Unique Georgian Sterling Silver Snuff Box- Birmingham 1808- Egyptian Interest

Unique Georgian Sterling Silver Snuff Box- Birmingham 1808- Egyptian Interest

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Unique Georgian Sterling Silver Snuff Box- Birmingham 1808- Egyptian Interest:

Beautiful and Unique Georgian Sterling Silver and Gilt [Gold washed interior] Snuff Box by One of The Most Famous Georgian Silversmith, Joseph Taylor, Birmingham 1808.

Thisstylish snuff box has the sphinx of Egypt, the largest monolith [single massive stone] statue in the world, decoration on both lid and base which surrounded with various symbols.This unique decoration in combination with the beautiful pinprick decoration on its sides making an eye catching masterpiece.

This top quality and rare snuff box is a true antique & 205 years old but still in good condition and would be a unique addition to any snuff box/silver collection.

Atruly Georgian silver snuff box with desirable and rare decoration, depicting the oldest monumental sculpture in the world, that has been offered with what so ever for your attention.

Great Sphinx of Giza:

It is the largestmonolithstatue in the world, standing 73.5 metres (241ft) long, 19.3 metres (63ft) wide, and 20.22m (66.34ft) high.It is the oldest knownmonumental sculpture, and is commonly believed to have been built by ancient Egyptians of theOld Kingdomduring the reign of thePharaohKhafra(c. 2558–2532BC).

Fully sterling silver hallmarks for:

Birmingham 1808.

Maker: IT.Joseph Taylor who was registered in Birmingham between 1800 & 1828 and specialisedin making top quality silver Box and flatware.

Description and condition [ please see pictures]:

Beautiful and unique Georgian sterling silver snuff box with nicely depicted Sphinx of Egypt on both lid and base.

The sphinx is highly detailed and surrounded with various symbols as you can see in provided pictures.

Sides is also decorated with nice pinprick decoration.

There are no inscription/Initials,so it can be personalised.

The gilt [ Gold washed interior] has added more beauty to this masterpiece.

It was made from good gaugeof sterling silver.

It is in nice condition after 205 years with No Dents/ Hole /Repair/ Soldering.

There is a tiny seam opening [ only fewmillimeters] to one corner of the box that even hardly can be noticed in close inspection and just mentioned for accuracy.

Hinge is in good order and box close nicely.

Detailed decoration is in good condition with minimal signs of aging as you can see in pictures.

Gilt [ gold washed interior] is in nice original condition with minimal signs of aging.


Length:5 cm / 2 inches

Width: 3 cm / 1.2 inches

Sterling silver weight: 28 grams/ 1 ounce

Overall this is a top quality and mega rare Georgian sterling silver and gilt snuff box with a detailed and unique decoration that would add value to any silver collection.

Iam proud to offer this beautiful silver snuff box which is from my private collection with low starting price of just one penny and to let you decide about the value of this priceless antique silver.

Please take a look on my other silveritems for saleswhich are from my private collection and has been offered with the same condition!

Please enlarge/zoom pictures to appreciate thequality of this item.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

I will shipworldwide and do accept combined shipping.

Happy offerding and good luck.

Unique Georgian Sterling Silver Snuff Box- Birmingham 1808- Egyptian Interest:

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