Very Nice Old Cloth Body For Papier Mache, China Or ?, Leather Arms, Old Dress

Very Nice Old Cloth Body For Papier Mache, China Or ?, Leather Arms, Old Dress

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Very Nice Old Cloth Body For Papier Mache, China Or ?, Leather Arms, Old Dress:

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This is an sale for a very nice, neat old cloth body w/ sewn on leather shoes, leather arms and dressed in an old dress. The shoes show a little damage and wear. Shoes ties are worn and missing ends. One arm has a pin in one side, but still has most of original stitching to hold it on. There was adamaged head w/ this body, that i think was some kind of papier mache or composition. It looked very much like the bisque German shoulder heads. The best i could get on measuring the broken shoulder plate is about 4.5 inches across. This is what i measure across the shoulder of the body too. There is very little wrong with this body, just light soiling, spotting and old glue on the top.The body is about 19 inches long. The old dress isin pretty good condtion too, just not perfect. Age of dress and body is unknown. Both are sold as old, used items, so will not be perfect. Please view the pics to help w/ our description. Almost all of ouritems are used, old, vintage, antique or as found, so are sold as is. We may not know if items are complete, missing parts or perhaps have a broken piece. What is shown in pics is what you will get. We do not guarantee any items. Descriptions are our opinions and thecondition of items when we ship them. We will package as carefully as we can, but We do not guarantee total safety during shipment, as we cannot control how the items are handled during shipment.

Very Nice Old Cloth Body For Papier Mache, China Or ?, Leather Arms, Old Dress:

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