Type I Paracord 550 Cord Rescue Survival Bracelet - See Why Mine Are The Best

Type I Paracord 550 Cord Rescue Survival Bracelet - See Why Mine Are The Best

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Type I Paracord 550 Cord Rescue Survival Bracelet - See Why Mine Are The Best:

Please note: I will be away at a military training class from April 17-30, 2016. If you order during this time, it will hold your place in line -- I make all orders in order of cleared payment received. I will make and ship your item immediately upon my return home. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this time. I truly appreciate your support!!!Custom, Hand-Made by a Decorated US Army Iraq War Disabled Veteran! WAIT -- HOLD ON A MINUTE...PLEASE READ THIS FIRST ---->

If you came here looking for some cheap, flimsy, unprofessional-looking, sloppy-feeling paracord bracelet, just go ahead and hit your "back" button right now because you are not the kind of personthat I want to sell to. If, however, you are after the absolute best paracord bracelet available here or anywhere else, you are in the right place. If you buy mine, your coworkers and friends will be so impressed with it, they will want to know where you got it. That will not happen with those cheapie bracelets, I assure you. You'll be able to tell the difference between mine and the cheapies the minute you hold it in your hand. It is bar-none the finest, best-made bracelet out there and that's not me saying that -- that comes from hundreds of people that have bought mine (check my response!). Yes, mine cost a little more than the crummy $5 ones. The reason for that is I only use the best US-manufactured, military specification materials in my bracelets and it takes me around5-6 hoursor longer to make this specific type of bracelet due to the superior construction method I developed which gives you the absolute most cord you can get in the bracelet without going up to the huge, uncomfortable "king cobra" braid. The others make your bracelet with imported cord and fasteners from China and it only takes them about 5 minutes to make it due to their inferior construction method and lack of cord. One guy tries to claim it takes him an hour to make his (he stated this after he apparently read my text right here), but I can tell by the way he makes them, it only takes him 5 minutes like all the other cheapies. Please give me a chance to impress you with my bracelets and my service -- DO NOT place this on your "watch" list -- go ahead and BUY ONE! :-) (I only have a limited amount of Type 1 cord here, so when I run out, it will take a while to get more here...so if you want a bracelet like the one shown below, please go ahead and purchase it instead of "watching" it so you don't miss out, ok? Also, be aware that another seller of "Type I / Type 1" bracelets (which is MY name for these, btw) claims he is using actual military specification Type I cord, but he is not...he's using a very bad, imported version of it that is very loosely woven and does not have the tensile strength of TRUE MILITARY Type I cord which *I* use...just so you know...)

Please check my other listings for the "cobra" and "king cobra" style bracelets. Get one in the colors of your favoriteNCAAor high school footballteam's colors!

This is the extraordinary rescue bracelet that is made of a single, continuous piece of Type 1 military-specification ALSE paracord. I currently have cord in the list shown below, but can get other colors if you'd rather have a different color. Depending on the size, this bracelet has over 12.5 feet of cord (+/- a few feet, depending on the final size) and the Type 1 cord has a tensile strength of 100 pounds, so will work perfectly for tying down a tarp, securing a broken buckle on your pack/tent, making a bow to build a fire, setting a trap/snare, etc. The reason this bracelet is the BEST survival bracelet is because due to its unique construction you can have the bracelet completely untied and ready to use in less than 10 seconds. Try that with one of those POS so-called other "best survival bracelets" out there. Type I cord is much thinner than the typical 550 cord or type III (type 3) cord, soI can fit a lot more in a bracelet than with 550 cord, especially using my method of making these Type I bracelets. The reason these cost more than the el cheap-o ones you see all over is because those guys use an extremely substandard way to make the bracelets and it only takes them about 5 minutes to make one -- this one takes SEVERAL HOURS to complete...about 5-7 hours, depending on the final size. I've seen some people try to copy my design before, but their knots look terrible and uneven...I've mastered the secret of making these bracelets such that they far outshine the quality of the "others" around. PLEASE check my response to see what others have said about my bracelets. I pride myself in producing the best product possible...please read my response to see for yourself! :-)

Note: I will include a free gift with the purchase of each bracelet. I cannot show it here because I've had one seller in particular trying (unsuccessfully) to rip off my design.

I am a US soldier -- will not allow me to tell you the reason I am selling these. Please email me if you want to know what I do with this money and I will be happy to elaborate. I also enjoy making them and hope that folks will be impressed with the quality and enjoy wearing them. As well, I have been selling these on longer than anyone else on here -- they came along later and have attemped (feebly) to completely rip off my unique design. Folks, please -- if you're going to buy a bracelet, please buy them from those of us that are currently serving. We are the ones out there, proudly defending our country. Other sellers on here have flat-out resorted to lies and deceit in order to get you to buy their inferior bracelets and using the money to buy junk. If you already know you'd like to order now and skip all of this inane drama, please scroll down to the list of paracord colors...the ordering instructions begin there. It is truly my honor to serve people like the kind folks that have ordered so far!

Oh, and by the way -- I have my DD214's to PROVE MY STATUS -- go ask those posers if they do. I am sure they do not because they all started changing their listings to say such lies after they saw my own listing stating that I am a veteran, am still serving, and what I use the money for...they just tried to copy me to get more sales. It is pathetic and disgusting.

Check out my "About Me" page! There, you will read the TRUTH about the "others".

I have received an extraordinary levelof praise on my craftsmanship...a US Navy sailor (a CPO) that bought my bracelets said I could've made an outstanding Boatswain's Mate! (Those are the sailors that, among other duties, tie knots and manage rigging on the ship.) You will not be disappointed -- I make mine differently than everyone else on here (some have attempted (weakly) to rip off my UNIQUE design that I developed for making these, but I make them better, still) and the difference in quality will be very clear when you receive it. Please check my response and then check theirs. I didn't "just" start making these and I have a very long line of happy folks there.

Only genuine military-specification, US-MANUFACTURED MATERIALS ARE USED. Buy mine the first time so you won't be disappointed with the "others"!!! I have had buyers tell me they have bought the others and then mine and that mine absolutely blows the others' away in quality and workmanship. I only use Mil-spec, non-commercial, US-manufacturedType 1 (Type I)cord!!! Check my response!!! Mine are absolutely the best quality on !!! Please read on to see why mine are better than the cheapie ones here. Remember -- you get what you pay for. If you pay for junk, you'll get junk. I go above and beyond to make sure you get the absolute best and then some.

Many soldiers wear these in order to carry a length of paracord with them easily for use in emergency/survival situations -- they were originally worn by SOCOM soldiers (SEALS, Delta Force, etc.) before Desert Storm. All parts are military specification and manufactured in the United States. The buckles and the cord are mil-spec and made in the United States -- not imported from China like the others you may have seen from someone else with a BIN of $8.00. If I compromised my principles and bought Chinese cord and buckles, I could sell them that cheap too but I will not do that. BUY AMERICAN!!! And just so you know, true military-specification cord DOES NOT SHRINK! Therefore, if it is truly mil-spec, it need not be "pre-shrunk" because it doesn't shrink to begin with.

Priceincludes USPS shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation for any number of bracelets up to a pound within the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) or to APO/FPO addresses. If you would like two or more bracelets, I can make a special listing for you here on with a discounted price...please email me to let me know and I will take care of you. I will only ship within the US (including APO/FPO).

These are HEAVY DUTY. I saw some on here that were cheaply-made with a price to match...here is how mine are different:

Please read the following so you'll know why mine are better...Mine are the ones real soldiers wear...

1. I have only used and will only ever use US-manufactured parts for these bracelets. My buckles are US-manufactured Fastex/Nexus/ITW and not cheap, imported, Chinese crap. Period.

2. I do not use any "button knots", BDU buttons, or some other such non-sense fastening method on my bracelets. Mine use genuine US-manufactured Fastex buckles -- the coyote tan and foliage green are the low IR-signature buckles, as used by the US military and have a very professional appearance.

Show up to formation with a bracelet fastened with a button knot and get laughed at...show up with one of mine and your commander will want to know where you got it so he can get one too. It's as simple as that.

And...mine are CUSTOM FIT!!! Made to order! No need to be "sized down". If the person states they have them in stock, they are NOT custom fit. The others are closer to jewelry with all the extra stuff stuck on them. Also, one manufacturer in particular ONLY ALLOWS YOU TO PICK FROM 1/2" INCREMENTS! BAD!!! Mine are sized to the nearest 1/4", giving you a much better, more comfortable fit. Almost everyone selling the knock-off cheapie bracelets on here are MANUFACTURERS with a LARGE NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES (and child labor!) that make these bracelets -- I am just a lone individual soldier...If I list it, I am the one that made it. Because of that, I take a TREMENDOUS amount of pride in what I create, so I make sure if I send it out, it is perfect. I want people to be happy with my work, so I do whatever it takes to make that happen. These soccer moms, so-called people claiming to be "army wives" and all these other bozos selling these DO NOT CARE about you or what you want...ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY. BUT I MOST DEFINITELY DO CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR SATISFACTION and I use this money for a GOOD CAUSE. I also know I make a superior product to theirs so I know you will enjoy wearing it.

Now, it takes me several evenings working on your bracelet to get it finished. I cannot work on them during the day due to my other duties, so have to work on them when I get home. I can usually have it completed and on the way to you within a couple of days.

The colors of US-Manufactured, Military SpecificationType I cordI currently have available right this minute are:

Fightin' Texas Aggie MAROON
Neon Turquoise
Coyote Brown
Desert Tan
Solid White
Olive Drab
Royal Blue
Safety Orange (Great for SAR!)
Burnt Orange
Neon "toxic" Green

(Colors in gray above are temporarily unavailable)

Buckles are available in foliage green or desert tan in either regular size (recommended for snug measurements of 7.5" and larger) or small (highly recommended for snug measurements of 7.25" or lower before adding the 1.25") Remember -- due to the way I make the Type 1 bracelets (shown above), they can only be a single color. The advantage of this design of bracelet is you have many, many feet in a single, continuous piece of cord without any splices...if that is important to you. If you'd rather have several colors in your bracelet and you know how to tie knots / bends, like most people do (or should know how), then please check this listing for my 3-color 550 cord bracelets. :-) I can source several other colors of this type of paracord, but it takes a few days to get it shipped to me...just let me know what you'd like after you've completed your purchase and if I do not have it here, I will get it, just for you. If you would like one, please let me know what size you would like it. This WILL NOT be your wrist size. A good rule of thumb is to add 1.25 - 1.5 inches to your actual snug wrist measurement to the nearest quarter inch (1/4" or 0.25") (as measured with a tailor's tape or paper). When I make them for myself, I add 1.25" and that's about right. 1.5" will be fairly loose. I will make it to the size you specify, so please measure twice! :-) Please click on an image below to see a larger version of that pic... again, these are just examples. You may choose whatever color you'd like!!!

When you send the size, please make sure you send me both the SNUG MEASUREMENT as well as how much to add to it. For example, "Snug measurement was 8.0 inches...please add 1.25" for a regular fit." The reason I requestit be sent this wayis to make sure you understand that the bracelet will be 1.25" larger than your snug wrist measurement and so that I know you've only added either 1.25" or 1.5" to the measurement instead of some random number. This is VERY important to ensure a proper fit...if you do not send the measurement that way and you just say "9 inches" or something, it will delay your bracelet because then I'll have to send you a message to clarify all this anyway...please send the info as requested above the first time and it will speed up your bracelet order a great deal. You can either send it as a "Note to seller" during checkout or through messages...I will receive the info either way.

(You are viewing multiple views of several different items above, however, you are only offerding on one (1) bracelet.) Any questions, please ask before offerding. These and all my items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home. Payment by PayPal only. You must have a confirmed address and I will only ship to that address. These bracelets take several hours to make due to the complicated nature of the construction. I will get it out as soon as possible after I receive cleared funds though. If I am up for deployment rotation or training courses, I will note this at the very bottom of the listing text. Instructions to buyer:
Once you have paid, I will need the following information to make your bracelet(s)...I will begin making your bracelet as soon as I receive this info: 1. Please let me know what size you need. This will be your wrist size as measured snugly (no gap at all, but not super tight) with a fiberglass tailor's tape or a piece of paper (mark where it overlaps and measure with a ruler). Then, add 1.25 inches for a snug but comfortable fit or 1.5 inches for a looser fit. When you send the size, please specifically state the snug measurement and also how much you have added. i.e. "Snug measurement = 7.5" + 1.25" for snug fit". If you do not follow these instructions and simply guess at the size, it won't fit and they cannot be resized once completed. If something in these instructions is not clear, PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY GUESS AT THE SIZE. Please email me and I'll see if I can clear up any confusion. 2. Also, please let me know what color buckle (foliage green or desert tan only) you would like. And that's it!

Check out my response from folks that have purchased my bracelets and offer with confidence!!! I guess you know you providethe BESTproduct when everyone else wants to come along and try to copy you. :-)

Last thing...contrary to what other sellers would have you believe, sending bracelets to Soldiers/Marines will NOT save their lives. The items I am purchasing from the sale of MY bracelets WILL. Other sellers say they're college students, so you know they're buying beer, gaming systems, and other garbage with your hard-earned money. Please know that when you buy my bracelets, you are helping a soldier to be able to purchase gear to augment their standard issue with things that will increase survivability in a combat Environment and NOT paying for some rich CEO's second home or private jet. I am not purchasing random junk or other unnecessary garbage with this money. The "others" are NOT buying things like armor plate carriers, first aid kits, asherman chest seals, quikclot, training books and manuals, pressure dressings, map cases, CR123 batteries, etc. I have a message for you others selling your substandard, inferior copies of my product on here. I am NOT a servicemember's "spouse". I didn't "used to be" in the military. I am not selling them for my "disabled veteran brother"...(*I* am the one that makes my bracelets and *I* am the disabled vet here). My "father" was not in the military. I AM THE MILITARY. I am a soldier. I don't ride on the coat tails of someone else's affiliation. I DON'T HAVE TO. I am seriously sick to death of seeing you people just flat-out MAKING UP your distant and remoteaffiliation with the military (e.g. "...my friend's fiancee's brother's cousin's friend has afriend thatis in the military, so I'm selling these for him...") to try to get people to buy your ****. You are disgusting and pathetic little people. End of message to them. I truly appreciate the kind words from everyone!!! Thanks! I saw another seller that uses a metal shackle to fasten it which means 1) you have to remove it every time you go through a metal detector (you do not have to remove mine!) and 2) if his gets caught on machinery or anything else while you're wearing it, it WILL break your wrist (at best) or completely amputate your hand from your arm, ok? So...just know that if you're going to buy the fake...that way, you're making a conscious, fully-informed decision to do something stupid. :-) The difference between the "other" sellers and me is, I really am a soldier who really gets deployed, really gets shot at, really gets injured, really encounters IED's, really helps people, etc. I tell you what...I am sick to death of the imposters. I've had it with them. I really appreciate everyone's support over the past few years...thank God for the kind-hearted folks like you all out there that are buying my bracelets that recognize the best when you see it, have respect for intellectual property and creative ideas, that can see through the lies, deceipt, and utter BS from the imposters, and for the kind words of encouragement and support from you to myself and my buddies. That means more to us than you know. Thank you! A little about me...
I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veteran and am still serving as my ETS date is not until 2019. I enjoy making 550 cord bracelets, chainmaille bracelets, and wallet chains and have been doingso for many years now. I have PTSD and making things like the chainmaille and 550 cord bracelets in my other listings has started to help a lot with that, especially the sleep problems. Thank you so much for your support! Note: I do NOT offer refunds simply because you decided you don't want it after you receive it, ok? All bracelets are custom made to order in YOUR size and YOUR choice of color, so please make sure you want this before ordering because I cannot give refunds simply because you changed your mind. Thanks.This IS NOT a conquistador bracelet, ok? You can keep on trying to think it's one if you want to, but you would be WRONG. MY bracelet is FAR BETTER than those conquistador bracelets "others" are trying to sell...

Type I Paracord 550 Cord Rescue Survival Bracelet - See Why Mine Are The Best:

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