Thee Best Silver Estate Coins Lot On Ebay, Bar None

Thee Best Silver Estate Coins Lot On Ebay, Bar None

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Thee Best Silver Estate Coins Lot On Ebay, Bar None:



THE REAL DEAL!! Maybe you’ve read about it already, but this discovery should cause quite a stir, and we are proud to present it to now.


Check around for yourself. COMPARE! You simply will not find a better ALL 90 % Silver deal. We have THE LOWEST PRICE FOR THE BEST QUALITY!

TWO FULL POUNDS: Please DO NOT compare this rare opportunity with the various “best coin lot deals” on these days, many that are simply not legit. Often selling in “quarter-pounder”, or half-pound lots, always for so-many dollars, "and 99 cents", they do advertise heavily! But if you read their response, and investigate their negatives, you should realize, they’re not being honest with their customers. Folks, you are simply not going to find a better deal than we are offering here, anywhere!

ABOUT US...We have been selling on for close to 15 YEARS... and if you look in our store, you might find all sorts of antiques, and artwork, and perhaps a few bullion items as well. But our real claim to fame is that we were the first to bring the true sale estate experience to . Often selling entire estates at once, word has spread, and these days we frequently get phone calls from folks all over the nation, and beyond, who want to consign various goods. The important point here that we want to share is that we have NEVER offered a large coin hoard like this before that we were allowed to sell “by the pound.”

THE NEW ECONOMY…Not so long ago, we were advising our larger clients to consider selling everything “all at once”, and in fact we have sold single estate lots for as much as a quarter-million dollars, with many others in the six-figure range. But times have changed! This time, with this massive silver hoard weighing close to a THOUSAND POUNDS, our honest recommendation was to take the extra time to sell in smaller lots. These days, we feel it is better for all parties involved to offer a truly REASONABLE deal, that the average person is better able to afford.


One offer gets youTWO FULL STANDARD POUNDS, ALL OLD US 90% SILVER COINS.Please beware of sellers only giving you “troy” pounds, because that’s only 24 ounces instead of 32!

Silver Dollars…It looks like there’s enough of these to ensure that at least a couple go into every pound. You may get more, but not less than this. This is the only thing we’re doing besides just weighing out the coins.



Best lot out of all the silver lots I have as described and mega fast was as described, shipped promptlyBUYER: Thank You very much! Great Seller, Honest! A ++BUYER: 100% positive experience! Got it in two days and even better than expected!!BUYER: coins!! Coins were even better than described!! seller, products as described, super fast nice assortment of silver. Had some nice rare and key than described! Fast shipping, First rate handling. AS PROMISED! 5 as promised, many beautiful dollars (over 20) and some fine or class="MsoNormal" align="center" style="margin-top: 0in; margin-right: 0in; margin-bottom: 0pt; margin-left: 0in; ">



This consignor is also providing a large batch of pure .999 fine silver rounds, some going back to the 1970’s and Eighties, to provide an additional reward for ordering more than one pound…Note, you must order at one time for bonus purposes…

Buy TWO Pounds…Get a One-Half (1/2) Ounce .999 fine Silver Round FREE!


HAVE SOME EXTRA TIME ON YOUR HANDS? PLEASE READ ON...…It is very seldom that a very large discovery like this has no “history”. Here’s what we learned, we present it as it was shared with us..

In 1963, when President Kennedy was assassinated, rumors began circulating around the nation that he may have been killed because he wanted to do away with the stranglehold the bankers had on the country, through the Federal Reserve system. In fact, Kennedy had seen to it before his untimely death, that a not-so-new currency would be issued called simply “United States Notes”. No, they wereNOTFederal Reserve notes, they were backed only by the good faith and credit of the United States. In other words, the existence of these bills in circulation would strongly suggest that the Federal Reserve really was not necessary at all! Soon, the yoke might be thrown off, and the game would be up.BUT, Kennedy didn’t live long enough to really do battle with these very powerful people. Instead, the very next year, 1964, became the final year of having silver coins in general circulation.

If you were alive back then, you probably remember the “hysteria” of trying to grab any silver coins that came your way. People everywhere were stashing them, and within months, almost no silver coins were left in circulation, they had all been put away. This was the beginning of many silver hoards, and so it was with this one. However, the story goes back a bit further too. Two decades before this, the nation's gold had been taken out of circulation with Roosevelt’s confiscation, and subsequent criminalization of gold ownership, in 1933. Certain people even at that time made a decision to try not to deal with paper money, if they could avoid it. Plus, with the Depression, not many had large bills in their wallets anyway. Anyone who could “save” anything at all, often just saved the “small change” they could spare here and there. For those that no longer trusted banks, this savings would literally go into jars, and cans, and perhaps eventually larger containers.

After 1964, with old suspicions now confirmed, we now had people who actively sought out old silver coins, not because they were collectors, but because they didn’t trust paper money. And then, 1973. President Nixon, literally facing the evaporation of the nation’s gold from Fort Knox, as it went to oil sheiks and others, closed the “gold window”. That decade ended with gold and silver at the highest levels in history.

If you were there in 1980, you certainly remember the mania that took hold of everyone. People were melting their silverware! But others were still buying, with the expectation that the US dollar was finally going to meet it’s end. Because coin dealers were melting anything they could, some collectors were finally able to buy even better coins, for little or no premium over melt. Again, some people took this opportunity to amass even more silver.

Finally, in the past decade, as silver hit a bottom, new interest was kindled, and again, more silver was put away.

All these things went into the making of this giant hoard of over a thousand pounds!No, the gentleman who amassed most of his net worth in this way was not a “collector”, he just never trusted banks, nor paper money. But can we call this hoard “unsearched” because of this? No. He bought from other farmers, but also coin dealers, over a very long period of time, so we must assume that at least portions of this hoard were gone through, and the simple fact is, no one can say anything for sure!

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Thee Best Silver Estate Coins Lot On Ebay, Bar None:

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