The Beatles: Genuine Butcher Cover, Rare Stereo Third State, Mint Lp / Nm- Cover

The Beatles: Genuine Butcher Cover, Rare Stereo Third State, Mint Lp / Nm- Cover

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The Beatles: Genuine Butcher Cover, Rare Stereo Third State, Mint Lp / Nm- Cover:

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Yes, you’ve seen this album before.Rainy Day Records sold it to one of our regular customers who was very pleased with it.Not long ago that customer contacted me saying she found a First State in NEAR MINT+ condition and couldn’t resist buying it (what was the price you ask? Way Much!).She wanted to know if I wanted my Butcher back and of course I said Yes. So we negotiated a trade and now I offer it once more. This new listing is almost exactly like the first -- low opening offer with a reserve this time (sorry about that).As always, I wish Beatles’ fans good luck and hope that some who offer on it the first time will do so again. Perhaps you’ll have better fortune this time. What follows is the original listing brought up to date with a few tweaks.

From Capitol Records (ST-2553) this isTHE BEATLES YESTERDAY AND TODAYbyJOHN,PAUL, GEORGEandRINGO. It has on front cover,a rare stereo album in remarkable condition (in this case the stereo version is scarcer than the mono). This is the real thing -- not a copy, not a reprint, not a counterfeit, not a bootleg, not a reissue; it is a beautiful, peeled cover with certificate of authenticity from Gary Hein, the ultimate authority on all things Beatles. Here's your chance to own the single hardest-to-find Beatles' collectible ever.

Jacket front is finely textured with a near flawless image of the Fab Four, NEAR MINT MINUS or better; white surfaces on back cover are very clean with a few minor stains being some type of tape residue. Seams are intact and sturdy; the spine is firm and nicely blocked with printing slightly off-center; cracking to spine at top only (about an inch). No bumped corners; slight bowing but nothing outstanding. Overall Mr. Hein rates the cover EXCELLENT stating “Some typical wear is exhibited as a result of age, storage and use over the last 40+ years”.

Note: The horizontal lines visible in the photos above are produced by the peeling process itself and are a bit more exaggerated in the pix than in real life. When you hold the cover in your hands you hardly notice the lines as the image of the boys is bright and vibrant.

The original inner sleeve is present (about NEAR MINT+) showing no wrinkles or tears or other problems associated with aging.

Labels are flawless -- no spindle marks anywhere, MINT.

There are no marks of any kind on the vinyl’s playing surfaces, probably never played. The matrix shows an “A” both sides indicating a first mother and the lettersI-A-Mappear inside the tiny triangle which means this record was manufactured at the Scranton plant, a fact confirmed by the number on jacket back (2). Obviously, the pristine wax rates MINT and has been thoroughly cleaned on a VPI.

Note: Mr. Hein’s assessment of EX and his certificate regards the cover only; he has not seen the inner sleeve, the labels nor the wax.

This piece is certainly of collectible, archive quality suitable for display or framing; perfect for playing. Your Beatles’ collection is not complete without it.

As always, we have placed the LP in a state-of-the-art MFSL inner sleeve within separate cover for protection during travel and for your long-term storage needs at home. Both covers are then housed in museum quality outer sleeves for the ultimate in protection and will be shipped via your favorite method. The original cover contains an acid-free insert to absorb cardboard bleeding on the inside of the jacket, a problem faced by all covers made before the mid-1970s. This insert also acts as stiffener and we recommend you leave it in place as it will continue to impede acid bleeding within the jacket.

The package comes with Mr. Hein’s certificate of authenticity and a copy of the recall letter from Capitol Records dated June 14, 1966.

Note: Shipping is the responsibility of the winner; we recommend UPS and full insurance coverage since you’ll be able to track your package online every step of the way. We’ll ship same day payment is made.

We have a low opening offer with modest reserve. Please study the photos carefully and email us with any questions BEFORE you offer.

Good luck Beatles’ fans and above all have fun!

The Cuts (you already know them but here’s a list anyway):

All songs are credited toLennon–McCartney, except where noted.

Side One

  1. "Drive My Car"– 2:30
  2. "I'm Only Sleeping"– 3:01
  3. "Nowhere Man"– 2:45
  4. "Doctor Robert"– 2:15
  5. "Yesterday"– 2:08
  6. "Act Naturally" (Morrison–Russell)– 2:33

Side Two

  1. "And Your Bird Can Sing"– 2:01
  2. "If I Needed Someone" (George Harrison)– 2:24
  3. "We Can Work It Out"– 2:15
  4. "What Goes On" (Lennon–McCartney–Richard Starkey)– 2:51
  5. "Day Tripper"– 2:50

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The Beatles: Genuine Butcher Cover, Rare Stereo Third State, Mint Lp / Nm- Cover:

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