Vintage 1940 Japanese Brand Gold & Black 14k Gold Semi Flex Nib Fountain Pen

Vintage 1940 Japanese Brand Gold & Black 14k Gold Semi Flex Nib Fountain Pen

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Vintage 1940 Japanese Brand Gold & Black 14k Gold Semi Flex Nib Fountain Pen:

VINTAGE 1940 Japanese Brand Gold & Black 14K Gold Semi Flex Nib Fountain Pen VINTAGE 1940 Japanese Brand Gold & Black 14K Gold Semi Flex Nib Fountain Pen HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018

VINTAGE Japanese Brand Slim BlackGold Body

with Extremely Rare "SYMBOL" 14K Semi-Flex Nib Fountain Pen 






Fountain pen technology and technique is more than 70 years old 



Utilizing unusual materials and showcasing beautiful designs, Japanese stationary are works of art. It's rather impressive when one is pulled out from someone's pocket or pencil case, isn't it? Very simple yet attractive and has more than 100 years of history, I will introduce you a fountain pen that were produce on the 40s in which was the golden era of fountain pen making in Japan. This fountain pen was in stock for a long period of time at the original factory. The model is made by the Japanese maker “NISHIO SEISHAKUSHO” started their journey in the early 1900s and does not operate anymore but still continuing their legacy. The president and owner of the company MR. ZERO NISHO  is the 2nd generation and 84 years old considered to be one of the national intellectuals in Osaka Japan in stationary revolution after world war two. 

Many unique pens were produced and sold by three giants; Pilot, Sailor, Platinum during that time. Japan had the biggest economic booming all over the country; many stationary factories were made which does not exist anymore. Today I will upload such a pen that produced in 1940s in Osaka Japan and not available anymore.

Length: 121.9 mm 


The cap is gold frosted the bottom jewel is a shiny gold-tone, which matches the clip. the slim body provides a light writing experience with extreme smooth pleasure and ease on the hand. Totally against friction, this pen writes like its on an ice skate. 

The pen looks like quite new, no brassing, scratches dings except the nib's golden color a bit fade away because of it's 50 years of age. This pen`s appearance is similar to some Pilot company product, the 1960s Pilot Super 200V. Thee good aspects of this pen in particular is the fact that has unique colors which brings the fountain pen writing experience into a different level. Moreover, as stated during the description so far, all these kind of pens are made by hand, detail by detail by the only one artisan who has on his shoulders more than 70 years of experience. 


The bulb-filler, which might better be termed the bulb-and-breather-tube filler, is the most basic form of a filling system with numerous more complicated variants.

These pens are filled by repeatedly squeezing the bulb. With each squeeze, air is expelled through the breather tube and out the feed. Each time the bulb is released, ink is drawn in. This is one of the simplest and most elegant filling systems, whose only real drawback is a slight awkwardness in emptying. This entails repeated slow squeezes of the bulb, expelling the ink from the nib and feed drop by drop.

Prominent examples of bulb-fillers include the Postal, various economy-line Wahl-Eversharps (a Bantam is shown above), and the French Stylomine. Most pump-fillers, including Vacumatics, Dunns, and Ink-Vues work on the same principle, either adding a device to squeeze the bulb or substituting some other means of intermittently pressurizing the barrel (typically, a reciprocating plunger).


As many family businesses, Nishio Zero decided to continue with his parents legacy and kept specializing the business centered by fountain pens. The Osaka born 84 years old craftsman is the second generation of continuing with the family tradition of making stationary handmade. He got more into the industry at his high school days and thanks to all his experience, this unique and still handmade products can be seen in our eyes. 


Nishio Seisakusho started it's first movements with stationary products with Nishio Zero's father more than 100 years ago in Osaka, Japan. At first, the main industry was not fountain pens nor mechanical pencils but right after Nishiro Zero got involve in the industry in his high school days, the fountain pen manufacture started to flourish.  

Nishio’s products were and are also famous not only because the peculiarity of being handmade but also since his designs reached the big screen through the movie called Always: Sunset on Third Street of 2005. Also, on the second movie released on 2007.

This well known movie reflects Japanese history from 1950s and 1960s and it’s based on the series of comics or manga called夕焼けの詩 (Yuyake no shi) which started from 1974 and so far, there have been 65 publications. On 1990s a more direct anime was created and these series of videos were actually shown on T.V. 



I bought many fountain pens of these kind and are celluloid or ebonite made or unique material from Nishio's technology. It seems to be very comfortable fountain pens to use for long periods of time and the pattern of the body is very beautiful until now and a piece of art. It is a dream to write with and by far one of the best gorgeous fountain pens that I have ever had in my hands. Or I would just say this is the one, one that will blow your mind. All the pens are brand new and was in stock in the factory for more than 70 years. I have tested the filling system, body and also the nib section and all in perfect condition. Writing with the nib is just amazing, so smooth and barely has any response to the paper. The nib is semi-flex and quite comfortable. Nibs will give quite a line variation to your writing. You would love the pens that same way i do.

I really like the design of the pen. While the cap is almost flat top the barrel is finished in a nice polygon shape. It is a lightweight pen and the balance is perfect. Since it has passed quite a bit time since production, please be aware of some mild rusting that is shown in the pictures, you may not see them because it is so minor but I mention anyway. For details, please check the photos. I tried my best with the pictures for you.


There are several reasons why, these designs turn to be unique. 

One of these is because fountain pens are handmade products. In all kind of industry, asking someone to make certain product by his/her own hands, turn to be highly appreciated and valued. Another reason is the fact that the technology and whole technique is the same as the date Nishio's father, the craftsmanship who started the business. Also, Nishio is one of the last craftsmen in Osaka, with more than 60 years of experience on the field, who has the skills to work by hand the Celluloide and Ebonite designs.   

LineFountain Pen
MaterialStainless Steel Gold Plated & Gold Clip
ColorBlack and Gold
NibGold plated steel Nib
TechniqueSpecial Edition/ Limited/Artisan
Artisan nameNishio

Length121.9 mm Closing SystemSnap on
Filling System Bulb Filler Mechanism
Barrel Diameter10.3 mm
PackagingCompact Packaging
Country of ManufactureJapan

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Vintage 1940 Japanese Brand Gold & Black 14k Gold Semi Flex Nib Fountain Pen:

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