The American Civil War 65 Digital War Books In Pdf Format On New Dvd

The American Civil War 65 Digital War Books In Pdf Format On New Dvd

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The American Civil War 65 Digital War Books In Pdf Format On New Dvd:

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'History of The American Civil War'

Sixty Five (65) Digital War Books (PDF eBook Format) Plus and Additional 500 Maps in this Collection

Digitally scanned images of complete original books from the American Civil War on 1"DVD"

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Book #1 100 Great Battles of The Rebellion (1906) A Detailed account of Regiments and Batteries engaged—Casualties, Killed, Wounded and Missing and the Number of Men in Action in each Regiment. (366 Pages) Book #2 A Personal History of the war (1897) Personal Recollections and Experiences in the Confederate Army by an "Old Johnnie" (280 Pages) Book #3 A Bird's-Eye view of our Civil War (1897) The principal military events are herein grouped in such sequence that a careful reading, with the maps before you will yield you a fair knowledge of what modern war is, and what our Civil War was.(348 Pages) Book #4 A Chart History of The Civil War (1905) With numerous shaded maps, showing the progress of the Union Armies in different campaigns and during different years. (117 Pages) Book #5 A Record of Confederate Generals (1897) Giving the States and rank with a full list of Battles and the dates of each. (42 Pages) Book #6 An Alphabetical list of the Battles of the war of the rebellion (1875) Official Records of the offices of The Adjutant- General and the Surgeon-General, USA (81 Pages) Book #7 Battle Fields and Camp Fires (1890) A narrative of the principal military operations on The Civil War From the Removal of McClellan to the Accession of Grant (349 Pages) Book #8 Battles of The Civil War by T E Vineyard (1914) Described in detail the chief points that were enacted in the most important battlefields of the War (154 Pages) Book #9 Brave Deeds of Confederate Soldiers (1916) Details of soldiers who went above and beyond the call of duty (351 Pages) Book #10 Camp and Field (1892) This book is in the nature of a campfire, around which the boys who conquered the great rebellion recount their adventures in Camp and Field. All the sketches herein contained were written by men who participated in the events they narrate. (704 Pages) Book #11 Campaigns of 1862/63 (1863) Illustrating the Principles of Strategy (252 Pages) Book #12 Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac; (1882) A Critical History of Operations in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania from the Commencement to the Close of the War (660 Pages) Book #13 Camp-Fire Sketches and Battle-Field echoes of the rebellion (1887) Neither time, pains, nor expense has been spared in gathering the material for this volume, and it comes fresh from the heart and pen of more than three hundred veteran soldiers of the rank and file, both North and South. (624 Pages) Book #14 Chronicles of The Great Rebellion (1864) This cruel war of brothers—this war against the government of our fathers and the old Flag that waved over us in the past, may soon be succeeded by a lasting peace, and that the wonted prosperity and happiness may long be fully restored (344 Pages) Book #15 Chronological and Alphabetical record of the Engagements of The Great Civil War (1904) Full and Exhaustive Statistics and Tables of the Army and Navy, Military Prisons, National Cemeteries. With the Casualties on Both Sides (211 Pages) Book #16 Chronological summary of Battles and Engagements of the Western Armies (1879) The Confederate States Armies including a Summary of Lt. Gen. Joseph Wheeler's Cavalry Engagements. (99 Pages) Book #17 Churches and Institutions of Learning Destroyed (1912) Destroyed by The United States Military Forces during The Civil War, but not as an act of Military necessity, The Materials having been appropriated and used. (20 Pages) Book #18 Deeds of Daring by both Blue and Gray (1883) Personal Adventure, Exploits of Scouts and Spies, Forlorn Hopes, Heroic Bravery, Patient Endurance, Imprisonments and Hair-Breadth Escapes, Romantic Incidents, Hand to Hand Struggles, Humorous and Tragic Events, Perilous Journeys, Bold Dashes, Brilliant Successes, Magnanimous Actions, etc., on each side of the line. (608 Pages) Book #19 Donelson Campaign Sources (1912) The study of military history along the lines of original
research has become recognized as an essential element in the education of any officer who is to be fitted in time of peace to exercise higher command or perform higher staff duties in time of war. Army Service Schools (244 Pages) Book #20 East Tennessee and The Civil War (1899) To vindicate the course of the Union people of East Tennessee in separating from their friends and kindred in the South, and in adhering to the National Government. Their constancy and fortitude, their trials and sufferings for what they deemed right, have no parallel in the history of this country. (588 Pages) Book #21 Escape from East Tennessee to the Federal Lines (1910) The History, given as nearly as possible, by Captain R. A. Ragan of his individual experiences during the War of the Rebellion (53 Pages) Book #22 Field, Fort and Fleet (1883) Being a series of Brilliant and Authentic Sketches of the most notable Battles of the late Civil War, including many incidents and circumstances never before published in any form. (520 Pages) Book #23 Field, Gunboat, Hospital and Prison (1866) The champions of liberty, no less brave and
patriotic, who battled for the right upon the sanguinary fields of Bull Run, Ball's Bluff, Antietam, Gettysburg, Pittsburg Landing, Shiloh, and many another field of blood and glory, as well as on the decks of our monitors and gunboats, which have thundered at doors which opened wide only at their summons. (379 Pages) Book #24 First blows of the Civil War (1879 The Ten Years of Preliminary Conflict of the United States 1850 to 1860 a Contemporaneous Exposition (526 Pages) Book #25 Gettysburg What they did here (1892) Profusely Illustrated Historical Guide Book (112 Pages) Book #26 Grant and Sherman their Campaigns and Generals (1866) An Authentic Account of Battles and Sieges, Adventures and Incidents, including Biographies of the Prominent Generals who brought to a Triumphant close. (608 Pages) Book #27 Historical Sketch of the War of The Rebellion (1890) Movements of the Federal and Confederate Armies Chronological list of Engagements; Reconstruction Proceedings; Proclamations, Statistical Tables, etc. (270 Pages) Book #28 History of the Antietam National Cemetery (1890) Descriptive List of all The Loyal Soldiers Buried Therein together with the Ceremonies of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons is laying the corner-stone of the Soldier Monument (128 Pages) Book #29 History of the campaign of Gen. T.J. (Stonewall) Jackson (1880) In The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia from November 4, 1861 to June 17, 1862 with full Maps of the Region and of the Battle-Fields (175 Pages) Book #30 Hood's Texas Brigade (1910) It's Marches, Battles and Achievements (347 Pages) Book #31 Lee's 1861 invasion of Northwest Virginia (1911) Lee's invasion of Northwest Virginia was an attempt
to apply the same argument to the loyal people west of the Allegheny mountains, whose representatives had been ''coerced" in the Convention; to silence them by military terrorism, as their fellow-loyalists had been silenced in the East. It was the first blow in a war forced between neighbors and brethren who had no quarrel of their own. (164 Pages) Book #32 List of War Claims (1912) A few Exceptional Cases of Claims for Churches; also list of other claims to which Objections appear, such as Laches, No Proof of Loyalty Insufficient Evidence as to Facts, Evidence of Payment and Statutory Bars (92 Pages) Book #33 Military orders of General William T. Sherman(1869) The index for this book is 79 pages, Plus (375 Pages) of info about all order's. Lots of good info in this book. Book #34 Old Nineteenth Tennessee regiment, C. S. A (1902) A history of the Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment. A very good book packed full of info. (235 Pages) Book #35 Personal memoirs of U.S. Grant (1917) Preparations for Battle, Thomas Carries the first line of the enemy, Sherman Carries Missionary Ridge, Battle of Lookout Mountain, General Hooker's Battle and more. (517 Pages) Book #36 Philadelphia in the Civil War (1913) A detailed report of Philadelphia in the American Civil War (360 Pages) Book #37 Pictorial History of The Great Civil War (1881) A Full and Authentic Accounts of Battles by Land and Sea. With Graphic Descriptions of Heroic Deeds Achieved by Armies and Individuals. Narratives of Personal Adventure ; Thrilling Incidents ; Daring Exploits ; Wonderful Escapes ; Life in Camp, Field and Hospital ; Adventures of Blockade Life, etc Carefully prepared Biographies of the. Leading Generals and Naval Commanders. (976 Pages) Book #38 Sherman and his campaigns a military biography (1865) This history of Sherman's army is written in the single interest of truth Using the authentic sources of information at our command, we have endeavored to render full and exact justice to all, and to perpetuate no errors that, under the circumstances, it was possible to avoid. (520 Pages) Book #39 Tennessee in The Civil War (1908) List of Campaigns Conducted, Battles, Engagements, Skirmishes, etc., Fought within the State of Tennessee. List of General, Field, Staff and Naval Officers and more. (228 Pages) Book #40 The Army of the Cumberland (1885) Maps, early movements, Mill Springs, Concentration at Nashville, Morgan's and Forrest's Raids, Bragg' s Advance into Kentucky, Battle of Perryville, The Advance to Murfreesboro, The Battle of Stone's River, The Advance on Tullahoma, The Movement to Chickamauga, The Battle of Chickamauga, The Siege of Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, and Missionary
Ridge Battles (289 Pages) Book #41 The Battle of Gettysburg (1914) The Crest-Wave of The Civil War (337 Pages) Book #42 The Camp, the Battle Field, and the Hospital (1866) Including Adventures of Spies and Scouts, Thrilling Incidents, Daring Exploits, Heroic Deeds, Wonderful Escapes, Sanitary and Hospital Scenes, Prison Scenes, etc. (512 Pages) Book #43 The Campaigns from Fort Henery to Corinth (1881) A list with details of the Battles from Fort Henery to Corinth (204 Pages) Book #44 The Campaigns of The Civil War (1915) This work is intended to be a brief recital of the principal campaigns of the Union and Confederate Armies which took place during the American Civil War (223 Pages) Book #45 The Charles W. Quantrell Story (1923) A true history of his guerrilla warfare on the Missouri and Kansas border during the Civil War (266 Pages) Book #46 The Civil War by Campaigns (1899) The military campaign maps tracing the movements of the armies are entirely original, and have been prepared expressly for this volume. A careful study of the maps. Grant's Campaign in the West, Campaigns of Buell and Bragg, Sherman's March to the Sea, and the Army of the Potomac, will aid greatly in giving a clear and definite idea of the great theaters of the Civil War, lots more in this book. (286 Pages) Book #47 The Civil War from a Southern Standpoint (1890) A History of The Civil War from a Southern View. (308 Pages) Book #48 The Hancock Diary (1887) A History of The Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry (644 Pages) Book #49 The Story of General Lee in Pennsylvania (1899) The Strength and Organization of the Armies of the Potomac and Northern Virginia; Their Daily Marches with the Routes of Travel, and General Orders Issued, The Three Days of Battle The Retreat of the Confederates and Pursuit by the Federals, Analytical Index, Maps, Portraits, and a large number of Illustrations of the Battle-field (613 Pages) Book #50 The History of the fall of Fort Sumpter (1896) An inside History of the affairs in South Caroline and Washington, 1860-1, and the conditions and events of the South which brought on the Rebellion the Genesis of The Civil War. (485 Pages) Book #51 The Immortal Six Hundred (1911) A story of cruelty to Confederate POW's in the Civil War (355 Pages) Book #52 The Last Four Weeks of The Civil War (1891) Detailed reports of the last four weeks of the American Civil War (416 Pages) Book #53 The Life and Campaigns of Major-General J. E. B. Stuart (1885) Commander of the Cavalry of the Army of northern Virginia (468 Pages) Book #54 The Life, Campaigns and Battles of General Ulysses S. Grant (1868) Comprising a full and authentic account of the famous General from his earliest boyhood, with details of his Campaigns and Battles (502 Pages) Book #55 The Mississippi Valley in the Civil War (1900) From St. Louis to Belmont, Fort Donelson and Shiloh, The Capture of New Orleans, From Corinth to Stone River, The Fall of Vicksburg, Bragg seizes Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, Nashville. Lots more in this book. (368 Pages) Book #56 The Ninth New York Heavy Artillery (1899) A History of its Organization, Services in the Defenses OF Washington, Marches, Camps, Battles, and Muster-out, with Accounts of Life in a Rebel Prison Personal Experiences, Names and Addresses of Surviving Members, Personal Sketches, and a complete Roster of the Regiment (615 Pages) Book #57 The Portrait Gallery of the war, Civil, Military, and Naval (1864) A Biographical Record of The American Civil War (353 Pages) Book #58 The Shenandoah Valley and Virginia (1903) The Seizure of Harper's Ferry, McClellan's West Virginia Campaign, Lewisburg, Cheat Mountain and Romney, West Virginia, Jackson's Campaign, Jones's and Imboden's Raid, The Gettysburg Campaign and Second Battle of Winchester, The Averell Raids, The Dublin Depot, New Market and Lynchburg Campaigns, The Early Raid to Washington, Sheridan's Campaigns(247 Pages) Book #59 The Siege and Reduction of Fort Pulaski (1862) Gillmore succeeded almost entirely because of his rifled cannon, which caused massive damage in the walls of the fort. Gillmore's triumph won him promotion from engineer captain to brigadier general. (96 Pages) Book #60 148th Pennsylvania Volunteers (1904) A very Detailed report of the 148th Pennsylvania in the American Civil War (1096 Pages) Book #61 The Strategy of Robert E. Lee (1914) Author: J. J. Bowen Formerly Member of the First Company of Richmond Howitzers. An inside look at General Lee's Strategy of The Civil War (256 Pages) Book #62 The Sword of Honor (1906) A Story of the Civil War by H. A. Johnson, Third Maine Regiment, N.V. M. (96 Pages) Book #63 The Thirty-ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (1914) Battles in which the Thirty-Ninth took part in: Mine Run, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna River, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Weldon R. R., Hatcher's Run, Gravelly Run and Five Forks (493 Pages) Book #64 The Twelve Decisive Battles of the War (1867) Battles at Bull Run, Donelson, Shiloh, Antietan, Murfreesboro, The Monitor and Merrimac, Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Atlanta, Nashville and Five Forks (520 Pages) Book #65 Under the Red Patch (1908) A Story of the Sixty Third Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers (476 Pages)

Many maps in the books, Plus over 500 Additional Maps Not in the books will be included with this collection.

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The American Civil War 65 Digital War Books In Pdf Format On New Dvd:

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