Ultra Rare 1889-cc Pcgs Vf20 Morgan~no Reserve / Very Nice & All Original

Ultra Rare 1889-cc Pcgs Vf20 Morgan~no Reserve / Very Nice & All Original

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Ultra Rare 1889-cc Pcgs Vf20 Morgan~no Reserve / Very Nice & All Original:


Just about every 1889-CC ever offered on has used a BUY IT NOW format. I'm giving any and all collectors a shot at owning the rarest Carson City silver dollar of them all. It's a date that you need to know about too, since any legit coin in this date has a fascinating history and takes up a huge chunk of any collector's coin budget.


Only 350,000 of these were minted, and all of them during the final 3 months of 1889. That's after zero were struck in the preceeding 3 years. Only a few years later, the mint in Carson City was instructed to haltall gold and silvermintage since the nation wasentering a financial crisis. This has forever beena key date in the Morgan seriesand it's actually expanded to become one of the key coins in all of collecting. This huge gap between Morgan strikes at the CC mint, which lasted from August of 1885 to October of 1889, is the primary reason behind the difficulty in finding coins from this mint in not only 1889 but also in 1885. A 51 month gap that made the 1889-CC the rarest of the Carson City coins and perhaps the one of the very toughest coins to acquire today in today's collecting market. It will get harder every month of every year, too.


How many exist ? There's no way to ever get an accurate count. Here's what we do know about the population remaining today:

* the official ANA estimate (they always give a range, smart) is that between 28,000 and 38,000 of these 1889-CC coins even exist, in any condition !

*a date that seems to getreviseddownward on a regular basis;twice it's dropped in the past 15 years and by a substantial amount each time.

* the Redbook author (Bowers) says it's even lower, between 24,000 and 30,000.

*both NGC and PCGS, who see a lot of "fakes" come throughtheir certification services,claim the true number that exist is even lower and current population estimates tend to overstate the reality of this date.

* both PCGS and NGC acknowledge thata large percentage of coins sent in for grading from this date have the very same issue; they aren't gradable for one reason or another, and NGC even states that "most raw 1889-CC Morgans cannot becertified as authentic".

* does it matter who's closest ? no and we'll never have an accurate figure.

* the known number in graded mint state65 is even more astounding...less than3 dozen !


Hoards of Morgans are not unusual. The Government's own release of Carson City Morgans, also known as the GSA Hoard, is the single largest stash of Morgan dollars ever found and it containedONE 1889-CC. Many private hoards have been found over the years. I'm sure you read about some collector in Nevada who recently died and they found over $7 million worth of rare gold coins and bars in his garage. The largest private hoard of Morgans ever discovered occurred in 1976 when a recluse of a fellow named Lavere Redfield passed away. He'd built up the remarkable quantity of just over 400,000 Morgans, most of them in mint state. How many were from this date ? ZERO. Not one. Ted Binion's hoard of Morgans, also another famous stash and found literally in a concrete bunker in his backyard, also had a documented lack of 1889-CCMorgans. As in ZILCH. Very few collectors, largeor small,ever own even one.You get a chance with this sale. There's price. The winner fills the date.



There's a huge risk to collectors in this date and more than a few think they own a real 1889-CC and they've been duped into buying a raw fake. A counterfeit date that rivals almost any other. If you take your chances on a raw coin in this date, look out. You're up against long odds. Some of the best counterfeit minds in history have worked for decades to produce fake coins with plenty of circulation and near-perfect details in weight, design, etc.

If you see a raw 1889-CC on here and are thinking of buying/offerding, sound the alarm bells ! Be more than hesitant. Be more than skeptical or suspicious. THE RIGHT APPROACH IS SIMPLE.AVOID ONE in raw, uncertified condition. PERIOD.A coin examined, assigned a gradeand holdered byPCGScompletely removes the risk of owning a fake orbuying a "Non Genuine"coin.

has taken the best possible steps to ensure buyer trust and safety but they cannot send an army of professional graders or numismatists into the field...into the home or office....of every person listing a 1889-CC to examine it for authenticity.

It's just not possible to police everything and everyone, everywhere. Lots of "no good" coins exist in this date. Buyer beware. Own one in a NGC or PCGS slab or it's a risky situation.

This coin has the best name in the business behind it's authentication. ONLY BUY THIS DATE IF IT'S BEENCERTIFIED AS THE REAL DEAL BY PCGS OR NGC. Read that statement twice if you've reached that point in your Morgan collecting where you are ready to buy the 1889-CC. I am giving you the best advice posible....stick to one in a NGC or PCGS holder. Don't waiver or compromise on that and you'll be fine and sleep greatowning "TheKing of Carson City". Don't buy one that causes you to wake up and worryat 2am, wonderingif you've been scammed. This is a date where you should absolutely INVEST LIKE A PRO. OWN THE RIGHT COIN AND REAP THE GAIN. BUY WRONG AND TAKE A CHANCE. BUYER BEWARE.

The 1889-CC Morgan,maybe as much as any other, causes collectors fits and leads to disappointment and regret. It has sent some off the cliff and away from collecting. Again, aPCGS CERTIFICATION WITH A GRADEis the solution. Forget the fact you can't put a slab in an album. That's immaterial. You'll have the real deal and that supersedes EVERYTHING.



Circulated to be sure but you still get a lot of coin in a VERY FINE grade. The coin still shows the crisp strike feature that sets most CC Morgans apart from the coin at mints like Philadelphia and New Orleans. It's probably even in better shape than you might thinkwith aVERY FINE GRADE20designation. Some specifics:

* more than just aclear date; bold "cc" mintmark and Liberty in her crown

* just even wear on both surfaces,light gray/brown "naturally toned"color

Simply put, the COIN IS PROBLEM FREE. Finding a raw coin in this datewhich can be sent toPCGS and theirassigning the coin a grade is one tough chore and the hard work in collecting has been done for you with this VERY FINE 20.

SincePCGS is the best in the business, I won't argue their judgement (and it wouldn't cause them to change anything anyway) on the grade but I will say the coin has numerous features which could have been combined to give it a slightly better VF25 grade.

I'll let you be the judge of whether thecondition fits your collecting style.It's an original for sure orPCGS would not have graded it. Never cleaned or polished and that aspect has some value.This 1889-CC is newly graded/certified, a flawless slab and the coin is registered at the PCGS website with the number assigned on the grade sticker. It will remain there forever too....their dominant position in the market for grading (with NGC, the two hold over 95% of the market) means they aren't going anywhere.

What good would it be anyway if you were looking at anPCGS AU55 in this date ? Are you ready to spend $8,000-$10,000 on one ?This one is holdered forever to protect it from being cleanedor anything else that might keep it from being a great investment. Which it certainly will be.

How many exist in gradedPCGS holders ? Great question. Answer available. Confirm it at their website and if the number has changed bya fewsince this sale came online then accept that. THERE ARE3,206GRADED/CERTIFIED 1889-CC MORGANS in NGC holders in existence. You're looking at one of them. At PCGS, there aren't many graded either. Just more than 2,100have been holdered with a grade. So folks, recognize what the reality is in this date. A field population that probably numbers under 25,000 authentic coins. About 20%of them inholders with the NGC or PCGS name behind the authenticity. The kind of rarity that few collectors are ever able to build into their set. All it will do is show a remarkable return over time (and maybe even beforeyou thinkgiven what's happening in this crazy world).

Final statistic: do the math and let it sink in. There are between 6 and 7 million Morgan collectors. That number is growing too and it will rise quickly as the popularity of coin collecting keeps surging. Double digit growth in collecting is happening right now.LESS THANONE IN EVERY TWO THOUSAND COLLECTIONS HAS OR WILL EVER HAVE A 1889-CC MORGAN. In any condition. The number that own a guaranteedgenuine1889-CC (which is really what counts) with the NGC or PCGS name behind the grade ? Infintesimal. ABSOLUTELY THE SCARCEST CARSON CITY MORGAN OF ALL and here's your chance to buy ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT COIN IN THE RIGHT SLAB. A sharp coinyetaffordable and undisputable. Documented scarcity that can never be argued. When the day comes (whenever that is) for your or someone you designate to sell this coin, it will be "No Questions Asked" regarding the coin's documented authenticity or the grade and condition. That alone speaks volumes.

The rarity can really never be exceeded either. It's not like some stash of a thousand 1889-CC Morgans are ever going to surface.

Today, the mint is a state museum. The picture of the CC mint I've uploaded was taken in 1890. Every CC Morgan I sell includes a photocopy of that view. The coin press shetched was used to strike every silver dollar it produced and is from the archives of this National Historic Site. It's been refurbished and today it's used to strike a token that visitors to the mint can purchase.


Take a moment to use yourSearch box on. It's a collector's best friend. If you are new to and don't know how to use it, learn quickly because it will save you time and money. It can help you buy and own better coins at the best possible prices. Make your life better and your collecting more productive. Might even save your life one day. Other than that, the search featureis no big deal.

You can find other 1889-CC Morgans in PCGS NGC slabs available today...right now....BUY IT NOW PRICES. In this and comparable condition. Most of what's available to collectors which has been certified (both on and off ) is....drumroll.... coins in the AG/G/VG range. Occasionally one comes up graded in FINE or VF. Here's one and it's being sold at a pure sale. The PCGS population report shows it's graded higher than 74% of the coins they've holdered in this date. Put another way, roughly 3 out of every 4 in a PCGS holderis below this VF20. Quite a nice coin for the date when you get down to it.

Theypractically double in price in each successive grade up. By the time you reach Extra Fine, the price really doesn't matter much.Most collectors, even serious ones, are not spending the many thousands upon thousands of dollars ittakes for an XF.An AU will cost about as much as a nice used car. Mint state ? Forget it. May as well be a couple trillion, you aren't buying one. Neither am I.We won't likely ever see one, much less take ownership.


The best way to collect, if you are just starting a Morgan set ? Buy the key dates early. That way you get the benefit of the appreciation in value on the key coins in the series while you assemble your set. It takes time to do it right.Years even.

But buy right.Risky tobuy a raw coin in this date that hasn't been authenticated by a top service.I said that earlier but it's worth saying again and again. When you own a1889-CC with a grade in aPCGS holder, you've bought right andhavean ultimate numismatic investment in your possession. You own a coin registered at the website of the most respected name in grading. You can rest easy, knowing it will show a superior return on investment. Guaranteed that it's the real thing. Raw coins this rare wake people up in the middle of the night to examine them for telltale signs of a problem. ThePCGS name behind this 1889-CC removes all doubt about the legitimacy, forever.

Avoid those which sitting over in China or those served upas "estate finds". Or one that was "hidden in grandma's attic". Everything is relative. If someone cons you on a $60 Morgan in a nice date and you wind up with a fake, shame on them but you'll recover from that disaster. This date can be a different story. It can waste a lot of money and create a lot of problems if you take your chances and buy hoping a coin it's legit. Lots of people have been scammed over the years by clever sellers in this date, maybe more so thanany other. "Hope" is not much of an investment and seldom produces a return. Bevery suspiciousof a coin with activity around the mintmark...clever sellers have been known to do something so bold as take a 1889-P and attached a "cc" mintmark with some rather creative tooling. Don't be the target. Buy right and own one in a PCGS or NGC holder. It's just that simple.


Nobody ships faster. This coin is ready to mailimmediately and your payment is also expected quickly. Priority Mail Insured is the listing basis.Get it FAST, in a Priority Mail package. Yes, I know. Pack it carefully. Of course !


Paypal preferred, postal payment accepted with prior approval/communication and quick mailing. If you're the type that likes to wait a week to pay, well....that's not my style on a coin this rare so PAYMENT IN FOUR OR FEWER DAYS PLEASE OR THE TRANSACTION VOIDS, PERIOD. Ifthat's an issue, find a way around it. I ship fast but can only do so for those who pay fast.


Not a chance. Never. I never, ever end sales early so don't ask. If that isn't clear then this is: NO.


Here's your chance. The real deal and a quality cointhat essentially ranks in the top quartile. Sieze the moment. Someone will win this rarest ofCarson CityMorgans.There are so few in existence that no guaranteee I can ever serve up another. You hardly ever find one being saleed without a crazy reserve price so step up,make it yoursand add a coin to your silver dollar collection that makes everyother coin in your Morganhoard worth a whole lot more ! The "KING OF THE CARSONS" does that to every Morgan set containing one !

Thanks for looking at


: - ))

Ultra Rare 1889-cc Pcgs Vf20 Morgan~no Reserve / Very Nice & All Original:

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