Vintage Argus Super 75 Camera 620 Film 65mm Lens Shutter Works Usa

Vintage Argus Super 75 Camera 620 Film 65mm Lens Shutter Works Usa

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Vintage Argus Super 75 Camera 620 Film 65mm Lens Shutter Works Usa:

The only think I know about this camera is what I read from the website , which I copied below. The shutter works.

The following in quotation marks is from the above mentioned website.

"The Argus Super Seventy-Five (should’ve been named ‘Super Sixty-Five’ for obvious reasons) is a big step up from the ‘Seventy-Five’ and other fixed focus, fixed aperture fake ‘TLR’ type cameras. The ‘Super’ model includes a rare semi-wide angle 65mm three element lens with three waterhouse punched disk type stops to choose from, and the design is reminiscent of theKodak Duaflexwith 72mm F/8 Kodar. However, the Kodar has an achromatic doublet type with focusing front element, and the Argus Super 75 has an anastigmat lens according to the owner’s manual.

Argus has another camera I reviewed that’s very similar to the Super 75,’ it’s called theArgus Forty Both are fake ‘TLR’ types that use brilliant plano convex viewfinders that are not connected to the taking lens, or viewing lens for that matter, so they’re only used for framing the image, and not determining correct focus as you would on a real TLR. Like the ‘Forty,’ the ‘Super’ takes 620 film, but with a little finagling, you can just barely fit 120 spools in the supply side, and use 620 spools in the take-up compartment.

Speaking of framing, the ‘Super’ has a semi-wide angle 65mm lens which is never mentioned in the owner’s manual, and that omission may have been a result of using a viewfinder designed for the 75mm lenses, so you can’t see what you’re actually shooting with the 65mm lens. I suppose they did it out of economy, but it makes the camera quite a bit less useful when you can’t see the entire capture area for framing your subject properly. Maybe the 65mm lens was a last minute marketing ploy to try and distinguish it from the multitudes of other box cameras with 75mm lenses, and they kept the ‘Seventy Five’ name to avoid conflicts in their already printed marketing material. Oh well, who knows really, it’s just odd they called it the Super Seventy-Five instead of the Super Sixty-Five.

Argus calls this camera a ‘Super’ Seventy-Five; the regular ‘Seventy-Five’ is a simple fixed focus, fixed aperture box camera that looks very similar to the Super.

A 65mm lens on an box type 6×6 camera is pretty rare, So how does it perform? Read on, and be sure and check out the samples below.

Name; Argus Super Seventy-Five.

Manufactured by; Argus Cameras Inc, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Made in; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Date of manufacture; Approximately 1954-1958?

Original Price; listed at $32.75in a 1955 magazine ad for thecamera outfit, which includes the flash, case, film batteries and some bulbs; that would be north of $375 today. Originally carried a one year manufacturers guarantee. Now about$15-$50in good working condition on .

Build material; Black Phenolic Resin (Bakelite) body, with bright aluminum trim. Back cover is cast metal. Fit and finish are very good.

Box contents; unsure, but probably the camera, instruction manual and neck strap only. The outfit came with; a leather case, flash gun, film, batteries, and bulbs.

Weight; my measurements, no film, 18.3oz (529g).

Dimensions; body is; 3.2″ (82mm) wide, 4.5″ (114mm) tall, and 3.0″ (75 mm) deep. With protrusions the dimensions are; height with hood open, 6.3″ (160mm), width at winding knob, 3.7″ (93mm), and depth with lens, 3.3″ (84mm).

Focal length; 65mm. About the same horizontal view as a 42mm lens in 135 format.

Aperture; punched disk type with three choices, F/8, 11 or 16.

Focusingdistance; 3.5′ (1.1m) to infinity. Indicated marks at: 3.5′ – 4′ – 5′ – 6′ – 8′ – 10′ – 15′ – 25′ -50′ and∞. Don’t forget to focus before each shot! Leaving the camera focused at 4′ and then taking longer distance landscape type shots results in very soft pictures.

Viewfinder; 1-3/8, (34x34mm) square plano convex glass, with flip-up hood. The viewfinder is not connected to the focusing lens, it’s only for composing the image. The angle of view is poor, so you must view it dead-center. Additionally, the viewfinder was made for the Argus 75mm lenses, so you can’t properly frame your subject with the 65mm lens. See framing differences below.

Approximate resolution; good film and technique will make sharp 16×20″ prints; and about the same as today’s better digital cameras with a cheap kit lens. See sample images farther down the page.

Distortion; very minor barrel distortion, see picture below.

Light fall-off; I see moderate “corner shading” at all apertures.

Color fringing; none that I notice.

Background blur or “bokeh;” ok I guess, I took one picture at close focusing, see below.

Lens; Argus Lumar, 65mm F/8, color corrected, hard coated anastigmat. The outer diameter of the lens ring near the body is 36mm, and about 35mm at the front knurled part; the manual states you can use Argus series VI filters with a 35mm slip-on adapter.

Shutter and speed; self cocking rotating shutter with a single speed of 1/65s, (my measurement) with ‘time’ and ‘instant’ settings.

Double exposure prevention. Yes, but no way to over-ride the system.

Film; 620 roll, but will take trimmed 120 rolls with a 620 take-up spool. Has a picture area of 56mm x 56mm. The “6×6” picture area is 3.6x larger than 135 film.

Flash; uses Argus 76 flash with two ‘C’ size batteries.

Power; none.

Accessories for this model; leather eveready case ($4.95), 76 flash unit ($4.25), and series VI 35mm adapter and filters; plus a ‘portrait’ and ‘copy’ lens attachment.

Crippling features and omissions; nothing really, it’s loaded with everything you need for good picture taking. I would like to see a cable release socket, but oh well.

Good features; bright viewfinder, choice of apertures, sharp lens and will take 120 film using a 620 take-up spool.

Quirks; the shutter button must be pushed in deeply to trip; in other words, there’s too much travel for my taste; however, I haven’t yet had a blurry shot.

Problems; none, and there isn’t much to go wrong with this model."

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Vintage Argus Super 75 Camera 620 Film 65mm Lens Shutter Works Usa:

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