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Vintage 1939-1945 Swiss Men's Watch Tissot Laco Aviator Luftwaffe Pilots Wwii For Sale

Vintage 1939-1945 Swiss Men's Watch Tissot Laco Aviator Luftwaffe Pilots Wwii

James Tissot
Tissot introduced the first mass-produced pocket watch and the first pocket watch with two times zones in 1853 and the first anti-magnetic watch in 1929-30. Charles-Emile Tissot left for Russia in 1858 and succeeded in selling their savonnette pocket watches across the Russia Empire. The Tissot company was also the first to make watches out of plastic (IDEA 1971), stone (the Alpine Rock watch in 1985), (the Pearl watch in 1987), and wood (the Wood watch in 1988). Tissot merged with the Omega watch making family in 1930 and Tissot-Omega watches from this era are sought after by collectors.2001 ingranitemother of pearlStill based in , and present in more than 150 around the , Tissot has been a member of the , the largest watch producer and distributor in the world, since 1983.Le LocleSwitzerlandcountriesworldSwatch Group Ltd.Tissot is an official timekeeper for the world championships in cycling, motorcycling, fencing and ice hockey, and was used for the Davis Cup in 1957 and Downhill Skiing in Switzerland in 1938.Tissot has become known in recent years for its tactile, or "T-Touch," technology; several new watches have touch-sensitive sapphire glasses and include compasses, barometers, altimeters and thermometers. T-Touch watches have been recently featured on 's wrist in the movies and . Famous people who have worn Tissot watches include the actress , singer , , , and . James Stewart also wears a Tissot watch in the movie "Rear Window".Angelina JolieLara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life Mr. & Mrs. Smith Sarah Bernhardt Carmen MirandaElvis Presley Grace Kelly Nelson HISTORYThe German Luftwaffe, or air force, was formed in May of 1935. It was formed after the passing of the "Law for the Reconstruction of the National Defense Forces". This law brought back into existence a free standing German army, navy and air force, something that had been essentially banned after the end of World War I. With the end of World War I and the signing of the Treaty ofVersaillesin 1919, theWeimarRepublic- the successor to ImperialGermany- was allowed only a small defensive military force known as theReichswehr. The Reichswehr's size and composition was strictly controlled by the Allies in the hope that by restricting its constitution they could prevent future German military aggression. The Reichswehr consisted of 100,000 men divided between a small standing army, the Reichsheer, and a small defensive navy, the Reichsmarine. There was no provision for an air force of any sort. In 1933 the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) came to power and the infamous Third Reich was born. Two years later in 1935 the Treaty ofVersailleswas renounced and the Reichswehr became the Wehrmacht. The newly formed Wehrmacht would still consist of an army and a navy - the renamedHeerandKriegsmarine, but a new air force was born as well - the Luftwaffe. Although officially announced in 1935, the Luftwaffe had existed in one form or another practically since the day the treaty banning it had been signed. Initially there were Freikorps air units, then later glider and sail plane formations tasked with finding ways around the rigid restrictions of Versailles, a secret training base in the Soviet Union, and various cover organizations for the initial forming of the new German air force. The Luftwaffe consisted of air units that made up the majority of the German air force, as well as Fallschrimjäger units, Luftwaffe Field Divisions, the elite Herman Göring ground formations, thousands of smaller anti-aircraft, engineer, communications and security units, and a fair number of Luftwaffe naval vessels and formations as well. Between 1939 and 1945 over 3.4 million served in the Luftwaffe. Over 165,000 were killed, over 155,000 went missing and over 192,000 were wounded. Of the 7361 men awarded the initial grade of the highest German combat honor of WWII, the Knights Cross, 1785 were from the Luftwaffe making up 24% of the total awarded. Initially the Luftwaffe ruled the skies but thereafter fought an increasingly futile war of attrition which when combined with vital mistakes in aircraft production and utilization, was its death knoll. In the face of this the Luftwaffe produced the most successful air aces of all time. As well, the feats of the Fallschirmjäger in the first airborne operations in history are as heroic as they are tragic. German paratroops suffered appalling losses onCreteand essentially never saw large scale airborne operations again. Some Luftwaffe ground units fought well during WWII, such as certain Luftwaffe field divisions and the elite Hermann Göring formations, while other units simply served. Ultimately the structure of the Luftwaffe was a grand reflection of its commander, Hermann Göring. He strove more so than any other branch to create a personal army with responsibilities as far reaching as possible. It was partly due to this that the Wehrmacht was ultimately defeated. The strain on resources and man power such political maneuvering had was far reaching. The Luftwaffe was officially disbanded in August of 1946 by the Allied Control Commission. Short description ofwatchI bring to your attention to this rare vintage Swiss Military collectables,mechanical men’s wristwatchTISSOT LACO AVIATOR service wristwatches of the German Army Luftwaffe Pilots WWII.This vintage watch is originally very rare and collectable, therefore remains the preference of the Officers Luftwaffe WWII.This watch from pocket was altered in wrist watch.The watch chrome case whichsigned TISSOT.This beautiful wristwatch has the original gold platedhigh-grade movement with rarest caliber 43.II, alsowhich signed: “TISSOT”. The dial is original but only professionally repainted,restoredand beautifully done. On the dial, hours markersare fluorescent(luminous in dark).On face side, dome glass is plastic. To the watch a watchband is added in a gift.The watch hasbeen restored, checked and calibrated by a master watchmakerand is ingood running condition.This unique watch was kept till our time in good condition.Any defects not mentioned but visible in the pictures will be considered as described.Photos are of the actual watch.Getting such thing you do good capital investment. Every year the price for them will increase only!This watch is a stylish acquisition for collectors, 100% satisfaction, and good present or for everyday use!
Dear Buyers, you need to understand; Antique and vintage watches - are very delicate and I always pack them in a good packing for high degree preventing of damage. High altitude flights, jolting, atmospheric pressure, extreme temperature changes, frequent loading and frequent carrying in delivery time to you; can be hard on watch. This can cause the oil viscosity to decrease (gumming), the watch-hands can dropped down and prevent the ticking of watch (the balance can't f freely etc.). For this reason I can't guarantee a perfect working of watch. It may need to be oiled when it arrive - regardless of its recent servicing. Although this is only a very slight possibility it can occasionally happen. Please bear in mind that you are buying used watch - which already more than 65 years old and it will require service, cleaning, lubrication and calibration etc.
Technical information:
* Diameter of the case with crown:54 mm
* Diameter of the case:48 mm
* Diameter of the dial:41 mm
* Thickness: 12 mm
* Band size:22 mm---------------------------

Recommendations for the owner of antiquarian watches:
All Antique and vintage watches (Clocks) are mechanical. Many repairs will not be cheap, as most likely they will require replacement of non-standard parts (unlike most late model watches).
- Antique and vintage watches should not be beaten or dropped - because repairs may be expensive.
- Antique and vintage watches are generally NOT waterproof. This is because waterproofing was not in general production until the middle of the 20th century for most watches. Therefore you should protect your antique watch from exposure to moisture.
- If your watch becomes wet it should be dried off quickly. Carefully open all covers and use a hair drier to blow dry the movement, dial, covers, crown. This will reduce the amount of rust.
- If your watch becomes wet with any kind of salt water you should immediately immerse or spray your watch with fresh (no-salt) water to remove all the salt from the works before drying the watch completely. Any salt left in the watch will combine with moisture in the air to rust metal components of the movement, case etc.
- Winding any mechanical watch tight may break the mainspring. If you can avoid it do not wind the watch hard.
- When adjusting the hands of your watch, move them in a clockwise direction only. Counter-clockwise adjustments may damage the movement.
- If you must adjust counter-clockwise make it for small adjustments only (i.e. for minutes, NOT hours).
- Be careful and gentle when adjusting the movement speed (faster or slower). Don't make sharp movements, and don't touch other components in the movement especially the pendulum mechanism.
- Every 2-3 years it is necessary to service and oil vintage watches.
- IF the watch is dirty - allow the watch to run down, don't wind it again until you have it serviced by a qualified watch repair expert. Dust will absorb and remove important lubricants and cause the movement pieces to wear down.
- To clean the case, dial and crystal you should use a cloth that does NOT leave fibers as these may get caught up in the movement. Check with your Watch repair expert to get an appropriate cloth.
- Keep your antiques watch away from magnets. Strong magnetic fields may affect the accuracy of your watch since some vintage watches were made with iron based components in the movement.
- Most Cases and Covers are fine components and will not handle abuse well. The watch should not be shaken, beaten, or stressed.- Antique watches generally experience an error of up to 5-10 minutes a day. Any accuracy of +- 5 minutes is very good.


I accept PAYPAL and accept other methods of payment, please contact with me.
Payment must be received within 5 days after sale ended. Please be sure that you are intending to buy or able to pay within the said period before offerding. If there is going to be a delay with payment, please contact with me.
Unpaid dispute will be open on for the non payable buyers.
I will send all items to Worldwide.
All Items, will be shipped via standard International Airmail. Item reach most countries within 11-17 business days, in rare cases up to 30 business days. Italian, French, Brazil and Mexican buyers need to know that - delivery to these countries sometimes will take up to 30 business days. Be ready for these terms.
When you rate the shipping time part, please, take into consideration - international transit Items sent via standard or special courier.
All items will pack very securely, to fully ensure that - the item arrives safely.
INTERNATIONAL Buyers Please NOTE: Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility and will not be refunded in case the item is returned for a refund. Please check with your country's Customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to offerding/buying. For all shipments the value of the item will be declared lower than the sale price for custom duties. Also I will mark item as "gift". The taxes should be minimal.
Check my positive responses from my happy customers. I guarantee you complete satisfaction with all my high quality products. Dear Buyers, as you know we have different time zones and I can not stay all day at the computer. I may not be able to reply your questions emails immediately. But I am happy to answer your question as soon as possible, within 24 hours.
Please thoroughly look through the photos; you buy what see on the photos.
Our goal is to make sure you are a happy buyer and you really pleasant from shopping. Please email us before Positive response is appreciated. In case you are not satisfied with the transaction and you feel you need to leave neutral or negative response first, I ask you to contact us first, so we can try to remedy any problems or disputes. We try hard to satisfy our buyers for 100%. Please visit my store; I always adding new items.
I am always ready to consider any business proposals for cooperation.

Thank you for viewing my items!

You can view all my items, just click to this web link: World_antique

Vintage 1939-1945 Swiss Men's Watch Tissot Laco Aviator Luftwaffe Pilots Wwii

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Vintage 1939-1945 Swiss Men's Watch Tissot Laco Aviator Luftwaffe Pilots Wwii:

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