Victorian Dressmaker Costume Jacket Cape Pattern Making

Victorian Dressmaker Costume Jacket Cape Pattern Making

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Victorian Dressmaker Costume Jacket Cape Pattern Making:

Victorian Ladies Garment Cutting and drafting how to guide!

Item Description

This listing is for the sale of one CD ROM publication

CD ROM Title: Victorian Ladies Garment Cutting.

This CD contains 44 pages of scanned images from an old garment cutter's guide. please read more details below

Sample images from this CD:

More details about this CD Publication:

CD ROM contains scanned images from an old 45 page book The Self-Balancing system - The cutter’s guide by Dittmar and Sheifer.


The measurements on ladies garments.
Drafting the outlines
Drafting a garment
Cutting out the pattern
Drafting a sleeve
Drafting the collars
Drafting a loose front garment
The beauty of a garment
The pecuniary value of taste
Drafting a plush garment
Special for Furriers
Drafting a wrap
Cutting the shoulder capes
Drafting a plain shoulder cape
Drafting a circular
Cutting the skirt garment
The measurements and drafting
Ladies riding habits
Cutting a Newmarket
Cutting a wrap from a plain jacket
Decoy Ducks
The Jersey waist
Our system of shirt cutting
The full vest with back
The plaited garments
The combination of style and colors
The Polerina cape- cutting a Russian Circular
The combination of styles and colors
Cutting a plain skirt
The dress waist
A few words to the graduate


Dittmars self regulating pattern system ought to be one of the wonders of the modern world!

Did you ever want to finally possess that tradecraft secret you just knew that SOMEONE knew but that was always as elusive as those last vestiges of dreams you try to cling to as you wake?

We all have had that suspicion that those great craftspeople who always seem to get it just right, must have some trade secret that have not shared with us, because the alternative seems to be that they are gifted and we are relegated to the dumb or untalented!

Now you can have one of those valuable and every so elusive trade secret bodies of knowledge- written down and explained. WOW!

Short, simple, pithy, and right to the point – no 400 pages of theory here, just a few pithy pages of real trade secret how to.

Yah – WOW!

OK like all trade secrets worthy of bothering with, this one has a few complexities to get though, but well worth it.

Get this one down right, and you can cut any garment for anyone with perfection.

Throughout history a few visionary folks like De Vinci have noted that body proportions follow regular and systematic mathematical ratios and are predictable for all humans.

Dittmar takes this a step further and uses these ratios with a bunch of rules for garment making to give you a method of making any garment fit anyone perfectly but simply following these natural law ratios and Ditmars garment cutting rules.

Advanced math to deal with? NONE! Practical rules and methods anyone can you to make patterns and garments with perfection? YES!

Here is your chance to be an insider with that secret tradecraft knowledge you always suspected SOMEONE must know.

Now that someone can be you!

Enjoy, amaze and astound your friends, cut clothes that actually fit anyone.

Be well, be happy, using this you will be both.

Editor August 2009.

CD ROM plays on your computer and is Windows and MAC computer compatible.

This is an easy to use computer CD ROM publication in the popular Adobe PDF file format which can be view by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.The PDF file is very easy to use. You can enlarge the pattern pages on your computer screen, you can also print out select pages you are working on in the size that is easy for you to read.

This CD ROM is elegantly packaged and makes a wonderful gift!

Customer Testimonials and Reviews:

Hi, I just want to tell you I received the CD today! I absolutely love your elegant packaging! I think I will get another CD to give as a gift for my best friend! Sue H.

Dear folks at Patterns-on-CD, thank you for shipping the cd out so quickly. Your CD is so easy to use. I can print out just the pages I am working on and scribble my notes on the print-out without worry. My dog chewed part of the pattern sheet I was working on, but no worries, I just print out another sheet! I am keeping the print outs in a 3 ring binder and even printed the images I like for the binder cover. Thank you for making this rare antique book available on CD ROM!

Debbie B.

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Victorian Dressmaker Costume Jacket Cape Pattern Making:

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