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Uncanny X-men #12 First Appearance Of Juggernaut Origin Of Professor X For Sale

Uncanny X-men #12 First Appearance Of Juggernaut Origin Of Professor X


For your consideration:

You are offerding on a copy of Uncanny X-Men #12! First Appearance of Juggernaut! Plus features the origin story of Professor X!

I give this comic a grade of 6.5!

Lies Flat! Both Staples are firmly attached! No missing pages or cut outs!

While I am not a professional grader I consider myself very capable of judging most books. I am confident in this grade and you should be too. I know people can be very particular about grading. Believe me, I've been on BOTH sides of this argument. If the item arrives at your location and you find yourself unsatisfied, simply return the item to me within seven days of receiving it and I will refund you the cost of the item plus the cost of shipping it to you. You will be responsible for paying shipping cost back to me BY THE SAME METHOD AND WITH THE SAME CARE IT WAS SHIPPED TO YOU! Refunds will only be issued after I have received the book back from the buyer so I can verify condition. I don't know any other way to be more fair and simultaneously give you a good idea about what you're buying.

I have always found it unfair for sellers to give their books grades and then conveniently have a "no return" policy. There are sufficient pictures for you to make a strong assessment of your own as well. I encourage all buyers to look over the pictures provided carefully.

Additionally, many books I have for sale come from trades I make in my dental office. Yes, I trade comics for dental work. So, I'm in a position to sell at a good price because I never paid cash for the books in the first place. Also, I acquire new additions to my collection with significant frequency. Some of the books I keep and others I sell to buy the books I need to complete the titles I'm personally working on.

So, check out all my other sales as well. I usually have Golden and Silver Age Marvel and DC titles including Xmen, FF, Superman and others! For a wide array of Silver, Golden and Bronze age books that are far more affordable please check out my other store, 20dollarcomics2013! All books are $20 or under!

All comics will be shipped bagged and boarded.

Shipping for this sale is a flat$2.99!

Feel free to make me reasonable offers!

I request that you contact me prior to giving me any response other than positive or 5 stars. I will bend over backwards to make this sale worth your while.

Paypal only. International Buyers are welcome though shipping costs may vary.

Happy offerding from your friendly neighborhood dentist!


Uncanny X-men #12 First Appearance Of Juggernaut Origin Of Professor X

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Uncanny X-men #12 First Appearance Of Juggernaut Origin Of Professor X :

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