Unique Pattern Power Tibetan Old Oily Agate Stars 2 Eye Dzi Bead Totem Amulet 5a

Unique Pattern Power Tibetan Old Oily Agate Stars 2 Eye Dzi Bead Totem Amulet 5a

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Unique Pattern Power Tibetan Old Oily Agate Stars 2 Eye Dzi Bead Totem Amulet 5a:

Energy!!! Mysterious Powerful Tibetan Amulet Carving

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This Ancient Dzi Bead was obtained directly from Tibet. This ancient dzi bead has been examined by the expert & guaranteed to be a genuine piece. It was originally obtained from the native Tibetan family. Most of their Dzi Beads were inherited from their ancestors, from generation to generation. This particular piece of ancient Dzi bead has been well-kept since the olden day, look at the luster of the body sheen, the quality is top-notchDZI is quite worthy of being worshipped, worn, and collected. This is a tendency of nowadays. We can wear the DZI or worship in the niche, it can bring our family lucky, success, happy and all other satisfactions. Dzi Bead is an eons-old antique, ALSO it remains fashionable. Its different pattern is an ideal trendy ornament for the young and is also suitable for all ages. DZi beads is the sign of Prosperity, Happiness and Longevity, People believe that It can help its owner ensure the growth in compassion, power and glory thus bringing about immense benefits.
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Legend of the Dzi beads

The Dzi bead itself has mythological and legendary elements. During those early years when Tibet was overwhelmed by severe epidemic, Tibetans were plunged into an abyss of misery and they led a very hard life. Fortunately, the compassionate Vajravarahi Buddha came to relieve them by dropping magic Dzi beads from the sky. Anyone who were predestined to obtain them would be relieved from disease, calamities and bad luck……

Ingredients of the Pure Dzi beads

Made of super-grade natural agate chalcedony, the pure Dzi bead possesses a distinctive magnetic field with powerful energy. In terms of its appearance, it is classified into black brown ones and light brown ones. Its totem is an creamy-white line, which deeps into the central point. Some scholars point out that one of the characteristic features of Pure Dzi is that it is creamy white within the perforation. Creamy white is considered the most desirable.

dZi Bead Back Ground

If you have the chance to visit Museum of Fine Arts, Boston or Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, most likely you will find the unique Tibetan beads called Dzi – a stunning contrasts of black and white (or dark brown) bead of etched or treated agate, that is revered in Tibet. Dzi or Gzi( pronounced as “zee”) in Tibetan word means “good retribution, dignity and perfection”. It is the name of a unique Tibetan bead -- The authentic “Pure Dzi” are found primarily in Tibet, and the “Chung Dzi” can be found in neighboring countries such as India and Nepal. "Pure" dZi beads, in the traditional Tibetan system for evaluating dZi, are regarded as the most valuable and desirable variety. Etched agate beads not considered pure are called “Chung Dzi”, or "secondary, less important dZi."
The dzi bead is also one of the most mysterious of all the beads known to human being today. It is unclear to many bead scholars the exact origin of dzi bead, why, when and how it was manufactured. The fact is these tiny stone beads patterned with mystical eyes are one of the most treasured beads in the world today. The Tibetans believe the dzi beads are the precious jewels with supernatural origin. There are many myths and legends in Tibet describing the origin of the bead. Among the many myths and legends that follow the dzi, the main belief is that the gods created them. The Tibetan theoretically divine origin rendered the dzi to be precious and powerful talismans. Most Tibetans will not let go of it because this may cause bad luck to them. In addition, the rarity of the bead makes them as valuable as diamonds in Tibet.
Most Tibetans believe that the dzi were once insects that lived in a kind of nest. When the insects were unearthed they will continue to move for a while and eventually become petrified in the form of dzi that exist today. There are stories say that the dzi were once insects but became petrified by the touch of human hand, or by the people with good karma, or by woman’s shirt.
There was a time when Tibet was overwhelmed by severe epidemic and the Tibetans were facing very hard life. Fortunately, the compassionate Vajravarahi Buddha came to rescue by releasing the magical Dzi Beads from the sky. The beads are believed to bring good luck, ward off evil, and protect the wearer from physical harm.
One of the stories describes the dzi were once wore by semi-gods in heaven as ornaments during ancient times. When the dzi gradually blemished, the semi-god throw it to the earth. Therefore, no one can ever find the beads in perfect condition.
Another legend tells the story that after Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) built the first temple (Samye Monastery) in Tibet, he was blessed with dzi beads by the heavenly beings. Guru Rinpoche then buried the dzi beads all over Tibet, each with specific prayer, blessing or spiritual insight. Hundreds of year later, King Gesar of Ling Kingdom had defeated the Tagzig Kingdom, he found maps that led him to discover rare treasures, including millions of dzi beads. King Gesar brought them back as the spoils of military conquest to reward soldiers.
It is also believed that the dzi beads were made from meteorites fell from outer space thousands of years ago. The magnetic field of dzi bead is three times stronger than the normal crystals.


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Unique Pattern Power Tibetan Old Oily Agate Stars 2 Eye Dzi Bead Totem Amulet 5a:

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