Vintage 1931 Gillette Gold Special Good Will Safety Razor Nos Blades Nra Origbox

Vintage 1931 Gillette Gold Special Good Will Safety Razor Nos Blades Nra Origbox

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Vintage 1931 Gillette Gold Special Good Will Safety Razor Nos Blades Nra Origbox:

Seller's note: My husband & I would like you, as a potential customer, to know that Your Unconditional Satisfaction is our Number One Priority~not only with the item you are purchasing but also with the service you receive~ is not something we do in our spare time~It is a Lifestyle for us! We aim to please!! You will always be treated as we would want to be treated ourselves. We will not be satisfied unless you are 100% Satisfied! Consider this item with the confidence that you will receive the best service that we can offer!

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BEWARE of "COPY CAT Sellers" who attempt to Copy Our Photographs, Backgrounds & Text~There is NO Other CedarFurnitureMan ~
This IS the Only Place to get CFM Quality Razors in there Genuine Gillette Condition!!
So PLEASE Do not be Fooled by "Lookalike" Sellers with descriptions full of Empty Promises~
Shop HERE, where the razors are Genuine & Customer Service IS Our Top Priority!

For Your Consideration~
This1931 Gold Gillette NEW Special Good Will Safety Razor
& Original New Old Stock NEW Gillette Blades~
Still in the Original Gillette Good Will Case of Purchase~
Still in EXCELLENT Used Condition~!!
~*~100% Satisfaction Guarantee~*~
~SHAVE READY~This GORGEOUS Gillette Gold Good Will is in EXCELLENT Used condition~
This Three Piece Open Tooth Comb Safety Razor was Made By Gillette Manufacturing in the Good Ole USA~
Complete with the New Old Stock NEW Gillette Blades~
All Still in the Original Gillette Good Will Case of Purchase~A Bit of History for those of You who are not familiar with the Good Will Gillette:
During the Depression Years, Gillette Manufacturing Team had to come up with some Ideas
on Selling Tactics~So, the Idea of the GOOD WILL Razor was Hatched~
Buy a Box of Blades for $1 & the Razor is YOURS~FREE~!!!
The Team came up with the Goodwill Razor in order to sell the Wet Shaving Community
their NEW Gillette Blades as the Older Blades would not work in the NEW Style Gillettes~
Reasoning for the NEW Blades was to prevent other Razor Manufacturers from cashing in on Gillette Blade Sales any further~
During a Time when Nothing Came Free~a Free Razor to Anyone who wanted it~Created Much GOODWILL~
Hence the name, the Goodwill Gillette!
More Info Available on Page 235 of Mr Krumholz' The Complete Gillette Collector's Handbook This Good Will NEW is a Heavily 24k Gold Plated Gillette & features an Uniquely Designed, Reverse Stud, Cap/ Head~
as well as Super Shiny Blade Guard and Handle~
Known More Specifically as the "Good Will Special #175" as it combined the #160 Cap & #175 Blade Guard~
All in Unbelievably Amazing~Well Preserved Condition~This Gillette Good Will does not bear a date code though according to Mr. Krumholz' Handbook,
This "Special Goodwill #175" featuring the #160 Cap/Head & #175 Blade Guard was ONLY manufactured for One Year~1931~
& was produced in EXTREMELY small Quantities~
~ Making it 82 Years Old & An Extremely Rare Find Indeed~WOW~!!!! Please look closely at the photos~
And You be the Judge~
Have You seen a 82+ Year Old GOLD Gillette Look Any Better than this One????Since 1931, this Gillette Goodwill was previously owned & used~
And Only the very faintest signs of either are present~
The Absolute Only signs whatsoever~even close to being worthy of mention are
a few faint & tiny surface scratches & scuffs to the head,
& a couple of the often seen stress cracks to the handle~
one tiny crack at the upper ring & a longer one at the lower ring~
{Shown Best in #3, #4, #6 & #7 Photos}
{These Cracks have been Repaired & We GUARANTEE this Handle, not to split or crack further~ :) }THAT IS IT~THAT IS ALL~
This Good Will Gillette Looks Absolutely Next 2 New~Just 4 YOU~!!!!Please Notice as well~This Special Goodwill #175 suffers absolutely No Broken nor Bent Teeth to the Open Tooth Comb~
~which is simply amazing because many of the Older Gillette suffer from these imperfections~!!Also, Please Note~ As Shown in the Photos~
This Razor's Gold Plating is Near Flawless with the exception of the before mentioned scuffs to the head~
99.99999% Original Genuine Gillette Gold Plating Still intact~!!!! {Again, According to Mr Krumholz on pg 237 "Since these Razors were to be issued FREE.......the Gold Plating was Very Thin~Almost a "Wash" consequently
most of the Used Good Will Gillettes have NO Plating Remaining even though they may be little used" }So, to Find this One with So Very Much Gold Plating still intact,
Leaves one to believe Even Further, that
this Special Goodwill #175 Gillette is in VIRTUALLY UNUSED CONDITION~
& has Definitely Been Cared for & Cherished~!! This faint imperfections are so very minute~
And are only slightly seen in the brightest of lights~
Only barely noticeable at all in reality~! {This Good Will is in GENUINE Gillette condition & Has NOT been Replated~} If there are ANY further signs ~They have proven nearly impossible to find~
& in No Way affects the performance of this Great Gillette!!!

This Gillette Gold Good Will Looks Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!
This Three Piece Heavily Gold Plated Goodwill will make a Wonderful Addition to Any Vintage Safety Razor Collection~
and Still Promises a Great Shave for Many, Many Years to Come!!!This Good Will features the Rarely Found #160 head & the #175 Open Tooth Comb Blade Guard with reverse studs~
Patent #s 1,633,739 - 1,639,335 Reissue #17,567-Other Pats Pending
<Gillette>logo and Made in USA on the bottom of the Blade Guard~
These Numbers are also shown on the Side of the Box~
{Shown in #4, #7 & #8 Photos}
Completing this Great Gillette Gold Good Will Set is a New Old Stock NEW Gillette Blade Box~
Containing Two of the Original Five Gillette NEW Blades~
Each Still Sealed in the Original Wrapper from the Manufacturer~
Uniquely, this Blade Shipper Box is marked NRA~
Making it Highly Collectible in Itself~!!!{10 NEW Gillette Blades would have Originally been Included with a 1931 Gillette Good Will Special #175 Set~
However, the Box blades, unfortunately, had suffered corrosion, so have been disposed of~This Box serves as a replacement~}{Any Double Edge Blades sold on the Market today will work perfectly in these Old Gillettes}

All Come to You in the Original NEW Gillette Good Will Box of Purchase~
A Heavy Card Board Container featuring The Good Will New Gillette Razor Logo boldly on the front~
as well as additional information on the back of the box~{Shown in #5 & #12 photos}~Patent Info on one side~{Shown #7 & #8 photos}
This Good Will Case is in Excellent Used Condition as well~
Showing some signs of age~a bit of wear to the edges & a faint stain here or there~As shown in the photos~
The Card Board Interior slides easily in & out of each end~The Interior shows a spot or two nothing serious at all~
This Good Will Set is SO Rarely Seen that even with some faint wear~it is a Simply AMAZING Find Indeed~!!!
The Wonderfully Well Preserved Condition of this Original Good Will Box~
Indicates even further that this Great Gillette Set has been Cherished & Cared for~
Any imperfections to this Case are faint & do Not affect the performance of this Gillette Case
~It does EXACTLY what Gillette Manufacturing intended it to do Some 80 + Years Ago
& that is to Protect this Great Gillette Good Will Special #175~
& Protect it~It Does & Will Continue to Do So for Many, Many Years to Come~!!!!

What More Could You Ask For~??????

This Gorgeous Gillette Special #175 is Shave Ready!

This Goodwill has been gently yet thoroughly cleaned & sterilized for your protection~

Using Extreme Care not to damage the Gold Plating~at all~!!!

Although I do recommend you clean & sterilize your razor after each use~

Again, Using Extreme Care Not to damage the Gold Plating as it is Very EASILY damaged~

Always removing the blade between shaves to prevent rusting to the head~

Storing Completely dry as any amount of moisture will promote rusting~

This Gold Good Will will come to you sterile & vacuum sealed for your protection~!

Ready to Shave straight out of the Bubble Wrap~!!!!


This Razor comes with Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If You are not Completely Satisfied~

Simply Contact Us to arrange for Return~

For a FULL Purchase Price Refund~!!!

Add this Gorgeous Gillette Gold Good Will Set to YOUR Collection or Rotation Today~

I bet You have the PERFECT Place for it~

Pick a Good Nice Spot b/c This is an Extremely Rare Beauty Indeed~!!!

Place Your offers Now & Win.........

........May the Luckiest Wet Shaver Win~!!!!

If this Gillette Gold Good Will Set is not exactly what you are looking for~

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& My Husband specializes in the Sharpest Shave Ready Straight Razors offered here on ~

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Thank You All & Good Luck ~!!!May God Bless You with Many Great Days starting with Many Great Shaves~!!!Great is Thy Faithfulness~Thy Tender Mercies Begin afresh Each Morning~
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Vintage 1931 Gillette Gold Special Good Will Safety Razor Nos Blades Nra Origbox:

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