Vintage Fountain Pen Repair Book (new) -frank Dubiel's Da Book-a Complete Guide

Vintage Fountain Pen Repair Book (new) -frank Dubiel's Da Book-a Complete Guide

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Vintage Fountain Pen Repair Book (new) -frank Dubiel's Da Book-a Complete Guide:

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Fountain Pens – The Complete Guide to Repair and Restoration by Frank Dubiel (NEW)Affectionately known as “Da Book”. “Complete” is the key word as this book has just about anything and everything you would ever want to know about fountain pens – plus lots of helpful hints. It is indispensable for every fountain pen collector – beginner to the experienced enthusiast. If you repair or collect pens, or maybe you just want to know more about fountain pens and how they work, this book is for you. It's History -- Originally a self published book (first printing 1995) by Frank Dubiel (passed away 12/07/2003), it tells how to effectively repair fountain pens. Mr. Dubiel originally printed them up in his basement. Aside from the lack of its polished appearance, this book is absolutely packed with information. Frank Dubiel was a pioneer who opened the door to a whole generation of pen repairers and set the standard for what was and was not acceptable. Realizing that because most pens in his book have not been produced in at least a quarter century or more, and that parts are indeed rare, some improvising or even cannibalization may be required. Open minded and inventive, Frank developed repairs using parts and materials that are on sale everywhere. He shows exactly how to simply replace ink sacs or to manufacture a replacement part on advanced tools. When this book was first published, it was assumed that anyone attempting to repair a vintage fountain pen must own a copy of Da Book. My take is that anyone interested in collecting vintage fountain pens should own a copy. It gives an excellent overview of how pens work and older techniques and technologies. Produced today as was originally self-published by Mr. Dubiel - Spiral bound 8” X 10½”- 108 pages. Fourth printing Revised 2002. PERSONALLY, I floundered in my first few years of pen repairuntil I discovered Da Book. IT BECAME, and STILL IS MY BIBLE. I was one of those individuals fortunate enough to buy a book directly from Frank Dubiel and it was autographed by him. I still treasure and reference that book constantly. Absolutely a MUST have Shipping
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Need help with your fountain pens repairs and restorations? Please viewmy videos especially created to assist our customers with answers (and information) to the most common questions asked by new fountain pen restorers.

View our You Tube Videos:" How to Remove and Replace Fountain Pen Sacs"

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" Fountain Pen Sacs"

How to Remove & Replace Fountain Pen J-Bars"

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Vintage Fountain Pen Repair Book (new) -frank Dubiel's Da Book-a Complete Guide:

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