Totem Trade Bead:"two-legged Ones" - Anina Hiladahi

Totem Trade Bead:

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Totem Trade Bead:"two-legged Ones" - Anina Hiladahi:

I offerAporcelain Totem Bead, though multiples may be chosen and are available. Each bead is incised using symbols from the Cherokee Syllabary, a language system developed by Sequoyah, each letter represents a sound. The sounds formthe name of an animal in the Cherokee tongue, traditionally used to help one identify with that particular Animal Spirit.
The main purpose of the bead isto help one tap into a part of the brain not normally used by modern people, one which in a past age was an integral part of one's perception of reality. It gives a sense of identity in relation to the animal spirit favored and contained by each of us; as both a teacher and guide. Depending upon which animal name you select, that will be the one I send. If you select more than one, I include a legend showing which animal is represented by what symbols, and the proper orientation and pronunciation of each. As far as uses; it can be used as a pendant in a necklace, as a lanyard, a bolo tie, a keychain, tied onto the end of a braid, or placed into a medicine bag, to name a few. I hope this has answered some of your questions...feel free to contact me if you have any more, I will do my best to answer them. As each bead is made the name is sounded out, and the image of that animal is formed in my mind while I work the clay. The beads are then stained with Ocher, and as they are kiln-fired, they are smudged with Sage. Due to the large number of bead types I make and offer,I have combined several listings together . The "Two Leggeds" were a traditional reference tothe Winged Tribes, of which The People (Cherokee) were included. ( Anina Hiladahi translates as "Flyers" ) They were the subjects of many tales and legends of the Cherokee; and were important due to the part they played in shaping the people'sdestiny,as powerful and wise Totemic allies. The Cherokee Syllabary is readily available online should you forget the pronunciation of your bead's name. The dimensions of the beads are from 17-20mm, being a handmade item, they will vary some. The colors range from reds to yellow, orange, through brown to black,sometimes even"gun-metal". This variation is a result from being propane fired to about 2400 degrees fahrenheit, with the fuel swirling around inside the kiln, hitting each bead with a slightly different blast. I consider making these beads a small effort towards keeping our language and heritage alive, one bead-at-a-time. Thank you for looking.

(Anina Hiladahi is pronounced"Ah nee nunh Hee lah dunh hee" accent on the nunh and dunh)

The types of Totem Beads offered in this listing are:(pictured)" Raven",the name for "Golanv", pronounced Goh Lah nunh,accent on the nunh

Hawk",the name for "Tawodi",pronounced Tah woe dee,accent on the woe

"Crow",the name for "Koga",pronounced Koh gah,accent on the ko

"Cherokee",the name for "Tsalagi",pronounced Sah lah gee(hard g),accent on the gee

"Eagle",the name for "Wohali",pronounced Woh hah lee,accent on the hah

name for "Suli",pronounced Soo lee,accent on the soo

"Great Horned Owl",the name for "Uguku",pronounced Oo goo koo ,accent on the goo

"Hummingbird",the name for "Walela",pronounced Wah lay lunh,accent on the lay

"Screech Owl",the name for "Wahuhu",pronounced Wah hoo hoo,accent on the first hoo

"Bumblebee",the name for "Wadulisi",pronounced Wah doo lee see,accent on the lee

"Butterfly",the name for "Kamama",pronounced Kah mah mah,accent on the first mah

"Cardinal",the name for "Goguwa",pronounced Goh goo wah,accent on the goh

Chickadee",the name for"Tsikilili",pronounced Seek uh lee lee,accent

on the first lee

"BlueBird",the name for "Tsaquoladagi",pronounced Sah kwoh lah dah gee(hard g)

accent on the dah

name for"Tsisquaya" pronounced Sees kwah yah,accent on the yah

"Blue Jay",the name for "Tsayoga",pronounced Sah yoh gah,accent on the yoh

name for"Kanasgowa",pronounced Kah nass goh wah,accent on the nass

"Whipporwill",the name for"Waguli",pronounced Wah goo lee,accent on the lee

name for"Tlameha",pronounced tLah may hah,accent on the may

I have noticed people looking and even "watching" my listings, if you would like to see what a particular bead's symbols look like , feel free tocontact meand request a jpeg of it, or them, if you want to see more than one.(I have an unlistedseries of beads with plant names on them;Plants were traditionally known as"Standing People" )I also do a bit of trading.....have for to trade, especially for other trade beads, hence the name. If you have something you would be interested in trading with......well,once you have my email address, just put "Trade for Trade" in the subject line, or it might get deleted accidentally. Anything special or unusual will be carefully considered, be it beads, teeth, claws, minerals..... again; to name a few.

Wholesale Inquiries Welcome......

These beads make excellent Boy Scout awards; the holes are large enough to accomodate a bola tie, or at the end of a lanyard....perfect for those needing recognition for the selfless community service the Scoutsare known for. I offer discounted shipping to Scout Troops being honored in this manner...I also offer free shipping to those who want to send these to our Troops in the Armed Forces

The "Buy it Now"price is forONE bead,please specify which type you would like when you purchase,I will send witha legendto show proper orientation. Thanks for looking at my "Adela Diyatsodi" (Beads) !! Please be sure to check out my other listings!Wado,wado!!

In compliance with 's latest rules pertinent to Native American Listings post-1935, I am required to list:MyAncestors on my Mother's side and my Father's side were listed on the Guion-Miller Roll of 1906 as members of the Cherokee Nation,of theLower Townsin North Georgia and Tennessee.I am Ganogweoion Tawodiyi

<<<<Do na da go hv i>>>>

On Jul-23-09 at 08:39:10 PDT, seller added the following information:

I have had numerous requests for animals other than the ones I have listed above; so in response, here are a few more:

Kawenu - the name for Duck, pronounced: kah Weh noo

Wadaduga - the name for Dragonfly, pronounced: wah dah Doo gah

Talala - the name for Woodpecker, pronounced: tah Lah lah

Tewa - the name for Flying Squirrel, pronounced: Teh wah

Be sure to check out my other listings as I have added several new types there also...Wado Ugodidi

Totem Trade Bead:"two-legged Ones" - Anina Hiladahi:

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