Vintage Dower Hall Golden Heart Solid Pewter Trinket Box Signed Own Item Vgc

Vintage Dower Hall Golden Heart Solid Pewter Trinket Box Signed Own Item Vgc

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Vintage Dower Hall Golden Heart Solid Pewter Trinket Box Signed Own Item Vgc:

All of my items belonged to my family and my fiancee's family, especially his grandmother. I gained my responses because I used to be a business seller and I am proud of them. I am downsizing as I am not getting any younger and have a life-time of collecting in jewellery and collectables to rehome as I have no-one to pass them on to. Many of my responses go back to when I was running a business on . A few customers have been unpleasant saying I could not gain all those responses from selling my own items. I have put this on my listings to let everyone know how I obtained them. I do hope you will find something to your taste. My mother in particular was a big collector and I am now too old to hang on to these items any longer. I am happy to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge and belief on any of my items. Thank you for those that have bought my things and been pleasant to talk to.


Thissale is for myown little golden heart Dower & Hall box that was purchased second hand for me so I do not know its age. I shall miss seeing this on my dressing table but at least I will have seen it on its way myself. Really shines up lovely but for many years has not been cleaned. Lovely modernist design with a lovely fat little golden heart in the centre. I always thought it nice that the box is round. This could be used for any small item of jewellery to really give it a special presentation. Perfect little box to put your earrings in when going to bed as well.

Please look at the pictures and use a tape measure to check the sizes are okay for you.

Please ask questions before offerding on any points you are not clear about and if you want another picture just say what you want to see. Thank you.

  • Thebox measures, 1-3/4" across the top.
  • 1-2/8" across the base.
  • 4-6/8" with the tape-measure taken around the centre over the whole box.
  • Marked Dower & Hall on the base with the distinctive logo.
  • In the lid - Dower & Hall, Golden Heart.
  • Weight, 67.8grams.
  • Not cleaned withharsh cleaners.
  • Because of the thickness of this item it cannot be sent Large Letter for the UK.

I try to be as accurate as possible but all weights and measurements and agesmust be classed as approximate.

Only Special Delivery and Airsure carries insurance for jewellery.

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Please ask questions before offerding as this is not a new item. Also if you want a particular picture please let me know: I will be happy to supply you with whatever I can and answer your queries. Please do this before offerding. Thank you for your interest in my items.

Vintage condition means the item will show signs of normal wear. For example surface light scratching of stones, some plating may be worn. Antique paste stones may be cloudy. Yellow stones will be stated as yellow because this was caused by water on the stones. Chips and cracks will also be stated as they are not normal light vintage wear. Please always ask questions before offerding.

After £160 on jewellery and small collectables on one invoice,post is free. I cannot add items when an invoice has been paid and exclusions will be stated on the individual listings and this will only be because of weight.

CLEANING TIP: For a really cheap Silver Cleaner put the items to be cleaned in a drinks glass (solid silver only) and then Baking Powder - about a teaspoon for a glass - top up with BOILING water. It will really clean where a brush and cloth cannot reach. It will not eat away at the silver as some silver dips do.

Only Special Delivery for the UK and Airsure for International buyers carries insurance for jewellery. If you choose not to pay forinsurance then your item is not insured against loss and it would beunfair to try and claim from the seller. I have to point this out because many people think all items are insured in the UK and International posts - this is not so. Please check further on the Royal Mail webside for complete confidence that the correct post has been selected by you.

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  • WHEREVER YOU LIVE - you will only pay 60p for each additional itemon combined post.Items must be on one invoice and payment within7 days please.

Please satisfy yourself before buying by studying the pictures and asking questions. 1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 of an inch.
Please read my terms and conditions below and contact me if you have a problem.
  • All my jewellery is hygienic - cleaned.
  • Be sure to add me to your favourites list
  • There will obviously be no second chance offer on personal vintage items and only a one-off chance to make it yours. I am happy to accept Paypal and you may pay with any card that Paypal accepts. I do not take card payments privately I am not a business seller. If Paypal does not accept your card then I am sorry, neither do I.

    UK customers can pay with Paypal, personal cheque, postal order, banker’s draft or building society cheque.

    INTERNATIONAL customers – Paypal only please or contact me.

    I always declare defects and look hard to see them but I am human and if I have missed something that is a problem please contact me before leaving bad response.

    All weights of items and carat weight of stones is approximate. Items are shown larger to display the item fairly for its quality as well as to highlight any defects.

    "Today hallmarking is governed by the Hallmarking Act of 1973, which has simplified them and made them easier to understand. The Act came into force on 1 January 1975 and governs the hallmarking of silver, gold and platinum at the four UK assay offices 0 London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh. The main points to note are:

    • Hallmarks must now consist of a maker's (or sponsor's) mark, the standard mark, the assay mark and the date letter. (Edinburgh uses the lion rampant for sterling silver.)
    • All silver items weighing more than 7.8g must be hallmarked (1g for gold, 0.5g for platinum.)"

    Source: Antique collector's marks Essentials, Editor: Harrriet Wilson published by Foulsham in 1997 and this edition Strathearn 2002.


    Please read my responses, I am proud of them.

    Serious buyers please who are registered only and willing to aoffere by my terms and conditions. All measurements and weights are approximate. I do not guarantee that stones in jewellery are original to that piece of jewellery; but I do guarantee that all stones are present unless stated otherwise. Please remember old glues are not super glues; do not use spirit cleaners or soak in soapy water as this will loosen stones. NEVER put soft stones like Opals or Pearls into spirit or soapy cleaner far better to get them professionally cleaned by your local jeweller. I also always recommend a complete clean and service for watches.

    BUSINESS SELLERS: It is fine for you to resell my items. It is not fine for you to use my pictures or descriptions. This is illegal and against selling rules.

    Vintage Dower Hall Golden Heart Solid Pewter Trinket Box Signed Own Item Vgc:

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