enhanced by small diamonds placed on the decorative swirls surrounding the figures.

The Tagliamonte MICRO-MOSAICS Collection:

A sweet memory of those romantic times. Several mosaic techniques have been adapted in Italy to the small size of jewelry, best known among them are the so-called Roman micro mosaics. Our Venetian micro mosaics are labor intensive compositions where infinitely small closely set elements are used to create exclusive jewels that are part of the Italian heritage.

The Tagliamonte BOTTICELLI Collection:

Dedicated to the painter and the dreamers of Italian art.This collection represents a revolution in the history of the TAGLIAMONTE design concept. The transformation consists in an interpretation of a jewel no longer inspired by the classical Greek-Roman mythological repertoire, but by an inspiration generated by Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli and particularly the enigmatic "La Primavera" where a graceful maiden "Flora" represents the gentle spring season and renewal.

The floral motifs in the painting are delicate both in form and color tones and are said to be invigorated by "Zephyr's" light refreshing breeze. The light metal structure, the evolutions and swirls that support buds and flowers in Venetian glass miniature sculpting together with pearls and pink tourmalines that softly enhance the scene are artistically assembled to create a romantic feminine mood dedicated to Botticelli and the lovers of his art.

for this Tagliamonte sale:***was $70.00*New Lower Price is 25% OFF***

Item: Bronze with Black Rhodium and 22K Yellow Gold 46mm embossedCUPID Cameo Pendant.

This is a Lovely, and VERYLarge, Pendant. The Cameo is a depiction of ~CUPID~ playing a Harp. The entire pieceis made from BRONZE then plated with Black Rhodium,after whichthe raised figure of CUPID and his harp, as well as the bottom portion of the Cameo, is painted/guilded in 22K Yellow Gold. In the bottom guilded portionis the original artist's name as well.This has a light satin-matte finish with just a tiny bit of polish.The decorative bailis trimmed on both side with a small twisted rope design, and the name TAGLIAMONTEstamped down the center. The bailmeasures approx 5X7mm, inside measurementThis piece has a TAGLIAMONTE signature pierced/cut-out backing, with TE in the center.

Greek god EROS.

EROS (Greek) CUPID or AMOR (Latin name) was the mischievous god of love, a minion and constant companion of the goddess Aphrodite.

The poet Hesiod first represented him as a cosmic who emerged self born at the beginning of time to spur procreation. The same poet later describes two love gods, Eros and Himeros (Desire), accompanying Aphrodite at her birth from the sea-foam. Some classical authors interpreted this to mean they were born of the goddess at her birth, or alongside her in the sea-foam where the pair fluttered around the goddess seated in her floating conch shell.

Later Eros was multiplied by ancient poets and artists into a host of Erotes, commonly called Cupids. Eros, however, remained distinct in myth. It was he who lighted the flame of love in the hearts of the gods and men, armed either with a bow and arrows or a flaming torch.

Eros was often portrayed as a child, the disobedient, but fiercely loyal, son of Aphrodite.

Quantity: 1

Condition: New

Material: Bronze;Black Rhodium and 22K Yellow Gold

Finish:Very light Polish and Satin-Matte Finish/Twisted RopeTextured

Measurements (approx):

Cameo*46mm Round

Pendant*2-7/16"L X 2"W X 5/16"D

Bail*5X7mm (inside measurement)


Weight: approx36.37 grams

Item# T89

Each Tagliamonte sale purchase comes with: Tagliamonte Cleaning Cloth and Romance Card/information booklet.

The Romance Card contains Warranty & valuable care and cleaning information.

All of my Jewelry items will come to you in a gift pouch and/or box.


Payment must be made within2 daysof sale end. I ship USPS Priority, fully insured. All of my sales are shipped in a USPS box, and are packed in a way as to not be harmed during shipping. I feel this is the safestoption for my customers, as well as for myself. I will ship within 2 business days of your "cleared" payment. Please be advised that If your package is valued at or above $200.00, itmay require a signature on delivery.

Please be sure that your address on file with and PayPal is up to date. I am not responsible for incorrect or misdirected mail. If your package should be returned to me, I will notify you, and an additional postage cost to reship will apply.


I will be happy to combine shipping, if possible. Please email me if you are still shopping, and wait for a combined invoice before paying. If you do wish to take advantage of the combined shipping discount, you must pay in one payment. For each additional item, added to the same package and paid for at the same time, shipping will be $2.00.


The international shipping of jewelry, as well as other items that are termed "Valuable Articles", have a set of rules, guidelines and restrictions that must be followed. These rules are set by both Countries (shipping and receiving) involved. The rules include how the items are shipped, and what type of service is required.

The 2 options, that apply for my jewelry sales, are 1) ship in a small flat rate box WITH registered mail, no insurance available, or 2) ship in a small box WITH insurance.The price difference is only an approx $1.00 to $4.00 to have insurance, so this is the way that all of my packages will be shipped: USPS Priority International Insured.

I realize that there are sellers out there who will ship items by cheaper methods to save money. I assure you, if I could do this legally and safely, I would be happy to do so. The rules are the rules and there is a possibility that "penalties" or charges could be filed if you don't aoffere by them. So, I will be aoffering by the rules.

At this time, I am shipping internationally to Australia and Canada ONLY. If you live elsewhere, and would like to make a purchase, please contact me to see about adding your Country to an sale.

The current AVERAGE cost to ship jewelry (in the proper way) to Canada is $35.00, to Australia it is $45.00. I know that this might affect your decision as to whether you will shop with me. I hope this is not the case, as I do not make the rules, just follow them.

CUSTOMS charges/duties:

It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay these. I have no way of knowing what these charges might be,

and can not advise you on this, other than to say you should contact your local CUSTOMS for approx. costs. Please keep this in mind when you purchase items abroad.


I haveGreatresponse, therefore you can trust my descriptions to be as accurate as possible. I hope that this will give you the peace of mind to shop with me. I strive for a 5 Star rating in all categories of Seller response. If after you receive your item, you feel that you can give me a "positive" and5 stars in all categories ofseller response, Iwould greatly appreciate it.


I want you to be pleased with your purchase. Please ask any and all questions, and take advantage ofthe measurements listed and photos posted, BEFORE making your purchase. Refunds will be given ONLY if the item is not as described.Please email me within 24 hours of receipt of your item if you feel that this applies, otherwise the sale will be final. You will need to ship your return back to me so that I will receive it within 14 days, in the same condition as received, with all packaging intact.A refund will be issued upon receipt of the returned item.


I have a smoke-free home, but I DO haveaGREAT DANE living INSIDE my home. If this bothers you, Please don't offer.I have NEVER had a problem/complaint with any of my buyers, still I feel this information shouldbe stated on all my sales.

~~Thank-you for your patronage, and I hope you have a *GREAT* time at my sales ~~

Tagliamonte Pendant*bronze W/bk Rhodium&22k Plate 46mm Cameo~cupid~now 25% Off:

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