Vintage 50s Mid Century Modern Hugh Acton Slat Bench / Table Nelson Era Walnut

Vintage 50s Mid Century Modern Hugh Acton Slat Bench  / Table Nelson Era Walnut

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Vintage 50s Mid Century Modern Hugh Acton Slat Bench / Table Nelson Era Walnut:

Please scroll down to view 30+ images first thing to mention is this is being shipped to your door via UPS in 2 boxes ...the legs will be removed for a much safer transport; they will be shipped in their own box ; both boxes will be insured; the amount in the handling fee slot is not a handling fee....we do not charge handling is there to cover cost of shipping the 2nd box and a few bucks towards our cost of packaging supplies; most of the packaging supply cost will be absorbed by us due to nature of item (cost/ shipping)...if you have less than 30 responses we cannot accept your offer unless you email in advance, Thank You for understanding our fair request you are offerding on a vintage mid century modern icon ... a Hugh Acton "suspended beam" slat bench each bench was hand made by Acton in his Michigan studio starting about 1955 it is beautiful american walnut with cast bronze legs
53" long by 21" wide including the jutted section of legs, or 19 1/8" wide just the wood & 14" high may also be used as a table
most things to mention condition wise are on the bottom ...some are on the top ....
we show you clear images...many with arrows and text pointing to any for example, a thumbnail mark, and a crescent mark to wood on the top , a sliver on a slat at bottom, some very tiny marks to slat ends on bottom ; in between the slats there is some light spotting that looks like furniture polish from decades ago, some of this on the bottom as well again..... pictures tell a thousand words its clean, rock solid and if cared for will last generation after generation after generation.....just as it has up to now !
here is something to mention that most people don't bother with ...
we mention it because it is a plus not a minus like most furniture makers during the 50s and 60s ...Acton placed a clear coating over the metal legs ( everyone calls them bronze because of the color ....they may be brass be the judge )
we have owned a shorter bench ( 48") and a longer bench (6 legs) ....
for both of those....I stripped off the clear coat finish because it crackles with age .... if this doesn't bother you....just leave them be.... but if it does.... below: .... I have had people email to Thank me for this information because they were afraid to strip theirs .... and I gave them the nudge they needed
don't worry .... they look fantastic when you are done ...(although you may pull your hair out...because it takes a good amount of time from start to finish!!!!)
...they will not turn out some overly brilliant hue or too shiny ...and they will develope a soft warmer deeper patina again.... soon after... ...let me repeat ..... its hard work, it takes a long time to do it because you want to do so by hand ......when you all all done... just leave them alone or rub on a tad of mineral oil there may be an easier way.... but here is how we did both of ours in the past ..... I used a copper polish for the first "round" of stripping because its stronger than brass polish, then I used brass polish ... I used a 000 (triple fine steel wool) and an 00 (double fine steel wool) soaked in mineral oil one more time.... this isn't something you have to do...I am just throwing it out there in case you thought about ...but were afraid the results will be poor.... no ...I won't do these !..that is up to the new owner
the value of the Hugh Acton bench continues to rise with each decade .... its not something you would have to part with at a loss if for some weird reason you decide down the road you can live without it ( I don't think you will ever want to resell .... the only reason we are parting with this is because we already own a narrower version )
lucky winner pays insured UPS shipping (again... legs will go in their own box...its much easier on the bench this way... and you simply ... slowly ... tap them back in ) cushions and other stuff is NOT included the other things we must mention : we use the shipping calculator as a close guideline only
the cost will NOT be more than stated, but may be LESS the EXACT cost will be given to you at the end of sale ..once we have a precise shipping address and the item has been completely packaged so
if you remit any form of payment before receiving OUR invoice with the CORRECT shipping from us ( once we have your address and the item is packaged)....then whatever came up with is what you will be charged .... that has unfairly changed its response policy, sorry but our only recourse is to report non paying buyers on day 6 .... we expect personal contact via the buyer within s policy of 2 days or less folks we are not robots over here, communication means a lot to us ...and is important in all forms of relationships ! THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO ACTUALLY READ THIS .. & READ OUR response as well ...we are 1 of the GOOD GUYS .... At this time WE SHIP TO THE U.S.A ONLY ...lower 48 only for this item
The LONG and WINDING ROAD of SMALL PRINT so sorry to have to go on & on about this folks ....... its not whining...its fact ....and placed here in defense off all sellers, not just us

those little stars they ask you click ...well those are important to the sellers ratings .. if they are judged unfairly by the buyer ...not only do they harm the excellent reputation that we strived so hard to obtain & retain but also .. BASES the SELLERS FINAL FEE COSTS on that system ....including the ones sellers have no power to change (as in shipping costs)
ALSO NOW CHARGES THE SELLER 9 % OF SHIPPING COSTS.....EVEN THOUGH ANY HONEST SELLER DOES NOT MAKE A DIME FROM SHIPPING..... IN FACT...........FIGURE IN PACKAGING SUPPLIES, TIME, the cost of Petrol .... and the HONEST SELLER loses a LOT of $ ...............especially the ones like us .... who offer larger items such as furniture / large fragile art / lighting / etc
we don't "create" shipping costs ..that is done by UPS & USPS
hey ..... if we could afford to offer free shipping we would ....but we already spend between 4 & 5 grand a year just on packing supplies so that your items arrive safely! in addition ..... final fee costs have about DOUBLED in the past year.... ..... (they make it look like they are doing the seller a favor by not charging the 25 cent to a dollar listing fees up to 50 items .... but instead ... they GREATLY increased the Final Fee Charge ..... when we started nearly 14 years ago ... I believe the FF was 2.8 % ? its nearly 10 % .......PLUS the 9 % of shipping ...PLUS the PAYPAL fees (which they own ) so ...... ...... WE ASK YOU PLEASE ...... be considerate...before you "push those buttons" ....item not as described??? ...well ....we show 10 - 35 images with giant arrows pointing at any flaws we feel not only need to be mentioned...but also pointed out visually .. ....
lack of communication??...won't be from our end ... & we are usually here at the computer 7 days a week .....
shipping time?? ..... ...... my husband wraps & ships packages 5 DAYS A WEEK ..... (heck 7 days if need be !) again.... we apologize for having to spout all this...but believe it or not ...there are still people out there who think listing on is fun / free and "not a real job " ........ ! the rest #1: After the sale: BUYER IS ASKED TO MAKE CONTACT WITHIN 2 DAYS OF sales END…BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT WITHIN 6 DAYS OF sales END; is our livelihood ; we take it very seriously; we ask only that you treat our sales as you would any respectable place of business, and we will do the same for you! #2: bench WILL BE SHIPPED via UPS INSURED in TWO BOXES #3: we the "old fashioned" transactions that do not involve plastic ;
(if a bank accepts it so do we ...we are not being evasive, states the actual use of the words to describe those methods are forofferden .... no joke )if you are heartset on using a credit card or instant transfer , we now accept paypal again & we also accept propay
These items in question will be donated, discarded or resold down the road .................. sorry we had to add this to our disclaimer due to a few out of state high end shop owners expecting the "small timers " such as ourselves to hold their items for months & months until their personal shippers happen to be driving through Michigan .... ....................**************** #5 : REFUND POLICY: PLEASE EMAIL WITH ANY QUESTIONS ; WE SELL VINTAGE, NOT NEW , vintage items, are just that .... vintage....and are not going to be mint , because there is no such thing as mint when something is 25 - 75 years young !
WE DO OUR BEST TO ACCURATELY DESCRIBE OUR ITEMS CONDITION, which again...are always vintage/ pre owned .... and ;SO....EVERYTHING IS SOLD AS SUCH ......................... & WE DO NOT GIVE PARTIAL REFUNDS
therefore ........ Please feel free to ask any sensible questions … we will respond A.S.A.P
we are always more than happy to help with further description in any manner possible

but don't wait till the sale is over .....simply ask prior to offerding...& we will be here for you #6 : WE TREASURE ALL OF OUR DEVOTED REPEAT CUSTOMERS , we especially THANK each and every one of you ; and everyone who has ever purchased an item from us over the past near 14 years .........despite all the rules regulations & changes we sellers all have to spout off about.... its been a blast and hopefully will continue to be no matter what new "twists" come our way ...via the never ending new policies

Vintage 50s Mid Century Modern Hugh Acton Slat Bench / Table Nelson Era Walnut:

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