The Dark Latex Facade 4 Home Made Batman Knight Costume Suit Begins Chest Armor

The Dark Latex Facade 4 Home Made Batman Knight Costume Suit Begins Chest Armor

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The Dark Latex Facade 4 Home Made Batman Knight Costume Suit Begins Chest Armor:

I had this one piece to help me to make a hybrid suit piece I needed so I am now finished with it and can let it go. I only have this one. It was spoken for but the person did not come through so I am letting it go. I only have this one. It is smooth and nice and hard to find one like this. It is latex and backed by polyurethane foam. You could mount it over an under suit and wear with a cape and accessories to have a nice looking bat suit that you make yourself. It holds its shape so you would need to bend it as you mount it and maybe take a little foam off on the side edges. It is up to you. It is ready to go. The one you receive it this exact one. Good large size. Will fit or work for just about everyone.

The last photo shows how some of my generic costume pieces, including the one in this sale, may be incorporated by you in to realistic looking high quality full costumes that you can create for yourself. I can help with this process with advice and tutorials.

This sale is for one black latex frontal facade that you can wear over an under suit and under a cape with other accessories that you provide to look like a believable awesome looking hero. The size will accommodate most. I would not advise being larger than 6 foot 3 inches and 215 pounds at the very top. It can be held to your under suit with straps or glue that you install. If you are shorter it will work fine you can position it differently. Any shorter than 5 foot 10 inches and you can trim it. You can always take a few inches out under the belt area as well if you needed to.

Note to all my good friends, costume buddies, and viewers- This site represents only a small fraction of what I offer and sand serves as merely one of many portholes to all the info, goods, and services that go along with it. Because costumes are so customizable as far as size, and look, and even purpose and technique, as far as the assembly goes, and I do not sell whole costumes here but only parts, the sheer definition of what I offer obviously can have many more far reaching details then what you can read in a simple sale listing. I highly encourage you to contact me and find out all you need to know regarding the wonderful world of hero costuming. I used to be able to address many types of info needs within 's proprietary mail system and offer links with more info, contacts, and even tutorials as well, but has become much more strict in their policies in regard to what can and can not be said here which ultimately makes it more difficult to choose the right words and properly send more info about the items and additional services that I offer while within the confines of this one site. All contact info can be and should be utilized by you in order to gain uninterrupted ability to fully utilize my services, advice, tutorials, info, help, etc. Contact link can be found through

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I have also made some info videos telling more perhaps about items like this or similar ones. Just click on the following blue type links to see the short video clips that describe some of my basic generic costuming items that most people would use for most costumes. Keep checking back for more. Contact me for more info and tutorials on how to use and implement the items.

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You have come to the right place for quality and advice. I have been costuming with my own hand made generic costumes and accessories for almost a quarter century now. Try visiting my board even for advice and help, which can be found on my main page under costumes where it saysMY PERSONAL BAT MESSAGE BOARD BTM

Restated- This item and many of the other items I offer here represent only a fraction of the products and services I offer. Many items in and of themselves are not meant to be fully utilized without combining with other items and ultimately applying to a homemade superhero suit by the end user. I provide other items, info, tutorials, and personal advice along with advice from members of my message board which have experience in costuming, which can help to make it all happen. I encourage you to talk with me about all the info I have on these items and their implementation along with or prior to your purchase.

The message system does not allow contact info but does allow a link in the sale for additional info when appropriate. Add a dot in the appropriate place in my screen name and you will be on my web site, Look under the costume section. Often my goods can benefit from some additional items, preparation, instruction and assembly. Email me personally and get direct assistance and advice on these things. You will find generic misc. superhero items, tutorials, plus my personal collection of costume items and ideas that may aid you in putting together a great generic superhero costume utilizing this and/ or other pieces you may acquire from various sources.

Make sure to check out my other sales for other great items including but not always limited to movie & generic custom costume parts, props and memorabilia and other items of unique interest.

It is possible to use other forms of payments if you prefer. Just ask.

My custom latex items and generic superhero parts that I sell, have many more uses and ways to achieve attachment to under suits etc. I can provide advice on the full costume assembly and tutorials and other items required to make your costuming dreams come true. It is important to note that most of my parts that I sell are only parts and do not stand alone by themselves for use as a costume suit but the customer needs additional guidance for implementation. All this information should be known about and fully understood by potential customers before hand so that buyers do not mistakingly find themselves buying something that they are not knowledgeable about or do not fully understand the full nature of, or possess the craft experience etc. all of which may be required on their part to render the pieces they are buying fully operable as integrated into the full costume suit they wish to make. At my website under the costuming and tutorial sections, or through contacting me, the purchasers will be educated about all that is required to render the latex costume pieces they may obtain operable and then transform it with the aid of other items as needed, into a full usable costume. If there are further questions regarding additional needs or craft experience potential costumers may also write directly to me for personalize tutorial guidance regarding the application processes required which coincide with the products I offer. Thank you.

Please take the time to make sure you are willing to pay for this item and agree to the terms stated here or do not enter into this purchase agreement.

If you win this sale please send payment in right away so that it will be ready to go out to you asap. A few days handling time on some items is normal as many items are made to order.

Attention buyers: Please note that I have worked very hard to achieve a very high response rating. I follow up and ship quickly while taking good care of my customers. I send appropriate emails when necessary and respond to emails in a timely manner and see that your parcel ships securely. If you do not hear from me you can usually count on the fact that your package is heading toward you after production if applicable, and that arrival will be the assurance you seek rather than countless reassuring emails. I ship most items regular mail because it is normally less expensive and that what most people want. If you have a special urgency please contact me about it and we can upgrade shipping if you are willing to pay extra for it.

Latex items normally ship with a protective sprinkling of baby powder which you rinse off with dish soap and water.

I normally ship once a week. After payment is received your item will go out on the next day I ship. It helps me mail quickly when the buyer pays right after winning the sale as I do bulk listings and mailings and ship thus in groupings. If you miss the grouping because of slow paying please do not give me slow shipping response because of it. Be fair and understanding in this regard as I have explained it up front.

Some shipping charges are a guess on my part and some are calculated by the calculator as close as possibly. Sometimes it is off or does not include tracking and such. I win some and I lose some.

Thank you, good luck and

The Dark Latex Facade 4 Home Made Batman Knight Costume Suit Begins Chest Armor:

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