Vintage 1950's Vinyl 16" Cameo "miss Peep" Baby Doll Pin-hinge Jointed Squeaks

Vintage 1950's Vinyl 16

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Vintage 1950's Vinyl 16" Cameo "miss Peep" Baby Doll Pin-hinge Jointed Squeaks:

Up forsale isa adorable 16" Vinyl CAMEO "Miss Peep" Baby Doll. She is fully jointed at neck, shoulders, and hips. This sweet baby girl was made by the CAMEO DOLL CO. sometime in the 1950's. She is made of soft vinyl for her head, body, and limbs. She is marked on the back of her head: "USA 58 CAMEO" and again on her upper back she is marked: "CAMEO." Miss Peep is madethe way dolls used to be made: sturdy, detailed, and beautiful with great coloring. She is 16" long and weighs approx. 1 1/2 pounds. When you squeeze her head and/or her body she makes a nice loud squeaking sound. Each upper arm also squeaks when squeezed. It is a little different squeak for each arm, too. So cute.......and works great!

Miss Peep has light brown painted hair that looks like it has faded in many places. There are no scrapes, cuts, pen marks, or holes. Her stunning, bright crystal greenpinwheel inset eyes are beautiful and sparkle with personality. They are the inset type of eyes - not sleep eyes - so they were made to not open and close. Her eyebrows are a medium brown with little to no paint loss. She hasa cute little pug nose, little dimple under her nose, and abright peachy-pink closed semi-smiling mouth with no paint loss. Her facial complexion is gorgeous - peachy and fair. I see no rubbing, marks, scuffs, or scratches. Her face appears to be flawless. She really has an adorable face and poses beautifully. She would make a great addition to your vintage 50's doll collection or baby doll collection.

Miss Peep is jointed at the neck and can move her head easily to pose. Her arms and legs are jointed by the old pin hinge method. Very intriguing method that works great. She is very flexible and will sit and pose in so many different ways. The older Cameo Miss Peeps were all jointed that way with the hinges, but sometime later (1960's) they switched to the non-hinge method of attaching the arms and legs. The hinges are made of vinyl as are the thick pins that go in the hinge. They are very durable and appear to be in excellent condition. She does sit and poses well sitting but she is unable to stand on her own. No fingers or toes are missing or broken. Thereare a lot of details on the individual fingers and toes. She has great overall coloring...... a nice peachy color. It is pretty uniformly even throughout the head, body and limbs. I find nostaining on her as well as no marker or pen marks. She has no cuts, gouges, splits, cracks or dings. Her arms and legs show only slight signs of wear cosmetically. Her arms have light soiling but overall she is quite clean. There are a couple of tiny, what I would call "broken bubbles", on the inside of each arm near the armpit. At first I thought they were a couple of tiny pin holes, but they look to be manufacturers flaws. The molded vinyl may have bubbled and left a few tiny marks where they burst before cooling. These are very tiny and barely noticeable, but I felt I should mention anyway.

Miss Peep is dressed in a vintage white cotton Baby Gown or Christening Gown. It may be original to her but I can't be certain. It is not tagged. The gown is trimmed in several styles of white lace at the hem, halfway down the dress, at the bodice, around the neckline, and at the sleeve cuff. The dress is clean and free of stains and marks and has no holes in it. There is a small (about 1" ) seam tear where the lace has torn away from the dress fabric. This is near the front on the band of lace that is approx. 7" from the bottom of the gown. I am not a seamstress but I think this would be a fairly easy mending job. There is also no means of closure on the back of the gown. Whatever was originally there- button or snap - is longer there. Again, an easy fix. The matching pantaloons also have white lace trim and are in very good condition. Her outfit is complete with a brand new white headband with pink satin fabric flower bow.

This sweetie hasno unpleasant odors.We are a smoke-free, pet-freehome. I know whoever takes this Baby Girl home will absolutely fall in love with her sweet looks. For an approximately 55 year-old baby she looks amazingly good!

This sale is for this doll only and her clothing.Any other dolls in the photos are, or will be, listed in other sales.Any props (doll stands, stuffed animals, chairs, and toys) are not included. I have tried to describe her to the best of my abilities but I am not a dollexpert, just a doll lover. If you do have questions please ask before you offer.All sales are final. I have way toomany dolls and they are quickly overtaking the house to my husband's dismay. So I need to start parting with some of my dolls. All sales are final. Exact postage is determined at sale's end based on dimensions and weight (approx.1 1/2 pounds for the doll before packing) and zip code. A 95 cent delivery confirmation is added so your package can be tracked. If your purchase is $25 or more I canadd (if you like) a $2.00 handling charge whichwill include insurance on your item.I do pack these little sweeties very carefully.I will combine shipping for a discount if you buy other dolls from me within a week's period. Pay palaccepted. ***PLEASE SEE MY OTHER LISTINGS FOR OTHER NEAT BLAST FROM THE PAST DOLLS!!!!***

This week I am continuing with what I have triedbefore and am starting the offerding low at just 99 cents. Thanks for looking and happy offerding. Awfully low starting offer on this sweetie, but I am confident she will bring much more. :)

Vintage 1950's Vinyl 16" Cameo "miss Peep" Baby Doll Pin-hinge Jointed Squeaks:

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