Tig Welder Welding Instructional Dvd 70 Minutes

Tig Welder Welding Instructional Dvd 70 Minutes

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Tig Welder Welding Instructional Dvd 70 Minutes:

Have you been looking for a Tig Welder and are confused by all the different models? Already purchased a machine and aren’t up to speed on it yet? Then HTP’s new 70 minute instructional DVD, “Welcome to the World of Tig Welding” could be exactly what you need.

The DVD opens up and introduces you to the 5 different models of HTP Tig welders. This section explains the difference between AC and DC machines, Inverter and transformer machines, valved torches vs. gas valves in the machine, remote amperage controls, and the different methods of arc starting. Of course, if you already have a welder, you can move right through this section.

The next segment covers different Tig torches. Know the difference between a 9 and 17 series torch? Know the difference between water cooled and air cooled torches? Did you know there are different torches available for special applications like roll cage tubing and cylinder head ports? We also explain the different front end components and how to correctly assemble them.

The DVD then covers different types of tungsten, different diameters, and the proper procedure for sharpening tungsten. We then cover shield gas, installing the torch, ground and remote amperage controls, and cover the front panel controls on a Tig welder.

The DVD then covers AC frequency and AC balance controls in detail and the effects on the welding process.

Then the best part of all, a through the helmet view of the TIG welding process. We instruct the novice welder, with a through the helmet view of TIG welding, how to run a bead, do a butt weld, lap weld and fillet weld on both steel and aluminum. We also show you some common mistakes, like overheating the tungsten, dipping the tungsten in the work and touching the tungsten with the filler metal, and the effect this has on weld quality.

So if you are a beginner and want to learn the art of Tig welding as it applies to steel and aluminum, (we do not cover stainless steel), or have a Tig welder and are looking to pick up some techniques, then Welcome to the world of Tig welding is for you.

If you have not purchased a TIG welder and are in the market, the price of this DVD is refundable towards the purchase price of any HTP Tig Welder.

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Tig Welder Welding Instructional Dvd 70 Minutes:

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