Touareg Sword Sahara Old French Cavalery Blade For Sale

Antique Early 1900 Sword of the Manding (Mandingo), West Sahara, Old French Cavalry blade with nice aged patina 88cm". Up for sale, this beautiful antique Sword of the Manding (Mandingo) from the early 1900 period.
Old french cavalry curved blade with nice aged patina, leather grip and leather scabbard with leaf shaped widening tip, entirely tooled and decorated.
Pictures presents its very good condition, always kept in its own juice. Sword measures88cm length. The Manding (Mandingo) are West African people that now live in Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, and Senegal.
Their traditional sword comprises a saber like blade (usually of French or other European origin), guard less leather grip and scabbard with exquisite leather work.Manding, From the western savannah regions south of the Sahara (Eastern Senegal, Guinea, Mali)
A prized possession

This type of sword remains one of the most prestigious weapons among the Manding people, being owned by men of high social status.
It has a curved single-edged blade set in a hilt without a handguard.
These blades are often of French manufacture, originally designed as cavalry sabres.
They are further enhanced by the highly decorated scabbard, often embellished with tassels and large, round buttons of leather.
This tradition of finely tooled leatherwork is common to the western savannah, Mauritania and Morocco.
C.J. Spring, African arms and armour (London, The British Museum Press, 1993)

Similar sword sold 3 610 € in Paris (Artucuial sale housse July 2003)

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Touareg Sword Sahara Old French Cavalery Blade

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Touareg Sword Sahara Old French Cavalery Blade:

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