Unique Handpainted 4+" Tibetan Buddhist Beloved Healing Medicine Buddha Statue

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Unique Handpainted 4+" Tibetan Buddhist Beloved Healing Medicine Buddha Statue:


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~Medicine Buddhalooksvery peaceful and content, wearing a slight smile andsittingupon his colorful Lotus Throne. Thisis a charming statue with a "folk art" its size.It portrays Medicine Buddha with all the "correct" identifying symbols. Hand-crafted and hand-painted in Nepal, each one is a unique work of art! This statue measures 4 1/4 inches in height and around 2 1/2 inches in width. Please enlarge my pictures. They are non- served, and quite large.~ ~In Tibetan paintings, or Thangkas, and statues, Medicine Buddha is usually portrayed as blue, as he is, correctly,in this statue. His particular practice or "puja" is done by those suffering from emotional or physical afflictions, although it is equally common to work with Medicine Buddha for the benefit of another person, or all people who are suffering. It is believed that just viewing Medicine Buddha can be of benefit to the ill, and I recently gave this particular statue to a friend who is struggling with cancer. But the affliction can be emotional, as well.~ Recent response: Great transaction Thanks BEAUTIFUL piece of art!!! Thank you so much! Super-fast delivery, too! Perfect transaction! I love it! arrived in 3 days too. may peace and love fill your being. =) Super prompt shipping; Item craftsmanship is OUTSTANDING. Very happy buyer!!!!! very pretty thank you for shipping soooo quickly!!!! The colors are amazing on this buddha! Thank you so much! Love it! Beautiful statue, I love it. Ordered 12/21/12 and got it before Christmas!! I am very pleased with my purchase. shipped fast. beautiful item. Thank you. Excellent service with fast shipping. A+++++++++ Beautiful statue! Excellent communication, totally positive experience. Thx!! Super fast! Its is a beautiful n peaceful statue. It also adds harmony to my hse ~It has been written about Medicine Buddha: "This is like the action of the Buddha of Healing, who has the power to see the true cause of any affliction, whether spiritual, physical or psychological, and who does whatever is necessary to alleviate it".~ ~Medicine Buddhais 4 1/4 inches in height and2 1/2inches at his widest point. The beautiful hand-painting continues all the way around the statue, front to back. Note the fine detailing of his hair, his robes, his throne and of his three symbols, bowl, plant and mudra.~ ~Medicine Buddha is recognizable by the presence of3 symbols, visible in the close up below, left. First, he is always holding an "alms" bowl in his left hand. Secondly, his right hand is in the "mudra", or gesture of protection, and the fact that the protection is from illness is indicated by the presence of the Myrobalan plant,which is the third symbol. This healing plant is shown in this portrayal with the stem clasped between his right index finger and thumb.~ ~For more information about Medicine Buddha, please look for the stars *** below. To view a wide assortment of Tibetan Buddhist-related items, please visit my Store.~

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Medicine Buddha, Teacher of Medicine, King of Lapis Lazuli Light (Bhaishajyaguru, Sangye Menla, Vaidurya)

"His radiant body is azure blue. His left hand is in the meditation mudra and holds a begging bowl full of long life nectar in his lap. As a sign that he gives protection from illness, his right hand is outstretched in the gesture of giving and holds the "great medicine", the myrobalan plant (a-ru-ra)"


Thangka Images of Medicine Buddha Sangye Menla

Ancient teachings tell us that merely seeing the Medicine Buddha, or even seeing an image of the Medicine Buddha, or hearing the name of the Medicine Buddha, can confer inconceivable benefits.

In Tibetan images of the Medicine Buddha the left hand typically holds a blooming myrobalan plant. Tibetan medicine recognizes three basic types of illness, the root causes of which are the conflicting emotions -- passion, aggression, and ignorance. Myrobalan is the only herb in the Tibetan pharmacopoeia that can aid in healing each of these three types of diseases. This is like the action of the Buddha of Healing, who has the power to see the true cause of any affliction, whether spiritual, physical or psychological, and who does whatever is necessary to alleviate it.

In his Teachings on the Medicine Buddha the Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche discusses the position of the Medicine Buddha's two hands:

"His right hand is extended, palm outward, over his right knee in the gesture called supreme generosity. In it he holds the arura, or myrobalan, fruit. This plant represents all the best medicines. The position of his right hand and the arura which he holds represent the eradication of suffering, especially the suffering of sickness, using the means of relative truth. Sickness can be alleviated by adjusting the functioning of interdependent causes and conditions by the use of relative means within the realm of relative truth, such as medical treatment and so on. The giving of these methods is represented by the gesture of the Medicine Buddha's right hand.

"His left hand rests in his lap, palm upward, in the gesture of meditative stability or meditation, which represents the eradication of sickness and suffering— and, indeed, the very roots of samsara— through the realization of absolute truth. From the point of view of either relative truth or absolute truth, the fundamental cause of sickness and suffering is a lack of contentment and the addictive quality of samsara. Therefore, to indicate the need for contentment, in his left hand he holds a begging bowl."

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Unique Handpainted 4+" Tibetan Buddhist Beloved Healing Medicine Buddha Statue:

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