Very Rare Antique French Fashion Style Bisque Kestner Pouty Closed Mouth Doll

Very Rare Antique French Fashion Style Bisque Kestner Pouty Closed Mouth Doll

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Very Rare Antique French Fashion Style Bisque Kestner Pouty Closed Mouth Doll :

Up for sale today I have a 16" French fashion style dollmade byKestner, for the French market. She is a VERY EARLY and VERY RARE mold letter "C" with the extremely pale, finebisque shoulderhead,closed pouty mouth(A.T. type), with sleep eyes and original leather narrow-waisted lady body. She was made to compete with theFrench fashion dolls of her time. This sale is for the outfitted doll only. The stand is NOT included.

Her bisque head and hands are perfect and undamaged. There are some patches to the ORIGINAL BODY, but it is in good stable condition with no current tears or leaks. She has her original human hair wig andpartial plaster pate. She also has her original white cotton dress and petticoat (see two next tolast photos). Her original dress has some tears and deterioration (see next tolast photo), so I did redress her in a fashionable outfit that suits her coloring better.

For those of you who are serious doll collectors, you know how incredibly rare this doll is. Her book value is in the thousands of dollars because there are so few of these dolls out there, especially with the bisquein undamaged condition. When I found her, she was in sorry condition, covered in dirt and soot from being stored in an attic for many years.Because of this, I acquired her for a fraction of her true value. This has allowed me to offer her to you for a very low reserveof $225, what I paid for her.

I really hate to get rid of this doll. She is a prized part of my personal collection. Unfortunately, though, I was recently diagnosed with a progressive, debilitating disease that requires a lot of medicine and medical visits. In short, I need the money (for medicine and doctor's visits)more than I need a beautiful doll to look at. My loss is your gain.


As a doll collector myself, I like to know every possible detail (good and bad) of a doll before I buy it. So I will try to give you a detailed description, noting both the finer characteristics of the doll as well as any flaws I am aware of. I've tried to take photos of everything important, but does limit the number of photos I can list. So if you would like more information about something or need a photo of something in particular, please ask. I'm happy to oblige.

The doll stands approximately16 inches tall with avery fine, pale bisque, slightly turned shoulderhead andanarrow-waisted leather lady body with bisque lower arms and hands. She hasdeep hazel paperweight glass sleep eyes, feathered brows andclosed pouty mouth (A.T. type) as well as her original blonde human hair wigand partial original plaster pate.

The pale bisque, slightly turnedshoulder headis clearly marked withthe cursiveletter "C"(see 5th photo of back of head) of Kestner's letter series shoulderheads. She has lightly painted upper andlower lashes. Her eyebrows are feathered multi-stroked. She has sweet slightly-pinkplump cheeks and a closed pouty mouth.She has bigbrown paperweight glass sleep style eyes (eyelid wax is missing), and her original human hair wig. The wig is a little sparse in the back, butwith it pulled back in a bun and a hat, you don't notice it.She has part (about aone-fourth)of her original plaster pate. She came to me with only the partialpate that you see in the photos.

I HAVE LIT HER HEAD AND CAN FIND NO CRACKS, CHIPS OR OTHER DAMAGE. Any lines you might see in the photos are from stray wig hairs.

She hasher original leather narrow-wasted body with bisque lower arms and hands (see photos 5-7).There is NO DAMAGE to the bisque arms/hands. The body is inoverall good stablecondition, but does have patches at both knees (front and back) as well as in the arm pit area. When I received her, one leg was almost completely detached and the other one was badly torn and both arms were hanging on by a thread, literally.(They hung down past her knees, making her look more like a gorilla than a lady.)I patched both knees and the joints nowbend well and do not leak. Her arms were a little more difficult to repair. The cloth underarm area had been torn and was leaking so I had to patch both of them. Also, when I tried to remove the head to reattach the arms in the customary manner (stitched under the shoulderhead), I found that the head was firmly glued to the cloth inner liner of the leather body. I could not remove the head without damaging the inner cloth linerpart of the body. Since this is her original body, I decided to reattach the arms in a different manner. Both arms are now glued and pinned to the underarm patches. As you can tell by the naked body photos, you can barely tell the leather upper arms have been reattached in a different way. (Though I would not recommend picking her up by an arm only).

This lady has two outfits - her original white cotton dress and an older,bustled, French fashion style outfit with matching hat and purse.

The original antique whitecotton dresshas amazingintricate details, with rows of pin-tucking and embroidered cotton lace. The original dress does have some condition issues, which is why I retired the dress and put her in something more stable. As you can see in photo #11, the dress is melting (disintigrating) in several places on the arms and a couple places on the lower skirt where the bottom lace attaches. Photo #11 does show some of the intricate detail on the dress, though. She also has her matching original white cotton petticoat. This is more stable, but does have some stitchedrepair on the lower edge where the bottomlace attaches to the rest of the petticoat. I also added some modern white knit stockings to match. She is missing her shoes and chemise (top undergarment).

She also has a bustled, French-fashion style outfit of a deep gold color with black velvet trim, black lace inside cuffs, and black glass- bead mock "buttons" down the front. She also has a matchingblack velvet hat with black tulle and feathers and a black velvet drawstring purse with black satin ribbon ties.This outfit is older, but not from the original era of this doll. I also had to make some alterations to the dress, so there are some fine pin-hole marks in the back where I had to move the black trim to accomodate the changed hem level. You have to look close to see them, but I believe in listing any defect I am aware of, no matter how small. The dress fastens in back with snaps. Beneath the dress, she wears her original white cotton petticoat, antique dark blue and gold striped thigh-high stockings, and a white cotton bustle I made for her. (See photo #9). The hat is antique, but the purse is recently made. She is missing her shoes and a chemise. If you want these items, they can be easily found on . I just never found them necessary, since the gown covers her completely.

As stated before, I have put a very low reserve onthis doll, a fraction of her book value.She was a treasured part of my personal collection, but I need money for medical expenses, so she's going to a new home to be treasured by someone else. Wouldn't you like to be that person?

Although I have been collecting dolls for over 20 years, I do not consider myself an expert. I do my best to check reference sources before listing any doll and try to describe any flaws I may see. However, it is best that you ask any questions BEFORE offerding. I try to check my e-mails several times a day. If you have any questions or need a photo of something, please e-mail me. I will do my best to get you what you ask for as quickly as possible but please do NOT wait till the last few minutes to ask a question as I may not be able to get a response to you in time.


I AM HAPPY TO SHIP WORLDWIDE. However, I will be utilizing 's Global Shipping Program. This may lengthen the amount of shipping time.


I try to pack well and have never had a doll arrive damaged, but sometimes I think the postal system uses packages as footballs - so please keep this in mind when deciding which shipping method to use and the overall cost of shipping.

I ship out all dolls within1 businessday (excluding weekends and holidays)of receiving a cleared payment. International buyers should keep in mind that thisdoll must travel through your country's custom offices, which can take up to a month in some countries. I can only be responsible for getting the doll shipped out - I have no control over how long your country's custom office takes to clear the package.


ALL buyers- I accept Paypal only, NO EXCEPTIONS.If you would like to pay with a check or credit card, please use Paypal. Payment is expected in3 days.

OUTSIDE USA buyers - You will be responsible for any taxes, duties or other charges that your country may charge for importing this item. If you have any questions about these charges, check with your local posting office for details. It is against customs laws for U.S. citizens to put "gift" on the customs forms, so please do not ask. I also can NOT put a value on the customs formthat is less than thewinning offeramount. See shipping information above for details on international shipping costs and restrictions.PAYMENT IS EXPECTED IN3 DAYS.

Items not paid for within the required time will be relisted or offered to the next highest buyer. If you have a problem with the payment period, please ask for an extension BEFORE offerding.

Although I have never had to do so, I reserve the right to cancel the offer of any buyer, especially those with less than 10 response, excessive negative response, a history of unpaid items or private response.

Very Rare Antique French Fashion Style Bisque Kestner Pouty Closed Mouth Doll :

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