Vintage 1933 Martin O-17 Acoustic Guitar - No Reserve

Vintage 1933 Martin O-17 Acoustic Guitar  - No Reserve

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Vintage 1933 Martin O-17 Acoustic Guitar - No Reserve:

This 1933 Martin O-17 is a solid working guitar with a rich, sweet tone, and plays and sounds great. Cosmetically this Martin is beautifullyroad-worn,and has the scratches, finish checking, dings, dents, crazing and cracks one would expect from a guitar that's been played for 80 years. It's important that you know exactly what you're getting, so I have taken pains to illustrate every detail of this guitar in words and pictures below– no details have been left out or sugarcoated, so there will be no surprises when you receive this guitar. Please see corresponding photos for all written details, and please contact me with any questions.
Serial number stamped on inside of guitar is 53242. There are several hairline cracks on the front, a crack on the left side at the widest point on the body, one on the top side to the left of the neck where it meets the body, and a crack in the veneer on the front of the head between the low E tuner and the nut. The wood is stable and not loose or flexible at these cracksand all cracks appear to have been treated with glue some time ago. The nut has a slight chip in it at the low end, with no effect on playability.A crack in the back of the neck where it meets the head stock and a crack on the right side edge of the front were repaired some time ago and have presented no issue since.All of these defects were present 30 years ago. They've shown no sign of further deterioration since that time and do not seem tocompromise the structural integrity of the guitar.The rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, rosewood bridge, tortoise pickguard, and ebony bridge pegs are all in very good condition. The frets look good overall, with some slight grooving on the first three frets– mostly on the high e end, with progressively less grooving across to the lower strings. The slight grooving has little effect on playability. The action on this guitar is a bit high, personally I don't find it objectionable but some players may want to address that. My measurement on the low e at the first fret is less than 1mm above the fret... at the 12 fret the same string is a little under 4 mm. On the high e it's a bit less than 3mm at the 12th fret. Despite this, the intonation is very good. The bridge looks like it could be lowered maybe 2mm or so to help address action.It appears two brass screws were added to the bridge support at one time. I've had the tuners replaced with aged replicas, they look great and function better than the originals. The original brass tuners are included, but there is one tuning key with its brass gear and screw missing from the original set. The original chipboard case is fully functional but extremely (although elegantly) worn from use.
Despite its age this Martin still has a beautiful tone and a solid feel. With proper care I have no doubt it will be good for another 80 years.
There isYoutube vidof another O-17 which will give you an idea of this model's tone, you can hear it at: watch?v=4KTVk3bsIk4
Another great video of Johnny Cash using this model guitar at:watch?v=E0NLn73caSAPlease contact me with any questions. Additional photos are available on request. Guitar will beprofessionally packed andfully insured for shipping via UPS ground. Buyer to pay actual shipping costs. 14 day return policy,buyer to pay any return shipping costs.

Vintage 1933 Martin O-17 Acoustic Guitar - No Reserve:

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