Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin Adams Declaration

Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin Adams Declaration

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Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin Adams Declaration:

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IMPORTANT- This is a REPRODUCTION. The photo below doesn't show how nice it is. The black mat IS included but the frame is NOT!

What you're offerding on right now...

Declaration of IndependanceImages

This is a wonderful, full colorreproduction of a historic painting showing the three founding fathers working on the Declaration of Independence (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin), along with full colorreproduction of the finished document- as it actually looks today (many don't realize how faded and difficult to read it is after 230 years!)

Condition:This is a brand new print of both items, in full color, made to look as close to the original as possible. The professional mat as shown in the example photo IS included. The frame is NOT included. (A frame may be purchased for this item separately from us or any local art supplier. It will fit nicely in an 11X14 frame.)

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Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin Adams Declaration:

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