Vintage Bronze Horse Figurine / Statue, Chinese "flying Horse Of Gansu" Rustic

Vintage Bronze Horse Figurine / Statue, Chinese

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Vintage Bronze Horse Figurine / Statue, Chinese "flying Horse Of Gansu" Rustic:

This gorgeous, classy figurine measures 6.5” high by 8” long, and weighs 1 lb., 7 oz. It is a replica of a much larger (over 17 pounds) and renowned bronze statue known as the "Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow,” from the East Han Dynasty. The original is one of China’s most highly-protected treasures, so precious that it’s not allowed to leave the country.

Like the original sculpture, this figurine is perfectly balanced on only one hoof to create the illusion of flight. It amazes me how stable it is on just that one leg!

This figurine is also made of bronze, and shows heavy signs of oxidation, giving it a green, grainy texture. I don't know if it was intentionally oxidized to attain that color and texture, or it that happened with time. It certainly has a chic vintage look to it. Very cool. The label says, “Made in the People’s Republic of China.”

I don’t know if I should call the conditions “good” or “excellent” or “fair” because the rough green oxidized surface might be intentional, as this is a replica of an old statue that was discovered with the same surface condition. It seems a little dirty but I can’t remove what looks like dirt with a soft brush, and I won’t get it wet, brush it with a stiffer tool, or apply any chemical to it to clean it as that might damage its “patina.” The label on it was once taped on yet refuses to stay affixed, so it will be included unattached. Please see photos.

This flying horse has become an iconic emblem of China. Racing through the skies, it treads on a swallow (base of statue) that looks up in amazement. Unlike Pegasus, the Western flying horse, the wingless Han steed is meant to be understood metaphorically rather than literally; it represents an ideal horse that can gallop so fast that it seems to outrun the wind.

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I’ve no intent or motive to mislead or bamboozle anyone. I’m not hard up for money, and if I was, then a second job would take me less time and bring me more money than selling random used items on . I’m attempting to justify my compulsive thrift store shopping habit, but mostly I wish to clear my garage and closets of an amassment of boxes. You see, both parents have passed away and left behind a lot of stuff… and admittedly, yes, I’ve held on to some of my own things for too long. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that it’s silly to store stuff “forever” and drag it around with me every time I move. Now I have the urge to purge!

Plus, it brings me joy to get forgotten, unused trinkets and treasures into the hands of people who will use and appreciate them. It’s a shame for cool stuff to be packed away in the dark.

Thank you for reading and heading all of this, and best of luck to you with all of your adventures. : )

~ Victoria aka “randomrack”

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Vintage Bronze Horse Figurine / Statue, Chinese "flying Horse Of Gansu" Rustic:

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