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Trimble Resolution T Timing Gps Module 12ns 1pps For Sale

Trimble Resolution T Timing Gps Module 12ns 1pps

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NOTE(Add on 3th,may,2012)
THIS ONLY just the gps module.NO antenna ,NO cable ect come with!Thanks


Item Specifics - Item Condition Condition: Used Item Specifics - Item Condition Condition: Used

Trimble Resolution T timing gps receiver board for sell

more detals


ship worldwide
contrac me for QTY price

70+ up in stock. used,full tested.
----------- Trimble Resolutionâ„¢ T Fully Featured, Low Cost, Embedded GPS Timing Receiver Ideal Solution For Mobile Products, Precise Timing When You Need It
  • Auto self-survey for timing accuracy
  • Extremely accurate 1-PPS output
  • PPS synchronized to GPS or UTC
  • Cable delay compensation
  • TRAIM assures high PPS
  • Supports 3 V or 5 V Antennas
  • Ideal Motorola FS Encore replacement


Datasheet in PDF format
Manual in PDF format


Trimble's Resolutionâ„¢ T GPS Timing Receiver is a significant new development in GPS architecture: the general purpose, DSP-based software GPS timing receiver. The development of Trimble DSP/GPS software was key to this accomplishment.

Precise Timing Where You Need It

The receiver is an all-in-view, 12-channel, parallel-tracking, embeddable GPS receiver designed to provide precise GPS or UTC time and synchronization for many static timing applications. The timing accuracy will provide for your current needs with plenty of headroom for future requirements.

This low-cost, yet highly accurate and reliable receiver allows the system integrator to put precise timing and synchronization into locations where cost or size is a limitation. Rather than sharing time from a single timing source, with the resultant delays and loss of accuracy, you now can have precise time (synchronization) at every location regardless of how isolated or remote.

Features Flexibility with Software

To provide a true software driven GPS timing receiver, the Resolution T receiver uses an off-the-shelf, software programmable, general-purpose, digital signal processor (DSP) in place of the usual custom GPS ASIC. Using a general-purpose DSP allows incremental software improvements to be implemented throughout the product life cycle. This is not possible in custom GPS hardware ASICs, because most features are permanently locked in the hardware design. The Resolution T receiver can be updated easily in the field with new features as they become available. The modular design also allows for both reduced integration time and low implementation risk.

1-PPS within 15 ns

The Resolution T receiver outputs a 1 Pulse-per-second (1 PPS) timing signal accurate to within 15 nanoseconds of GPS or UTC (1 sigma) when using an overdetermined solution in a stationary mode.

3 or 5 Volt Antenna Compatible

The receiver is designed for 3.3 VDC prime power, but provides a separate pin on the I/O connector for powering the antenna with a user-supplied voltage from 3.0 to 5.5 VDC.

Starter Kit

The Resolution T Starter Kit provides everything you need to start integrating the module into your application. The kit includes an active, external 5-VDC Bullet-style antenna, 50 feet of RG-59 cable, and an AC/DC power adapter. The starter kit enclosure includes a mother board that provides serial output, and a serial interface cable. A reference manual and monitor programs are provided on CD-ROM.

Specification Performance: General:

L1 (1575.42 MHz) Frequency, C/A Code, 12-channel, parallel-tracking receiver, DSP-based

Update rate:

TSIP @ 1 Hz; NMEA @ 1 HZ


Horizontal Position: <6 meters (50%), <9 meters (90%)
Altitude Position: <11 meters (50%), <18 meters (90%)
Velocity: 0.06 m/sec
PPS: within 15 ns to GPS/UTC (1 Sigma)


Reacquisition: <2 sec. (90%)
Hot Start: <14 sec (50%), <18 sec (90%)
Warm Start: <41 sec (50%), <45 sec (90%)
Cold Start: <46 sec (50%), <50 sec (90%)
Cold start requires no initialization. Warm start implies last position, time and almanac are saved by backup power. Hot start implies ephemeris also saved. Hot and Warm are shown for comparison purposes and are not used in timing applications.


Acquisition –136 dBm
Tracking –141 dBm

Operational (COCOM)

Altitude 18,000 m
Velocity 515 m/s
Either limit may be exceeded, but not both

Interface: Connectors:

I/O: 8-pin (2x4) 2 mm Male Header
RF: Right-angle SMB (SMA optional)

Serial Port:

1 serial port (transmit/receive)


3.3 V CMOS-compatible TTL-level pulse, once per second
Rising edge of the pulse synchronized with GPS/UTC


TSIP @ 9600 baud, 8 bits
NMEA 0183 v3.0 @ 4800 baud, 8 bits

NMEA Messages:

Messages selectable by TSIP command
Selection stored in flash memory

Technical: Prime power:

+3.3 VDC ±0.3 VDC

Power consumption:

GPS board only: 350 V

Ripple Noise:

50 mV, peak to peak from 1 Hz to 1 MHz

Antenna Fault Protection:

Short-circuit/open detection and protection

Interface Characteristics: Operating Temperature:

–40° C to +85° C

Storage Temperature:

–55° C to +105° C


0.008 g2/Hz 5 Hz to 20 Hz
0.05 g2/Hz 20 Hz to 100 Hz
–3 dB/octave 100 Hz to 900 Hz

Operating Humidity:

5% to 95% R.H. non-condensing, at +60° C


–400 to 18,000 m max


66.3mm L x 32.1mm W x 8.5mm H (2.6"L x 1.3"W x 0.33"H)


12.5 grams (0.4 ounce)

ROHS Status:

This product is lead free/ROHS compliant.

And averaging over 5 minutes (300 seconds) gets it down to this:

The standard deviation of the 1PPS is about 13 ns.

The Allan Deviation for the Resolution-T, for this limited 25 000 second run (~7 hours), is:

Performance with sawtooth correction

Like the Motorola Oncore the Trimble TSIP protocol includes a command to obtain the so-called negative sawtooth correction. The Trimble GPSmon program includes a feature to parse this command and output an 1 Hz ASCII data file which includes a field for this correction. When the negative sawtooth corrections are added to the TIC readings are more accurate.

Below are two plots, with and without sawtooth correction:

The raw 1PPS has a standard deviation of about 13 ns; with sawtooth correction that drops to about 6 ns.

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Trimble Resolution T Timing Gps Module 12ns 1pps

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Trimble Resolution T Timing Gps Module 12ns 1pps:

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