The Avengers #57 1st Vision + Early Ultron App. Solid Mid-grade Copy No Reserve

The Avengers #57 1st Vision + Early Ultron App. Solid Mid-grade Copy No Reserve

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The Avengers #57 1st Vision + Early Ultron App. Solid Mid-grade Copy No Reserve:

The Avengers#57

Oct. 1968 - Marvel

The Avengers #57 - 1st appearance of The Vision!

Condition: This issuehas aglossy cover with no fading. The cover has light general wear includingsome light corner creasesand a tinychip out ofthe bottom left corner next to the spine( see photos #1-4 ). The inside covers are cream color with very light edge tanning. Comic has excellent page quality, paper is cream colorand supple.Both cover and centerfoldaresecured on both staples, and the staples are in good shape withno hint of rust or rust migration ( see photo #9 ). The back cover has light general wear and a very faint moisture stain on the upper left corner that does not reduce the gloss. This is a solid mid-grade copy with excellent eye-appeal and no hidden defects. This comic is guaranteed to have nowriting, tape, color touch-ups or amateur restoration of any kind.

With Ultron's appearance in The Avengers 2 movie just announced at Comic-Con, interest in Avengers keys and early Ultron issuesis exploding! We are also offering an Avengers#54 & #55 ( 1st Ultron ); please see our other listings. This comicshipsin a mylite & acid-free board securedinside anindestructiblecardboard fortress.

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The Avengers #57 1st Vision + Early Ultron App. Solid Mid-grade Copy No Reserve:

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